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3 Ways To Date During The Pandemic | Relationships | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

5 Things That Keep Passion Alive in a Relationship

What does it take for passion to survive and thrive in a long-term relationship? Obviously, things become less heated with the passage of time. People get comfortable with each other, which is a good thing. At the same time, however, familiarity takes the spiciness down a notch.

3 Ways To Date During The Pandemic | Relationships | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Buying new sexy lingerie all the time and exploring a vast range of sexual fantasies isn’t possible for most couples. There will be kids, responsibilities and stress to stand in the way of sexy experimentation. Still, a lot can be done to make sure that passion is still there, even after a couple of decades.

Make Time for Dates and Romance

While this may sound like a cliché, it’s such a good way to keep on bonding and enjoying each other. If you start taking your partner for granted, your relationship will suffer. Luckily, that mistake is easy to avoid.

It’s a misconception that people in a long-term relationship know each other so well they couldn’t be bothered with romance. According to a Psychology Today report, 40 percent of people who have been married for 10 or more years report they’re still in love with their spouse.

Love doesn’t just expire or transform itself in a platonic feeling after some time.

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If you are in a fulfilling long-term relationship, you’d want to spend quality time with your partner. For that to happen, you’ll simply need to put a little bit of effort into shaping up a fun experience. Going out on a date, practising a hobby together or having a quick weekend vacation can all give you amazing results when it comes to heating things up in the love department.

And planning such a fun little outing with your partner doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Just think about some of the really fun experiences you had when you first started dating and try to recreate some of those.

Don’t Have Bedroom Regrets!

Is there something you’d long wanted to try in the bedroom? Have you considered adult toys? How about role playing? A little bit of dominance and submission? Maybe even some light bondage?

If you haven’t shared these desires with your long-term partner, the time has come to undertake something new and exciting.

Trying out new things in the bedroom will give you a sense of something fresh and exciting. But this isn’t the most important effect you’d get to enjoy. The fact that you’re sharing some very intimate desire with your significant other will make the experience all that more special and fulfilling.

Vanilla sex is great and if it happens to be the one thing that makes you feel amazing – power to you! If you have some desire you’re keeping hidden, however, passion in your relationship is probably suffering. You should trust your partner enough to share such information with them. Needless to say, the outcome of revealing something so intimate will be highly fulfilling for both of you.

Have Sex Without Having Sex

Our views of sex can be pretty narrow when there are so many activities, techniques and experiences to explore.

If you want to bring a ton of added passion in your relationship, try having sex without having sex.

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Sex is about intimacy and sensual exploration. Cuddling, full-body massages, petting, foreplay, watching erotica together or exploring new sensual stimuli (feathers, temperature play) can all feel even better than penetrative sex.

You have been a long time with the same person and you know what they enjoy. Using this information, you can try out brand new sensations that will show you just how all-encompassing, colorful and diversified sex can be.

Try using just your hands or your lips. Find body parts and sections of skin you haven’t touched or kissed before. When you engage in such exploration, you’ll uncover a whole new world of passion that you wouldn’t have considered possible before.

Don’t Play the Blame Game

As time goes by and your relationship evolves, there will be moments when one person or the other will turn down sex.

Playing the blame game for the lack of sexy time is the most un-passionate thing you can ever do.

True, being turned down can be disappointing. Instead of sulking, however, do your best to find out why your partner isn’t in the mood.

Eliminating the passion killers isn’t always an easy task. What gets you out of the mood isn’t necessarily the same thing that destroys passion for your partner. This is why you need to talk instead of blaming each other. Showing some understanding and compassion can be very sexy and a true game-changer in the bedroom department.

Give Without Expecting Something in Return

This is probably something you already know well and practice without being prompted.

When in love, you want to give without expecting anything in return. This is one of the main reasons why the passion is so strong when two compatible people first get together.

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In time, however, you probably have become a little bit more selfish. That’s not a bad thing – it happens to everyone, including your partner. You probably have less time for lengthy bedroom sessions and you simply want to get the “job” done.

If you feel that the passion is starting to slip away, however, you should try to get back to that earlier mindset. Being a generous, giving lover will ignite the spark in your significant other once again. They will probably reciprocate, resulting in amazing sex for everyone involved.

Passion does not have to die when your relationship matures.

Many couples are in such good harmony that they seem as much in love as they were a few decades ago. There’s no need to envy such couples. You can be in their shoes if you simply attempt changing a few things.

The most important thing to remember is that you love each other and you’re going strong. Ups and downs occur in all relationships. It’s normal for some periods to be less passionate than others. If you are willing to work together during such moments, however, you’ll soon feel as if you’re honeymooners all over again.

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