5 Degrees That Earn a High Starting Salary and Good Benefits

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How to choose a student credit card to have more money at University and to increase your credit score | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Most people pursue careers after acquiring a professional degree that aligns with their dreams and fits their reputation for a successful career. Nevertheless, some are fortunate enough to fill their pockets while going after their dream careers. In this competitive world, everyone wants to earn a handsome salary package with perks and benefits to survive and afford the cost of living. Some professional degrees are highly sought after due to their lucrative salary packages and fringe benefits. Due to their wide scope in the job market, such degrees and credentials offer long-term financial security and job stability.

In this article, we outline five highly rewarding degrees that are sure to provide career growth in the future.

How to choose a student credit card to have more money at University and to increase your credit score | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Masters in Nursing (MSN)

The role of nurses in the health sector consists of bridging the gap between doctors and patients. They provide primary health care, early diagnosis of minor illnesses, and direct and supervise treatment plans. Nurses are indispensable to doctors and pharmacists, and without them, the health sector will struggle to reach its full potential.

To pursue a career in this discipline, you need to go for a degree in nursing. The more exquisite role you want, the more comprehensive your education needs to be. Even a simple diploma can be sufficient to grant a nursing license, however, receiving a bachelor’s and master’s degree will open many doors for you. Next, there is a post master’s program that will add a red feather to your cap. 

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Many people obtain their nursing certificates and begin working immediately. With flexible working hours, they get enrolled in MSN to NP programs online, until their education is complete. With online degree programs, working professionals can manage their studies and work-life simultaneously. In addition, having a career and education together allows them to gain experience and learn skills easily. Once they complete their education, they get better-paying jobs right off the bat. 

Due to a pandemic, the world has witnessed a recent influx in health practitioner career opportunities and a tremendous rise in the salary packages simultaneously. The continuously increasing demand for nursing professionals in the health sector makes it a high-paying job offering an excellent starting salary package of 133,000$ per annum.

Masters in Engineering Management

The engineering manager acts as a project manager and supervises engineering teams working on multiple domains. Hence, they are both engineers and managers at the same time, overseeing both technical and managerial activities.

The growing number of managerial jobs in the engineering sector has led to the popularity of master’s degrees in engineering management. Generally, companies hire an engineering manager rather than recruiting multiple people to fill technical or managerial vacancies. Engineering managers receive 114,000 dollars as a starting salary.

Masters in Finance & Accounting

In any organization, financial analysts and managers are the backbones because they are responsible for managing and overseeing the finances. They are responsible for achieving the company’s financial goals, like making payrolls, creating balance sheets, formulating financial reports, and helping the management make well-informed and timely decisions. Additionally, they aid in decision-making among stakeholders regarding investment opportunities, in addition to providing financial aid.

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A master’s in Finance and Accounting can lead to a well-paying job with fringe benefits due to its importance in every sector. The starting salary package for a financial manager or a financial analyst can range from 80,000$ to 100,000$ per year.

Software Engineering and Masters in Information Management Systems

In a world where e-commerce and online business are on the rise, software engineers and developers can help establish new ventures and meet the needs of the new business infrastructure. For a successful transition of their onsite business to online, entrepreneurs seek software engineers and IT managers.

IT-related graduate programs, such as master’s degrees in Information Management Systems, offer high remuneration with perks. For instance, the starting salary package for computer and IT graduates is 70,000 dollars a year. Moreover, career paths after getting these degrees are well-defined and hierarchical, so by stepping up the ladder; however, one can prosper in the related field.

Masters in Marketing and Sales

Every industry relies on marketing managers to meet its revenue goals. The success of every industry depends on the effectiveness of their marketing strategy and how well they implement it. In any firm, the marketing department determines the future of the organization and liaises with other departments to accomplish company goals. 

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As a marketing manager, he is responsible for marketing a company’s product or service to the target audience by doing market research, formulating reports, and optimizing quality accordingly. Masters in Marketing and Sales has job opportunities in every sector and offers a starting salary package of 70,000$ to 85,000$ annually.


The constant financial pressure has led people to be more selective when choosing their educational degrees compared to the past. Nowadays, people look for degrees with high incentives and a defined career path that pays well. Among the highly rewarding professional degrees that can make your life financially stable and fulfilling are Healthcare professional’s like master’s degrees in nursing, IT professionals software engineering, and master’s degrees in information management, as well as master’s degrees in engineering management, finance and accounting, and marketing and sales.

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