Feel Skin Care: How to eliminate oily skin

Feel Skin Care: How to eliminate oily skin

I’ve been a fan of supplements for as long as I can remember and after recently speaking to a strength and conditioning coach who outlined where I really needed to up my supplement game I decided to check out what was new from Feel. You may previously remember I’ve spoken about the Feel Multivitamins and […]

The Powerful Benefits that Honey Provides for Your Skin, Hair & More

The Powerful Benefits that Honey Provides for Your Skin, Hair & More

The sticky bee-made liquid of honey has been around for so long, and people forget that even though its primary use is as a natural sweetener, it can do and be so much more. For example, honey has many beneficial healing properties that people may not know, including antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial effects. Honey […]

5 Ways To Look 10 Years Younger

Avene Facial Cleansers: Eliminate Impurities and Remove Makeup Without Stripping Skin of Moisture

The older we get, the more conscious we seem to be of the way that we look. Many of us would like to look younger than we have in years. This is perfectly normal and is just part of the ageing process.  Did you know that there are some relatively easy ways to look younger? […]

Why a Plastic Surgeon Can Be A Girl’s Best Friend

Why a Plastic Surgeon Can Be A Girl's Best Friend

Plastic surgeons are not just medically trained practitioners. They can also be your confidant or even your best friend. Many of us have a hard time sharing our body insecurities with anyone. While our friends and families are always there to support us, it still does not feel right to share these insecurities with them […]

What Is the Best Luxury Perfume Available?

Do you have a favourite scent? We headed to the fine fragrance section in Fenwick Newcastle's Beauty Hall to dive into the Diptyque Fragrance bonanza to find our new signature favourite scent.

Did you know that a savory smell can alter the mood you’re in? Studies show that just a quick spritz of the right perfume can lift your spirits, giving you the much-needed motivation for the day. For example, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, choose a fragrance with lavender or jasmine to promote your relaxation. And if you missed […]

A Quick Guide To Get Your Nails Ready For The Summer

Levoi Nail Bar Hen Party in Newcastle | Beauty Guide | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

It often feels like the winter and autumn months drag on for such a long time, and once the summer begins to roll around, it comes zooming towards us, giving us little time to prepare ourselves. The immediacy of the summer sun has many of us scrambling to get our hair sorted, our wardrobes updated, […]

Is Azelaic Acid Safe for Use on Your Skin?

Is Azelaic Acid Safe for Use on Your Skin?

Is Azelaic Acid Safe for Use on Your Skin? Azelaic acid is one of many skincare ingredients used to even out complexion, but most people have never heard of it. Like retinoids, azelaic acid can sometimes cause skin irritation and dryness when used incorrectly, which causes many skincare newbies to avoid the product. What is […]

5 Amazing Benefits Of Bath Salts And How To Use Them

What are the advantages of hiring a cleaning service to avoid Mrs Hinch'ing your home | Home Interiors | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

A relaxing bath is a definite pleasure. From soothing your muscles that are cramped to exfoliating old skin cells, a pleasant bathing experience is well worth it. It gets even more enjoyable with the addition of bath salts. Besides nourishing your skin using the benefits of essential minerals to solve skin problems because of their […]