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3 things that successful entrepreneurs do | Lifestyle & business coaching destination blog | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Blog
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3 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Firstly, I was overwhelmed with the support that 11 tips to manifesting wealth received and the pleas for more posts for entrepreneurs, self-care and self-help posts to help you not only succeed with business, blogging but also to own your life there’s been.

Listening to what you want (and admittedly this being one of my favourite topics to talk about), we’re putting more and more into this kind of content, which will tie in with the ELLEfluence Academy launching on the 2nd February. Exciting times.

I took a little time off, a digital detox if you would, to reflect on the year, and get ready to supercharge for the coming year. Today I want to share with you a couple of habits that have helped me bring success to my businesses and have me already on track for a record year!

You may or may not know that I opened my first business, a bricks and mortar store when I was 20, and still studying at University. So this summer will mark 7 full years of running businesses, I like to think of the last five and a half as my apprenticeship. The last year and this year are the time where everything is falling into place perfectly and I’m ready to be the most successful I’ve ever been. Yeah, you heard that right;

This year is about me. I’m going to completely throw any other success I’ve ever had out of the park.

You know what I define as personal success though? Being able to retire my Mum. For all of her life, she’s given everything to me to help me become who I am. She’s provided me with a life worth living and helped me chase my dreams. Success to me is giving her a life she could never dream of. This year is that year!

When I first started running businesses I was young and naive. I didn’t really have a set routine, now I know that routine is the crux of success. I plan forward and implement my plans. Check out my post on 6 ways for owning that hustle for a FREE goal planner download.

I have been on the end of burn out so many times. I’ve had mental health problems, I still suffer from anxiety although 99% of the time I’ve got that sucker on lockdown. It’s not nice, your health is your wealth and should always come first.

3 things that successful entrepreneurs do | Lifestyle & business coaching destination blog | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Blog

That’s why these three habits have helped me big time when it comes to being successful in my businesses.

Practice self-care daily,  without fail

Like I just said your health comes before anything! The beauty of the world of business moving forward and being predominantly technology-based, you don’t always have to be present. You can take time away, you can schedule, you can just look after yourself.

Your wellbeing is the top and bottom of business success, the better you feel, the better you operate and whether this is in a traditional business or as a digital influencer you’re going to generate more profits the better you’re operating.

Let’s face it, nobody sets up their own business to be poor. You work for yourself to be rich, rich in experiences, rich in freedom and rich in time. Time is the only commodity that’s limited and whilst money may not be your motivator (I admit it is mine – that doesn’t make me a bad person FYI!), the freedom to live life on your own terms should be enough to drive you.

You need to be in the best shape mentally to operate at your maximum capability. Make time in your day for working out, walking, meditation, reading, pampering. Whatever your escape is. Carve at least 30 minutes into your day every single day for you. For your business and for your success. In my post ‘work smarter not harder’ I show you how I work 4 hours a day, go to the gym, walk the dog and I’m still being the most productive I’ve ever been. You’ll feel inspired and have so much more energy if you just take time for yourself.

3 things that successful entrepreneurs do | Lifestyle & business coaching destination blog | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Blog

Sweater; Ralph Lauren, Necklace; a gift from Bumble from Custom Chic.

Don’t juggle, you’re not in the circus

Well, you might be, if you are, kudos to you. If you’re not, leave it to the experts. Why would you want to do 100 things and give 1% to each of them if you could do one thing and give it 100%? The basic theory concludes that if you master one thing exceptionally well as opposed to just being average at a handful of things you’re more likely to be successful at the one thing done well.

This applies to your business too (bloggers & influencers I’m including you in the term business because believe it or not if you even make 1p from your blog you are running a business)! Create a strategy where you pick say 3 things that you do really well and give them all your attention.

For example. Instagram is my strongest channel, that’s where you’ll find me putting most of my time as I can grow and generate the most income from there (I’d love if you followed me here and commented on my latest post you came from this post). I’m rubbish at G+ and know it’s not a valuable use of my time so I don’t even try and waste resources, energy and time growing there.

If you’re looking for how to align your business, grow your exposure online, increase website traffic and social following then we highly recommend auditing your business. Our easy to implement guide can help you make huge improvements to your business.

Usually, the things that excite you are the things that are the most fruitful too. This will allow for laser focus on your business and when you’re laser-focused you become an expert in what you’re doing.

I believe in only carrying out activities that serve your purpose, anything that doesn’t is a waste of time and you shouldn’t even entertain it. Focus on your end goal and how to get there, not saying you can do 100 things poorly just to try and impress.

Dear Diary….

No, seriously before you roll your eyes, this habit of journaling daily has not only improved my business but my mental health too. I used to look at people and be like, U OK HUN? Now, I champion them.

At the end of every single day, I journal my thoughts and feelings. I then write any struggles down and how I can resolve them then straight after I journal 3 things I’m grateful for. Then my goals followed by affirmations. The more times you write your goals down, the more you believe in them.

I love to journal at the end of the day because it’s therapeutic. It makes me feel at peace and it resolves a lot of daily issues without me even realising. I know for certain I have greater clarity with my goals now and I can see what I need to do to get to my end goal.

What are your habits for success I’d love to know, drop a comment below. You never know you may inspire somebody else’s life!

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3 things that successful entrepreneurs do | Lifestyle & business coaching destination blog | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Blog
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