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Positivixaty is a mindset, we discover how being positive is great for success in business and what you can do to be a little more positive in every day life | Positivity Quotes | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog
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No negativity allowed. Positivity Princesses only!

I talked recently about dispelling negative energy from your life. It’s something I’m so passionate about because once I realised I had the power to navigate my life then everything changed. I no longer watch the news. Instead, I scroll through the headlines so I have an understanding of what’s going on in the world.

Most importantly I no longer follow any negative people on social media (even if they are my close friends). If I do happen to see anybody negative on my feeds they’re gone. I don’t need it around me. If there are people in my life who constantly bring me down or are negative, I avoid them!

You can too. You know what, you’ll thank yourself for it too!

Especially if you’re running a business and/or a blog. Wellness is the key habit of successful entrepreneurs and you know what, they avoid negativity like the plague. They don’t get caught up in the drama and they certainly don’t expel too much thought and time over anybody moaning or creating an issue about menial things around them.

Don’t get me wrong, things like grief and illness are totally different. I’m talking in a business capacity here though. I personally find myself fortunate that I can work from home.

I have the luxury of not having to work in an office environment with the office politics and the office catty comments. They would send me into meltdown every day of the week. Right now I guess you’re probably thinking about the negative person in your office, aren’t you?

In order to hit your goals in life though, there’s no room for negativity. So here are three things you need to eliminate for a positive life.

Positivity is a mindset, we discover how being positive is great for success in business and what you can do to be a little more positive in every day life | Positivity Quotes | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

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That’s right, the protest to end the stigma with mental health has never been more prevalent. As a past sufferer of depression and other mental health issues. Which probably stemmed from when my Dad unexpectedly passed away aged 13 (at the time there wasn’t such thing as mental health awareness). I totally get it. I get we need to ensure that people are able to freely talk about their mental health issues.

The thing is though, and please, this is my personal opinion (remember I pay the hosting, so I can have my opinion here), why wallow? When my depression was at its all-time low, I signed up for the Great North Run, I laced up my trainers and I ran, I ran outside and cleared my mind.

It didn’t ‘cure’ it. I mean nothing will ever be a ‘cure’ for depression. Yes, even now some days I don’t even want to leave my bed. However, these days a few and far in between nowadays as opposed to when they were every day for about 6 months at one point.

Thing is I control my life now, I control my mental health. The days I see it creeping, I’m like NO, DON’T YOU DARE, TODAY IS GOING TO BE THE BEST DAY. I know what works for me and I can tell you what, wallowing in self-pity and misery is the wrong way to go about it.

The more positivity I surround myself the higher I am elevated. The higher I am elevated the more successful I am. With success comes even more elated emotions which have me thriving for more positivity in my life.

I don’t know if it’s because I absolutely love my life or what, but I do know for me. I’ve found the winning formula and cutting negative people and negative thoughts out is one of the best cleansers possible.


I live by the mantra if it doesn’t serve you well in life or in business you put it to one side. If there’s a job that brings you down and makes you miserable can you outsource it? If it’s at home, can you get another member of the household to do it?

I find myself at a lot of launch events and face a lot of scathing behaviour towards me. I know right, I’m also just like the shoulder-shrugging emoji too. Some guys just can’t handle that sass?! I rise above these bullies because dwelling on their actions and how they try and make me feel is what they want.

Instead, I laugh it off. I don’t surround myself with anybody who is negative, rude or malicious and I live my best life. Here comes the sucker punch. Unacceptable behaviour towards you says more about their lives than it does yours. It’s indicative of their lives being boring and unfulfilled.

Don’t waste your energy or drag your feelings down by trying to chase unwanted attention. This is negative. I place people into one of two categories when I meet them.

They’re either a radiator or a drain. Those who radiate, empower you and make you feel like together you can take on the world. They are the best kind of people. Drains, well they drain the living daylight out of the deepest darkest parts of your very existence. Those people should be avoided at all costs.

For your business, you choose who you work with, who you collaborate with and ultimately you do business with. If you have a client who is hard work, constantly makes you feel low and worthless ask yourself.

Are they really worth the hassle? Many people would say ‘but I’ll lose the contract’ or ‘I need that money’. Thing is, the more positive you are the great clientele you’ll attract. You can’t be positive if you’re being dragged down by negativity.



Finally, so we’ve worked on improving our own mindset by being mindful. Then we’ve weeded out people who bring us down now we need to address over analysing. Shoulda’ woulda’ coulda. Fact is the moment has passed and hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Trust me I wish I knew then what I know now. I don’t it’s all a learning curve and when you understand that you begin to live in the present and look forward to your future instead of living in the past.

The past is behind you for a reason and instead of over analysing why not try saying, actually this happened and this was the result. How can I change the result from here on out? Or if we were to carry out this again, how can we improve on last time. Instead of thinking I wish we did better.

Being positive in negative situations isn’t foolish, far from it. It allows you to open your eyes to the world and a greater perception of things. It allows you to make conscious decisions to improve your life and moving forward.

Sometimes in life, things don’t go to plan and instead of dwelling, you flip the negative experience to look for a positive solution.

Every day you should always look for the positives in life. Is it really a bad day or was it just a bad five minutes that you milked all day?

How do you combat negativity I’d love to know drop a comment below.

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Positivity is a mindset, we discover how being positive is great for success in business and what you can do to be a little more positive in every day life | Positivity Quotes | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

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  1. I love this. I completely agree about the not wallowing. That doesn’t make issues or mental health struggles go away but you always have the choice to either focus your energy on the good things that happened in your day or the bad and the rest comes down to good self care if you are struggling. It’s always positive to be honest with yourself and those around you if you are struggling and get any help or support that you need but you have to always work hard to find the joy in life. It’s always there.

    For me if I’m struggling or having a bad moment I always ask myself “what is the lesson?”. Instead of beating myself up or focusing on things I feel I have done wrong, I focus on how any little stumbles can make me better. There is always something to learn from every disaster or misstep.

    I also live by telling myself “I’m doing/I did my best”. Being kind to yourself is so important. Be kind enough to yourself to not beat yourself up and allow yourself to learn from it, pick yourself up, keep smiling and keep going!

    Better times are always around the corner.

    I think it’s sad that yourself and so many others who are successful get so much negativity. More specifically I think it’s sad for those who are being negative. If someones success makes you want to tear someone down then down then it is obviously hitting a raw nerve. They need to ask themselves some questions about why and to celebrate others success and be inspired to better themselves and turn that negative energy in to fuel for their goals.

    Sam xxx

  2. Deleting negative nancy’s from social media has been such a huge help to my own happiness and positive look on life. You can’t always cut certain people out of your life though, because of their negative attitude. I’ve been working on spreading my positive outlook on my close circle to insure I don’t have to lose them, and they can too be happier in the long run!

  3. All about that #Byefelicia – there is no good in people sucking the best out of you! People drag down because they are envious of you being higher. You are most certainly one of the biggest radiators I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet – QUEEN!!! Xxx


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