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Ultimate Guide to Instagram For Fashion


Why are fashion brands using Instagram? Well, it is a highly competitive and fast-paced world out there with a plethora of business benefits.

A well thought out Instagram strategy will be complementing traffic generation, lead conversions, and promote a loyal base of followers. An Instagram strategy has to be more than just a trendsetter. It is not limited to a captivating audience. It must have the capability of starting a conversation, selling their brand lifestyle, and sharing experiences.

The objective of this article is to put forward popular tricks, tips, and industry favourite features that will be helping you in creating a successful fashion marketing strategy with the help of latest tools and techniques including the Instagram video editor.

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Planning Instagram for a fashion-oriented content strategy

In contemporary times, one of the most visually appealing platforms is Instagram. It renders the fashion brand the flexibility and creativity of selling more than just a look but rather a style. Shoppers do not cherish to scroll through the endless studio of photos on a company’s website while searching for an outfit. 

There are several popular brands, which have been successful in the creation of a section called “shop our Instagram”. Nearly one-third of the Instagram users went on to purchase a clothing item featured in the platform’s interface.

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What content brand needs to publish?

If you wish to bring your brand’s story to life, then Instagram is the perfect platform that lets you provide intros for your channel. Fashion brands that have been using Instagram have achieved mastery at visual storytelling and taking the perfect shot. Listed below are the most engaging content types of videos and images that brands of fashion need to include in their content mix:

  • Product features
  • Brand mission
  • Product updates
  • User-Generated content
  • Lifestyle content
  • Behind the scenes

For example, the eminent fashion brand Frank and Oak have incorporated a mix of products that is inclusive of FAQs, HQ life, and behind the shot scenes for delegating a perfect look and feel for their business.  Listed below are some of the ways that brands of fashion have been using for sharing their story:

Ultimate Guide to Instagram For Fashion 1

Brand Mission

When you are about to create an Instagram marketing strategy, it is important to ask, Why? Instagram as an instrument of spreading awareness about your brand mission will help engage audiences and attract new customers. 

You can take the example of Marine Layer, which has inducted a new program called Re-Spun, which is nothing short of a revolutionary recycling program that lets you render a new look to your old tees. When you donate your old tees, you are getting a $5 credit per tee, which is recycled into new tees.

If you click on their bio, you will be redirected to an engaging landing page. Here, it gives you the provision of submitting the address for mailing and in return, you will get a prepaid mailer cost-free, or you will be provided direction for dropping your old tees in their stores. 

They are using Instagram to their full advantage to spread their message creatively on their Instagram stories, feed, with influencer marketing: 

There is another popular brand called Mate The Label, which is using an eco-friendly approach to fashion and is also using the platform for creating awareness of their mission that insists on generating minimum waste. 

While featuring their products on the fashion brand’s Instagram feed, stories, and highlights, they still make room for sharing an important message, which serves as an encouragement for their followers.

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The need to build a vibrant relationship with followers has never been felt so intensely before, and Instagram can prove to be a befitting platform for the purpose that will set you apart from other players. 

Product Features

Instagram is a worthy place to exhibit the unique style of your fashion brand and follow the latest trends. Moreover, you need to take concrete measures to explain what makes your products unique. In contemporary times, successful fashion brands are sticking to the 80/20 rule. According to it, 80 percent of the content mix should tell your story, while 20 percent of it needs to be promotional. 

You can take the example of Everlane for this matter. It is doing a great job of balancing educational and promotional content. They are maintaining a generous Instagram feed that incorporates usable information spread throughout their content and does not bombard visitors with promotional content.  

Product Updates

It is important to provide regular updates to your Instagram followers, particularly when you are running a sale, launching new products, or implementing any changes. This is indeed a great way for creating a buzz around new launches and updates for your company. It is possible to tease an update by rendering a sneak peek to your followers.

It is also possible to adopt an opposite approach like that of Sezane, which is a clothing brand based in Paris. It uses Instagram for providing their followers with the exact date, time, and location of their new launch. 

Lifestyle Content

As far as the fashion industry is concerned, Lifestyle content is the king on Instagram. The Guardian has published a recent article that compared traditional eCommerce sales tactics to successful strategies on Instagram. It was published that the Instagram brands are specializing in exhibiting the wares in a stylized set up that serves in shaping the preferences of the customers on the way they wish to dress.

Fashion Trends | With London Fashion Week in full swing we look at key things to stay on top and ahead of ever changing fashion trends | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

There are many Insta-famous clothing brands like the Faithful The Brand, which has mastery over the creation of adorable styles on their Instagram feed. You can brace yourself for experiencing some serious wanderlust. Similarly, clothing brand AllSaints has begun moving their shoots outside the Studio for displaying their product in a place where its creation was inspired. The way of making this announcement was simple yet effective, and it featured a video of beaches alongside the sneak peeks of the new collections that will be portrayed in the weeks to follow.   

Final Thoughts

It is indeed amazing when you think about how Instagram has become the hub of sharing the perfectly styled post.  It has grown to be a source of inspiration for shoppers and a place for brands for bringing their stories into life.           

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