Aldi Healthy Glow vs Pixi Glow Tonic Review

Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic vs Aldi Lacura Healthy Tonic Beauty Insider Review | Glycolic Acid, Exfoliator and Toner | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

I am a huge fan of the Pixi Beauty brand, in particular, their Rose Flash Balm (£26), Glow Mist (£16), Glow O2 Oxygen Mask (£26) and Palette Chloette (£28). I wear their MatteLast Liquid Lip Stains (£16 each) daily and often receive compliments about the colour, the pigment and how long they last. Without a shadow of a doubt, however, my most favourite product from the entire Pixi range is their Glow Tonic.

I have a morning and evening regime where I cleanse my face with Micellar water and follow with Pixi’s Glow Tonic. I then apply the Rose Flash Balm in the morning to prepare my skin for my make up. Or if it’s before bed I switch the flash balm out for the Overnight Glow Serum (£26).

Glow Tonic Goddess

Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic is a best-selling, cult favourite. The exfoliator not only perfects skin tone and texture, but the toner also helps to give the skin a healthy glow. Using the beneficial properties of Aloe Vera, ginseng and botanical extracts, this combination works together to soothe and treat skin. Whilst the 5% Glycolic acid regenerates and accelerates cell renewal.

Aldi Healthy Glow vs Pixi Glow Tonic Review 1

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As it is alcohol-free Glow Tonic is great for use on all skin types. Prior to having my own personalised bottle of Glow Tonic sent by the babes at Pixi I never really incorporated a toner into my skincare regime and now, I genuinely notice a difference if I’m without it for even a day. You can tell my love for the Glow Tonic as I’m nearly out and the bottle looks like it’s been well travelled. That’s because it has!

Since using the tonic, my skin has felt much cleaner, clearer. My pores appear smaller and my ‘orange-peel’ cheeks (around my nose) are less prominent For even better results, taking supplements that promote skin health can greatly help. I take a vegan B12 supplement as a way to complement the Glow Tonic. Additionally, the Glow Tonic draws out all of the day’s dirt and I no longer fall foul to blackheads. If that’s not enough to make you rush out and buy it I don’t know what is…

Oh yeah, Aldi has just released their own version through their Lacura brand. And now you want to know the scoop. Is it worth it or can the Aldi version do the same thing?

Aldi Healthy Glow vs Pixi Glow Tonic Review 2

Another Brand vs Budget Review

Let’s get down to business. Since my Aldi vs Jo Malone body & skin post was one of the most popular (and most searched) posts on site. Jo Malone is another brand I use daily. I can offer a genuine user’s perspective.

As soon as the Healthy Glow was launched I rushed down to my local Aldi and threw three bottles in the basket upon agreement from a couple of friends as these products usually sell out super quick.

For a mere £3.99 for a 250ml bottle comparative to £18 for the same size from Pixi, the savings on Brand Names are astronomical.

Checking the ingredients on both Pixi and Lacura they are extremely similar; however, Pixi’s ingredient list is far more in-depth. Pixi Glow Tonic is certified cruelty-free, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. This information is not provided by the Lacura Healthy Glow. Pixi state their product is not tested on animals (BUAV approved) whereas Lacura simply states it has been dermatologically tested.

Aldi Healthy Glow vs Pixi Glow Tonic Review 3

Testing fairly

The fairest way for me to put these products to the test was to use simultaneously on opposite sides of my face. I pumped 3 squirts of Pixi Glow Tonic onto my cotton pad and squirted a similar amount of Lacura Healthy Glow onto another pad. From the appearance, the Healthy Glow (on the left) looked significantly heavier than the Glow Tonic (on the right) and had a deeper colour to it.

Aldi Healthy Glow vs Pixi Glow Tonic Review 4

They both had very similar scents, I began to sweep the pads across my face at the same time and with the same amount of pressure. Having done so I looked at the pads to see which tonic had drawn more out of my skin.

The Healthy Glow to the left certainly appeared as if it had taken a greater amount of dirt and dead skin from my face than the Glow Tonic on the right. I did notice that the pad also looked more ‘used’ and the fibres were more broken than the Glow Tonic. I can only assume that this is due to the Glow Tonic using perhaps a different grade of quality in their ingredient choices.

Aldi Healthy Glow vs Pixi Glow Tonic Review 5

My skin looked glowing on both sides, meaning that both products had completed the job in which they were made for, however, I did notice that my skin felt much smoother and softer from using the Glow Tonic. Using the Healthy Glow left almost a residue on my face.

In addition, afterwards, the acid had no feeling from the Healthy Glow, however, I did feel a little activation from the Glow Tonic. Which left me thinking that perhaps the Lacura product doesn’t’ have the concentrate Pixi does and therefore not as effective?

Aldi Healthy Glow vs Pixi Glow Tonic Review 6

The Verdict: Aldi vs Pixi

I probably would recommend Aldi’s Lacura Healthy Tonic to somebody thinking about incorporating a Glycolic toner into their daily skincare regime but ultimately for me (as like Jo Malone) I have to admit, that the higher-priced item and the big brand name far outweighs the Aldi dupe. Where skincare is concerned, I am a strong believer in investing in great quality products so therefore the Pixi Glow Tonic is the winner here for me.

Buy: Pixi Glow Tonic | Buy: Aldi Healthy Glow

Have you tried either of the products? I’d love to know your thoughts below.

Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic vs Aldi Lacura Healthy Tonic Beauty Insider Review | Glycolic Acid, Exfoliator and Toner | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog
Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic vs Aldi Lacura Healthy Tonic Beauty Insider Review | Glycolic Acid, Exfoliator and Toner | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

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17 Responses

  1. Great insight! I’ll certainly Give Pixi Glow Tonic ago from reading this ? I agree from recent dupes the main brand always wins in the quality category.

  2. I think a blind test would be fairer. A lot of the time brand names and packaging cause us to be bias.
    It would make most sense to choose a product you haven’t used before, so you couldn’t identify the texture/smell. Have someone else put it and the dupe in identical containers labelled A and B. You then use them exactly as you did in this review and give your opinion without knowing which side was the branded one.

    1. I just left a comment not yet posted that criticised this review. Not sure if it will get posted. I tried not to be scathing…
      You did much better by offering better way she could review products and their dupes.
      I hope she at least looks into doing reviews better as she came up high in Google search so has influence on other people.
      Does she care about a truly “fair review”?
      Is she sponsored by luxury brands?

      1. You’re back, now I’m starting to think looking at the time stamps of all these comments that you have nothing better to do than get aggressive at 10:30-11:50pm on a Wednesday, at first I thought it was because you were an international visitor, then I realised you’re from Bristol. But anyways thanks for spending such a long time navigating my website, Google will push my site a bit higher because of that. So cheers hun.

        Your first three sentences. Wow, incredible. Why wouldn’t I post your comment? I offer an honest review of how I feel about things, so surely I’d give my readers that chance to post their honest comments too. You see I’m not biased and only post the nice things. The use of the ellipsis clearly signifies to us both your intent and further going back to the previous comment about you just being an internet troll with the choice of your language you use with the inclusion of the words criticised, scathing and bully. So, therefore, you are wanting to be scathing, yet you have no substance.

        My name’s Laura, don’t refer to me as ‘She’, thanks. I totally agree with Sally’s comment, that is a brilliant way to conduct reviews in the future and I appreciate her very constructive criticism which is beneficial for me moving forward. Perhaps you can take a note out of her book for any further comments you strew across the internet to ensure that you conduct yourself a little better in the future.

        In answer to your questions, I do care about a fair review – I’ve been invited many a time to review meals at restaurants and I am extremely fair in these. You’ve just taken a disliking to the way I’ve reviewed something and then sprayed a pathetic dose of trolling about. And on occasion, I am sponsored by brands, not just luxury brands but all types of brands. This, of course, is always disclosed at the close of the page and if you wish to read more about my disclosure policy you can do so here. As previously stated I do always offer my honest opinion regardless of what compensation I’m offered. Thanks for spending nearly an hour on my website, I hope your takeaway is how to better conduct yourself online in the future.

    2. Sally, I totally agree and hadn’t thought about conducting a review like this. I am a huge fan of that shopping programme where they swap some of the family’s household shopping for different brands and they always get their favourite brands wrong or whatever. Moving forward I’m going to do this. Thank you for the recommendation

  3. What is “glow” anyway? Like glow in the dark? It’s the new facial buzzword.

    I just started Pixi. I like how my face feels. I use it on my arms too. I’m not glowing in the dark or anything. It doesn’t look like glitter is on my face either. I don’t have the alien orange or green eyes from a picture being snapped.

    I wonder what this GLOWING is exactly.

    1. I think a glow is like something you radiate, like your skin looks and feels fresher and a little more alive. I do think glow is quite a buzz word, I like the Glow Tonic though as I think it cleans my pores well and in my personal opinion my skin feels and looks better with use. I hope you find your glow soon

  4. Tbph I think your review is not worth much. Sorry to be harsh but you were not impartial. In fact you seemed to be seeking out differences and then claiming they were due to inferior quality ingredients in the Aldi product l. This with no actual basis apart from most likely you correlate more expensive with better. Always. I don’t work for Aldi. I just am weary of paying far too much for a chemical like glycolic or hyaluronic acid because a skincare brand has jacked up the price. A chemical is a chemical. Generic ibuprofen is no different to ibuprofen in a shiny silver box with Nurofen on it at 10 x the price!

    1. Hey ‘Lindsay’ thanks for your comment, I appreciate we are all entitled to our own opinions and evidently this was the first time you have visited my site although thanks for the plethora of bashing comments you have left all over different posts. First of all, please check the date of posting Sep 28th 2018. This post was published 6 months ago and my writing style has changed significantly since then. I appreciate that you don’t like the approach I took when carrying out my review, however, since I pay for the domain and the hosting and it is my time, I choose what I wish to write. And at the time that’s what I felt I wanted to say.

      Further to this if you dug a little deeper, I am a huge fan of the glow tonic and have used Pixi’s for years, even repurchasing with real English sterling when I’ve run out and not just promote it because it’s been sent. Because I genuinely champion this product, I decided to see if the Aldi version compared, due to many people continually asking me is the price tag of Pixi’s Glow Tonic worth it. I just want to add here, I receive gifted items from Pixi frequently with absolutely no contract or obligation to post anything about them, I also, have worked with Aldi on paid campaigns on a number of occasions. Therefore wouldn’t that lead you to assume that I’d be more biased towards financial monetary compensation from Aldi as opposed to things I’m sent? I actually shop in Aldi at least twice a week too and I really love their brand. Anyways I digress, my personal opinion of the product has absolutely no correlation to the cost of the item at all. Chemicals aren’t chemicals, obviously, I’m sure you’ll be well aware that there are pure chemical elements and chemical compounds. Hence why I’d never suggest cleansing my face with Flash bleach. I think the only thing in your statement I agree on is Ibuprofen being no different, this is more often than not as the pharmaceuticals are produced in the factory and packaged up to the brand’s requirements. Actually, I watched an interesting documentary regarding this and have a friend who works in this field.

      Back to your comment though, I personally didn’t like the feel or the smell of the product as much as the Pixi brand. Personally being the operative word. My personal honest opinion. But whatever, you clearly have decided to come off as passive aggressive and as women, on the internet, I find it absolutely pathetic that some people choose to bash the keyboard in a negative way.

  5. After a quick look for some reviews on these two products, I found this one in particular to be a very useful review with interesting comparison points. You write very eloquently too, I’ll be sure to come back to read more of your posts. 🙂

  6. I bought the Aldi dupe as I’ve been intrigued by the Pixi Glow Tonic but wasn’t sure how my skin worked with toner so was slightly reluctant to pay the big brand price tag to find it was no good and have waste! I have loved the Aldi Healthy Glow but can agree I feel a slight residue on the skin. I’m close to finishing Healthy Glow and will be buying Glow Tonic when the end time comes to see what the bigger brand does in terms of difference. If I find no difference then it will be a case of which one I can get my hands on first for replenishing stock – if there is then I’ll buy the best one for me personally. I left reading this post until after I’d used the Aldi Glow to be sure I wasn’t immediately swayed in any way and can now view your experience as useful information. Glow girl!

    Ps; comment section LOLZ

    1. When I grow up I hope I’m as wise as you! Seriously though, that’s a good plan to see if your skin suits putting an acid on it! In terms of the price difference if you think that there’s nothing much in the Aldi or Pixi one then I’d sure grab the Aldi one at that bargain price! Let me know how you get on with the Pixi one I, would love to hear your thoughts!!

      Comments section in this post is my absolute favourite of all my posts. Some people are too funny!!! xx

  7. Not sure when you posted this review but now (Oct. 2019) the Lacura one sports the ‘leaping rabbit’ Cruelty Free International certification ^_^

  8. I am an MUA and as much as some girls/guys think they need mascara,(me included) I also like to feel I have a good base with foundation or a skin care regime. I have just started using the Aldi version 4x days ago. I gave used it 3 days & nights and I happened to touch my face yesterday- crows feet area and I couldn’t believe hie soft my face felt. I wasnt looking in the mirror to see if product had worked, it was a caught me off guard moment so I’m pretty pleased. I know it may not be the same for everyone but I’m 44 and I would recommend to clients. X

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