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How To Have Better Relationships Through Self-Love

I’ve never been one of those people to relationship hop. I’m the type of girl who believes that you’re fated to meet the one, the person who the second you lock eyes with they set your soul on fire. The second you meet your souls pull a Joey Tribiani ‘how you doin’’ to each other because they’ve known each other for thousands of lifetimes before. You might think this is just nonsensical fairytale ideology however until you’ve experienced a love like this you probably could never comprehend the power of a connection.

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The thing is, in a relationship you should strive to help your counterpart become a stronger, more grounded and well-balanced person. Relationships should never be toxic. Love isn’t toxic. Love is the purest emotion ever created in the entire Universe and until you understand that love comes from within, a relationship like your favourite romantic movie will be hard to find.

If you’re looking to meet somebody and fall in love from perhaps a free dating site or by serendipitous chance whilst you’re out and about then in order to have an incredibly fulfilling relationship or even if you’re looking to make your relationship better or stronger then you’ll want to follow these simple tips.

True love starts with self-love

I’ll stand and shout it from the rooftops, true love starts with self-love. You first have to love yourself unconditionally and those around you with no expectation in order to master self-love. Talking negatively about yourself isn’t practising self-love. Making excuses why you can’t take 5-10 minutes every day to do something for yourself isn’t practising self-love. Putting yourself last teaches everybody else to put you last too isn’t practising self-love.

Without sounding too preachy, you need to fill your cup of self-love up until it is overflowing before you are even ready to look for true love. It is only once you’ve become whole within yourself and love yourself without limits then you can truly start building the foundations to create or seek the ultimate relationship, this can be through online dating on Match Me Happy.

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Set healthy boundaries

Many of us get into habits of saying yes to everything that is thrown our way when a lot of the time we don’t necessarily want to do something. This may be even as simple as seeing a friend or running an errand for your boss. By learning to set healthy boundaries and do things on your terms you further embody self-love, step into stronger energy and show those around you to respect you and your boundaries which in turn will help to set the tone and strengthen your relationship. Related Read:

Compliment each other

Relationships should always add to your existing life and not detract from your existence of being whole. You should be able to be equally as happy alone as you are with your partner. By doing so you are not creating toxic co-dependency which means that together you’re the perfect team. Which again strengthens your relationship, giving you a more fulfilled and happy love life.

Can online intimacy replace physical intimacy? We look at online dating | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

So if you’re looking to improve your love life (or even look for somebody to date) then the biggest and most important takeaway from this article is to make sure that you are practicing self love and truly love yourself first and foremost this way you’re going to create the most solid foundation for any relationship that you enter.

What are your thoughts on improving your relationship with yourself first before committing to others? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. As always, if you’ve found this article of any value we’d love for you to share it across your social channels and with family and friends. 

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