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How To Actually Buy Somebody A Star

It was a few years ago, one Christmas I opened a tin box, looked at it. Looked at my Mum, looked at the box and looked back with a puzzled look at her.

“What do you get the girl who has everything?” She asked?

Right there that minute I had just opened an acre of land on the moon, insane right? This year, I opened flying lessons.

So with Mother’s Day under a week away we (meaning the dog and I) were searching for something unique to get the Mother who has everything, who is the most difficult to buy for and who sets the bar with these crazy gifts.

We decided upon a star.

That’s right.

A star.

For those of you who’ve never thought of the gift of a star, it’s an amazing idea, extremely sentimental and it’s something that your recipient will be able to cherish forever…I mean until the star burns out of course.

There’s a selection of different packages to choose from and we were gifted the Extra Bright Star Package, which means it’s one of the brighter more visible stars in the solar system.

Registering your star is extremely simple, you literally head over to the Star Registry site, choose your star name, a significant date and a constellation you want it to be in, it really is that easy.

So you’re wondering about Mum’s star, aren’t you? You nosey folk want to know what it’s called? Correct? Many people name their stars after loved ones that have passed. Thoughtful, but sombre. With our family decreasing in size over the last 10 or so years I couldn’t bring myself to choose a relation to name the star after.

How To Actually Buy Somebody A Star 1

I wanted the star to be a happy thought, and not a reflection of somebody who’s no longer with us so of course there was only one name in which it could be.

Ziggy Rupert.

Named after the love of my life, my Mum’s favourite child and our little star, the dog.

Right now readership is divided, if you’re a dog owner you’ll love that, you’ll think it’s so cute. Non-dog owners I get it, you think I’m mad! But when you have a dog in your life, they complete you and our little Ziggy does just that!

As I was naming my Mum’s star, I felt overwhelmed at choosing to immortalise our little puppy forever and tears rolled down my cheek. It really is such a personal and thoughtful gift that even those that are the hardest to buy would love!

Located in the Scorpius constellation after Ziggy’s star sign the extra bright star meaning no matter where she is in the world, when my Mum looks up into the sky she’ll smile and think of our little puppy at home.

How To Actually Buy Somebody A Star 2

So for the person who has everything, give the gift of a star today! You can even add your own personal message to the registration.


We’re offering one of our lucky readers the chance to win their very own star for either themselves or to give as a gift, to enter simply complete the tasks below!

The winner will be drawn 2nd April. Good Luck. 

Have you thought about buying a star as a gift before? Other great gifts also include acres of land on the moon and Lord and Lady titles. We’d love to hear any of your suggestions for gifts to buy somebody that has everything in the comments section below. As always, if you’ve found this article of any value we’d love for you to share it with friends and family across social media and beyond.

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