Buying the perfect gift for an 8-year-old girl

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Buying gifts for children is usually a great experience. Nothing beats the look on a child´s face when they receive a toy that they really want. However, buying toys for 8 year old girls is not always easy. At that age, for children, things are very much black and white. They either like something or they don´t. A toy they are not enthusiastic about may barely make it out of the box. Let alone be played with. But there are some simple things you can do to greatly reduce the chances of that happening.

Check These Symptoms to Know If Your Child Needs Eyeglasses | Health | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Consider talking to their parents

If you are not buying for your own child or one you know well, running your ideas past their parents is usually helpful. It makes it easier to avoid inadvertently buying a toy that the parents feel is inappropriate. Also, if the child you are buying for really wants a certain toy the chances are their parents will know and be able to tell you.

Most of us, including children, like to follow the latest trends. Magazine articles and toy websites are an easy way to find out what the latest hot toys are. Parenting forums can also be a good source of information. Especially if you want to find out more about what kids think. It is an effective way to avoid buying a toy that has been hyped up but is actually not that good.

Here are a few examples of trending toys that most 8-year-old girls would love to receive:

Barbie and toy pets

Currently, Barbie Extra is proving very popular with 8-year-olds. Each doll comes with a pet that has its own wardrobe, so it is almost a 2 in 1 gift. For girls that are crazy about all kinds of pets the Little Live Pets range is another good option.

Dolls houses

Dolls houses have been entertaining children for generations. But they are expensive, so you may want to club together with some friends or other relatives to buy one.

Decoupage Made Easy and other craft kits

At 8 a lot of girls, and boys, start to fall in love with making things. Their dexterity, coordination, and concentration all improve around that age. As a result, many of them like arts and crafts toys, kits, and games.

The Melissa & Doug Decoupage Made Easy kit and Butterfly Fleece No-sew Quilt Set are two good examples. This type of gift has the added benefit of helping with several aspects of a child´s development. You can find out more about this here.

Toys they can play with their friends

At 8, hanging out with their friends becomes increasingly important. Therefore, games that they can play with them are an especially good option.

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Cash gifts

Giving cash or vouchers is also an option for those girls whose parents allow them to have a say over purchases. At around 8 years old, children are usually ready to give saving up for something big a try.

Using the above suggestions should make it relatively easy to track down the perfect gift for an 8-year-old girl. But it is wise to keep the receipt just in case.

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