Lush Carlisle: New Product Launch


I often joke I’m a Princess, yet last night I kind of was. I headed to Lush Carlisle for the exclusive preview of their brand new ranges which launch today.


Having headed over to my Grandparents’ house earlier in the day (they live in Penrith – more on that over the next few weeks) I made the short drive to Carlisle. Walking down an empty main street I headed to the black fascia and through the black door where I was greeted by the fabulous Carlisle Lush Squad; Kourtney, Chris, Tracy & Katie were all super excited at the prospect of the evening ahead.


Being the first to arrive…I began to ask Chris questions about the iced face masks, incredibly knowledgeable he blew me away with how much depth he went into about the individual properties of each of the masks.

As we were chatting he consulted me over the best mask for my face, instantaneously I knew he was right, anything with Lavender in and I’m sold.


After 15 minutes or so I was still the first to arrive…the team were so knowledgeable and extremely passionate about the products as we chatted more. Discovering they all were massive Lush fans before joining the brand. They all also agreed that 

As nobody else attended, I was about to get the best VIP treatment ever. An event, just for me, with exclusive products. Fantastic.

Before unveiling the new products, the team sadly led me over to the discontinued products which I was sad to see the Pink Flamingo on its way out and Strawberry Bombshell.

Courtney commented if all of these products are on their way out September…there must be something exceptionally great on the horizon so get ready.


To the new products though.

Rocket Science Bath Bomb (£2.95)

The second I saw this I thought of my 9-year-old cousin who is a little bath bomb mad. This total boy themed rocket ship blasts off on impact to another world. Uplifting, the mix of bergamot and lemon smells irresistibly refreshing.

As the bath water becomes almost tie die with deep blues and pinks and the mellow yellow from the blast at the back of the rocket. Unlike many bath bombs, the Rocket Science Bath Bomb glides on the surface of the bath which kids (and big kids) will love!


Chin up Buttercup Bath Bomb (£2.95)

Ever held a buttercup under your chin as a child? The bizarre childhood ‘game’ lets you know if you love butter if your chin glows yellow when held up to your chin. Based on the game this Chin up Buttercup Bath Bomb lights up your bath a gorgeous yellow colour.

With bright lemon myrtle, zesty lime and my personal favourite Neroli you can’t help smiling when the mood lifting scent hits you. This fast fizzes creates almost a sunrise into your bath and is great for nourishing skin with the cocoa butter blending inside the Bath Bomb.


Rump (£14.95)

I dare you to read the pot and not laugh. A tongue in cheek sucker punch at Donald Trump himself this bottom rub is bright orange in colouring. Mirroring his radioactive tan. Get ready for puns this booty rub is ideal for cyclists and runners who experience resistance.

Not a cyclist or a runner but suffer chaffing…then you’re going to thank Lush for this creation this Summer. With caffeine to firm the skin and rich butter to remove friction Lush love their humour and claim Rump will help you forget the burn and tower above the opposition.

Jelly Face Masks (£6.95)

These 5 masks have been created and named after five influential Lush women. When asked what they would want from a face mask each of their answers shaped the creation of these jelly masks.

Chris explained to his captive audience of just little old me, that you can get about 5 masks from the jelly blobs which require no water to apply and should be left for about 20 minutes before being washed off with a hot flannel.



No fear of missing out on great skin with this mask which has been created with sensitive skin in mind. The gentle calamine powder calms and soothes while the rose absolute balances to give clearer skin which will become the envy of many. Neroli, my favourite makes an appearance again here to help even skin tone.

1000 Millihelens

Apple juice and toning green tea will help to get your skin back to perfection. The Witch Hazel cleans and purifies with its antibacterial properties and Sicilian Lemon & Brazilian Orange oils help brighten. Neroli brightens the mood.

Just to Clarify

Let the fresh orange perk you up, while the grapefruit and Bergamot oils lift your mood. Just to Clarify contains Bamboo stem to add a gentle exfoliant and enzymic Papaya juice to brighten your skin.

The Birth of Venus

It’s a time to be reborn, The Birth of Venus balances your skin. Fresh sea water tones and refreshes your skin whilst lavender oil calms and rose absolute soothes and balances. The Carrageenan Seaweed Gel is intensely softening and leaves skin super soft.

Bunny Moon

Does self-love not warren-t for beautiful skin? Bunny blends honey, a natural antiseptic, rose oil for soothing and balance. It brings chamomile and marigold to calm the skin and cosy vanilla & benzoin resioid to help comfort. Truly a product for clear and calm skin.

Hot Oil Hair Treatments (£6.50)

Simply add to a pot, pour in hot water and melt, just like one of those hot chocolates, leave to cool and then smother onto your hair, leave for twenty minutes and wash off. The melted tub lasts for 4 weeks too so these are great for a weekly treat.


New (£6.50)

This spicy scalp and hair hot oil treatment get right to the root of your desire. Jojoba and olive oils hydrate hair, add shine and improve tensile strength while refreshing nettle and rosemary absolutes bring balance to unhappy scalps. Bay, cinnamon leaf and clove bud essential oils warm and stimulate the scalp to increase blood flow and improve hair growth.

When water is added, an infusion of freshly ground peppermint and nettle leaves is created which stimulates hair follicles and reduces the rate at which hair is lost. A whole new world of strong, healthy hair awaits.

Hair Doctor (£6.50)

Looking to give your scalp a clean bill of health? Bring out this reviving hair and scalp hot oil mask which is packed with deep cleansing fuller’s earth. Team it with stimulating peppermint oil and anti-bacterial rosemary oil.

The Lush favourite of chamomile blue oil calms and soothes irritated scalps. Add a little red henna and lanolin to give hair strength and shine. The triple act of jojoba, almond and extra virgin coconut oils allow your hair to shine and become completely soft. Just what the doctor ordered!

Marilyn (£6.50)

My favourite, of course. FYI Blondes DO have more fun! Marilyn helps blondes (natural or bottled), maintain hues and keep it bright, not brassy. The Chamomile infusion helps to naturally lighten the hair, while organic lemon juice encourages the cuticle to lie flat and reflect more light, creating a dazzling shine.

An extra touch of saffron intensifies colour for that extra ‘boo boo be doo’! Get ready for your moment in the spotlight. This star-struck treatment will become your go to product for giving your hair that lustre it deserves.

Damaged (£6.50)

Heat damage a problem? Damaged is the one for you. Whether you like to bring the heat, bust out the bleach, get funky with colours or are all about relaxers, give your hair a day off with this hot oil treatment.

Extra virgin olive oil increases tensile strength and almond and avocado oils deeply moisturise. Get your hair ready for whatever you have planned for it next. Guar gum reduces any static and vanilla absolute lightly perfumes your flowing locks for irresistibly touchable hair.

Yuge (£6.50)

My second favourite after Maralyn. Sea salt to give volume, Jojoba to give shine and Guar Gum to condition. Give your hair volume while conditioning with this hot oil treatment.

Body Sprays

Dirty (£20)

Feeling a little bit Christina Aguilera circa 2002? This intoxicating blend of spearmint energises, while the sandalwood and herbal essential oils life your mood. Blast away cobwebs and spritz all over for a revitalising burst.

Twilight (£20)

My favourite of the new body sprays. This harmonious blend of lavender and tonka instils calm. Lavender, a favourite scent of mine. Ylang Ylang adds enticing, floral undertones to this fairytale-sweet fragrance.

No wonder this Princess absolutely adores this scent. Kourtney made a great comment about spritzing over her bed on an evening to relax and unwind.

Rose Jam (£25)

Probably my least favourite of the three, probably as I’m not a Rose fan. I made this clear the other night at SoHe when somebody ordered a rose petal cocktail. Yack. If you like rose though, these blooms of fresh rose and succulent geranium combine to create a rich, romantic delight.

The body spray is jam-packed with indulgence and each spritz of Rose Jame exudes utter sophistication. Rose oil from petals picked in the picturesque town of Senir, Turkey, blossom on your skin. A touch of lemon then cleanses the palate.


This super special VIP exclusive look at the brand new Lush collection was an amazing preview and the squad at Lush Carlisle are absolute diamonds.

If you’re out and about in Carlisle make sure you give Kourtney, Chris, Tracy and Katie a visit as they’re so knowledgeable and offer skin consultations to find products you’ll love, all given by actual Lush Lovers.


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  1. I love Lush products too. However despite some of them being good enough to eat, a family member overseas once tried to nibble on a chocolate bath bomb! That sort of stays with me and makes me smile every time I read a post on Lush!

  2. What a great opportunity! I bet you had the best time! I used to buy so many lush products but haven’t for a while, I might need to pop in to the shop soon to see if they have any of these goodies! Lovely blog post.

  3. Love all your pictures! You captured them so well! And I love lush so lush posts are always great to read!

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