Health-Friendly Snacks and Nutrition Tips for Teens and Young Adults 

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With all of the options for food and snacks available today, it’s become hard to find simple options that are health-friendly, or which support a health-conscious lifestyle. And when you’re young, developing health-friendly eating habits is a critical part of ageing well.  Across the United States, you can find fast-food restaurants on every corner. And […]

7 Surprising Reasons to Drink More Coffee

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Most of us can’t imagine starting the day without a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Java, Cuppa Joe, Bean Juice – whatever you call the delicious dark brown angel liquid is up to you. The point here is that coffee isn’t just tasty or a great way to wake up – it is also surprisingly […]

Healthy Snacks for College Students: Best Choice

Food and Drink That Female Sports Stars Swear By

Healthy snacks With all the writing, reading, and education you’ll do in college, your diet can help or hinder your performance. Eating well is important to keep the body healthy, but it also improves the mental strength of students. Healthy eating can affect a student’s mood, energy, memory, focus, emotions, and overall health. In addition […]

How to Store Ground Beef

How to Store Ground Beef

Did you know that ground beef contains a risk of foodborne bacteria? This is because the grinding process exposes more of the surface of the meat to any bacteria that are present. When you are at the supermarket, and you come across a huge pack of ground beef on special, it’s very tempting to buy it! Of […]

How to Make a Great Cup of Coffee

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Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in America and worldwide. A cup of coffee can energize, relax or even satisfy your taste buds. The flavor and quality of coffee depend on where it was grown, when it was harvested and how it was roasted and ground. One of the most important things to […]

Some of the Best Places to Eat and Drink when in Nantucket

Some of the Best Places to Eat and Drink when in Nantucket

Apart from being one of the best-preserved historic towns in the country, and the island with some of the most beautiful beaches, Nantucket has also become a foodie haven. There are many top-class restaurants, diners, and bars on this New England Island, so you may want to know which ones to visit on your next […]

5 Indulgent Food Options To Enjoy With Friends

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There is nothing better than an event with friends; sharing memories, drinks and good food. Should you be a host there is, however, the pressure of providing options that hit the spot. We work through some of the best ways to indulge and remove the stress from your gathering. The Perfect Platter  A sure-fire way […]

12 Best Bakeries to Visit If You Have a Sweet Tooth

12 Best Bakeries to Visit If You Have a Sweet Tooth

If you’re looking for the best bakeries in America, then look no further than these top 12 bakeries that are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth. These bakeries will ensure that you have an amazing time and get some delicious treats.  Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or just want something different from your usual […]

Shades of Coffee: The Best Cup of Joe in Every Color

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Did you know that you can learn more about the taste of your coffee just by its shade? The great thing about coffee is the variety. You can get your coffee strong, with lots of caffeine, sweet and light, or tangy with a toasted flavour. These flavours can be dependent on coffee colour. If you […]

How to Enjoy Food Without Worrying About Food Stains?

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We have all been there. Going on a fine-dining date at a picturesque restaurant in New York, and your wine dropped on your new dress. Having fun at a barbecue party at your friend’s, and the sauce dripped on your favorite shirt. Worst of all, someone knocked over a cup of coffee on your work […]