Beautiful Garden with a Pergola

How to Enhance Your Backyard with a Brand New Pergola

Pergola covers are a terrific addition to any garden or outdoor living area. The pergola is an independent outdoor structure that creates shade using joists and rafters. It can be built anywhere in the yard and does not have to rely on house walls for support. They build visual interest and immediately draw the eye.

Pergolas are also excellent support for climbing plants. Decorating a pergola with climbing vines is truly a sight to impress. There are many different materials and variants you can use, depending on how much you want the pergola to shield you from the sun. You can learn more about this here

Using creativity and imagination, a designer will make the pergola fit the style of your home and add to it, giving an extra flair to your backyard. A pergola can help you add more living space to your backyard or garden. If you are location is (USA, Houston), it would be easier for you to employ a genuine and well-known company specializes in building and outdoor living Houston based, a simple way to get things done from top to bottom without stressing yourself a bit about it.

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Here are five ways a pergola can help you enhance your landscape:

Define an Outdoor Living Area

Nothing can help you define an outdoor living room better than a pergola. Naturally, it provides an open cover but is also welcoming and adds a certain charm to your backyard. You can use this area as a living room, a cocktail bar or a place for your family to relax. They are also ideal for decorating with Christmas lights. You can also add speakers and party decorations. Basically, you can decorate the pergola to your liking, the only limit is your imagination.

Accent Your Garden

A pergola is made out of a series of columns that provide support for open crossbeams. This is a perfect setting for vines and other climbing plants. It can be customized with different features like wire-work, trellis or lattice, so you can create a flower-covered structure. Different varieties of roses and grapevines go great with a pergola.

Make Your Home More Romantic

Pergolas are a perfect place to propose to your significant other and make every day romantic. This feature can enhance any backyard. To create a special ambience, add a beach beneath the pergola for a romantic area you can use to relax from ever day worries. Fill the area with plants and flowers to complete the look.

Provide Some Shade

A lattice pergola can provide partial shade, and shield you from the dangerous summer sun, while still letting enough rays through to support the plant life underneath. If you cover the pergola with climbing plants you can add even more natural shade. You can also do this if you decorate the pergola with curtains. Experiment a bit to find the perfect combination for a comfy shade.

Connect Parts of the Yard

Most pergolas are comprised of a four-column structure, you can add columns to create a long, covered walkway. If you decorate the columns with flowers and plants it can become a great place to take a stroll and relax. It can also connect the back of your yard to your home or link two structures in your yard.

Beautiful Garden with a Pergola

Of course, there are plenty more combinations to choose from. A pergola is a flexible structure, meaning the sky is the limit. Use your creativity to come up with even better suggestions and make sure you let us know how you used a pergola to enhance your yard in the comments below!

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