How to Prepare Your Body and Mind For a Detox

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How to prepare your mind and body for a detox | Health Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

We often forget that if we don’t treat our bodies right, then we will be ones who’ll suffer. Unfortunately, many people find it difficult to control themselves when they have such easy access to all the delicious-looking food. The thing is, it isn’t all gold that glitters. Some of the foods that you often eat are full of toxins. It’s not that after eating one unhealthy hamburger, your body will break down – but if you regularly eat trash food, then the effects will add up over time.

As a result, you might have low energy levels, you might find a strange rash on your arms or legs, or you might experience frequent headaches. One way of dealing with this situation is to go through detox. How to make it less stressful of an experience? In a second, we’ll share our tips!

How to prepare your mind and body for a detox | Health Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

It’s not only about what you eat and drink!

If you want to prepare for a detox, then sure, you need to start eating better, but there are more things that you should consider. Although it is a common myth that our bodies get rid of many toxins through sweating (actually sweat is 99% water and 1% organic materials), exercising often will boost your metabolism, which is helpful if you want to increase the effectiveness of a detox. You can’t sweat out the toxins, but it is possible to help your body get rid of THC quicker if you sweat a lot.

How to prepare your mind and body for a detox | Health Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

This means that if you are interested in detox because you have a drug test scheduled in your workplace pretty soon, then sweating a lot is a good idea. Or, if you think that you might not have enough time, you could try your luck with Monkey whizz urine belt.

When you are actually going through detox, things get more tricky. If during these difficult times, you only intend to drink cleansing juices and eat no food at all, then you should avoid intense exercises. Sure, you shouldn’t just sit on the couch all day, but it’s better to stick to bodyweight exercises. Alternatively, you could take a walk to the forest.

However, if the type of detox that you’ve chosen allows you to eat some healthy foods as well, then you don’t need to limit yourself to activities that require only a minimal amount of effort. Still, no matter what type of detox you plan to go through, you shouldn’t really participate in a marathon. It’s best to wait with that for later, once your caloric intake returns to a normal level.

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What motivates you?

If you think that going through a detox won’t be too difficult, then most probably you are mistaken. Unless you have the willpower of a Tibetian monk, you’ll feel tempted to eat something sweet or greasy. And it’s going to be difficult. If you feel bad not eating, well, then there’s nothing wrong with you – it’s just something that our bodies are used to. How not to succumb to your weakness? Before you start a detox, you should write down all the reasons that you are interested in cleansing your body from the toxins.

Be honest with yourself, and before you start a detox, ask yourself whether detox is really the best way to achieve your goals. You can often hear people claiming that they plan to go through detox because they want to lose weight. Sure, it’s not the worst idea, as if you are struggling with your weight, then most probably your diet could be better. At the same time, you’ll severely reduce your caloric intake for a period of time, and as an effect, you’ll lose weight. Great, right?

How to prepare your mind and body for a detox | Health Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Not exactly. If you go back to your previous eating habits, you’ll return to your weight before the detox. Remember that during detox you shouldn’t engage in too much physical activity, as you won’t have as much energy. In theory, losing weight is simple – you have to burn more calories than you eat. If you prioritize weight loss, then you might be better off eating more food and exercising more. It is possible to combine those two; just try to be honest about your priorities.

Your emotions

Another thing that you’ll discover pretty quickly is that eating habits (or not-eating habits) affect the way our minds function. Initially, you might become overly emotional, and you’ll feel uncomfortable. That’s why you should tell your friends and your family about your plan. If that’s possible, you should also try to limit the number of things that you need to do during this period. No, going through detox doesn’t allow you to behave like a jerk, but your loved ones should be aware that it might be a bit stressful for you. Don’t worry – they will surely understand.

How to prepare your mind and body for a detox | Health Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

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