Diving Deep: 6 Best Dive Watches according to GQ

Those who have this special love for luxury watches will know that there are a lot of watch types in the world—and we are not talking about the brands yet! We have aviator’s watches, timepieces for motorsports, dress watches, and more! That is why you need to learn first about the watch you need and the right watch for it. 

Today, we will talk more about the best dive watches according to a trusted magazine, Esquire. Esquire, the magazine trusted by many since day one, which means we will have a lot of info about these watches. We will help you decide on a dive watch by rounding up their choices and narrowing down the best of the best! Stay tuned.

Omega Seamaster Professional 300m Diver

The Omega Seamaster Professional 300m Diver is perfect if you are in for some action like James Bond—this is one of his chosen watches! A lot has changed with the Omega Seamaster Professional 300m Diver since it has first graced everyone with its high-performing technology.

You can even use it as a dress watch or a sports watch if you are not going to the beach. This 42mm or 43.5mm watch has a ceramic bezel that assures you of corrosion-free technology. The Omega Seamaster Professional 300m Diver has an automatic movement and a calibre of 8800. As its name implies, it has a water resistance of up to 300m or 1000 feet.

Seiko King Turtle Manta Ray

Seiko King Turtle Manta-Ray will be your best bet for a dive watch if you are on a tight budget. Seiko watches are the best for manufacturing affordable yet good-quality watches. It earns the praises of fans and critics. Some even deem this Japanese brand at par with Swiss brands! For your search of dive watches, the unique turtle shape of this automatic Seiko watch is accessible at $625.

It ensures reliable technology because this watch is also an iteration of the brand’s tried-and-tested pioneering dive watch. Seiko Caliber powers up this beautiful watch with a power reserve of 41 hours. This watch has a water resistance of 200m.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Automatique in Titanium

Blancpain is another Swiss luxury watch brand known for its strong advocacy and support for protecting the seas and oceans. Blancpain made a feat with the Fifty Fathoms since this was the first-ever watch to become successfully functioning even 300 feet under the sea.

Fifty Fathoms tells about its water resistance. When you say fathoms, it means six feet. Therefore, when you say fifty fathoms, it equals 300 ft. This watch was a feat because, in 1953, 300 feet was the limit under the sea for anyone with aqualungs.

Design-wise, the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms is truly built for diving. It has a big face that allows you to easily read and keep track of time. Because of this design, divers from the French Navy relied on this watch. Scuba diver pioneer Jacques Cousteau even wore a Fifty Fathoms when he filmed his documentary, The Silent World (1956). This film won the Oscar, by the way. Today, Blancpain has continued perfecting its craft with the innovations they continue to break through.

Tudor Pelagos

The Tudor Pelagos boasts a heavy-duty diving watch with its 500m water resistance. You may notice that this water resistance is quite greater than other diving watches. Tudor first released this diving watch in 2012. The Tudor Pelagos will also not disappoint with its precision in timekeeping because of its COSC-certified chronometer. It also has a helium escape valve, which ensures its water resistance.

Compared to other dive watches from luxury watch brands, the Tudor Pelagos is a bit affordable, yet not necessarily cheap. A Tudor Pelagos watch costs about $4,575.

Breitling Superocean Heritage B20 Automatic

Breitling is also a watch you should not miss. The Breitling Superocean Heritage B20 Automatic is the offshoot of another Breitling dive watch everyone loved—the 1957 Superocean. This dive watch is a limited edition available only in 50 Breitling shops at Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles. The good thing is that you can also bag this beauty from the brand’s website or any other trusted watch shop.

Rolex Submariner

Of course, this list would never be complete without the brand, which has a strong brand reputation and has defined what a luxury watch should be. For starters, Rolex has a lot of watches you can deem as a dive watch aside from the Submariner, like the Sea-Dweller Deep Sea and the Sea-Dweller.

Rolex has created the first-ever waterproof watch in 1926, which is the Rolex Oyster. From here, you may now have a clue as to why Rolex has reached its current place. This Swiss luxury watch brand puts high importance on the intense testing that their components and materials undergo. The reason for this is that professional divers and the military rely on Rolex watches when they need to push through the limits.

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The name of the Sea-Dweller Deep Sea got its name from a sample dive watch in 1960 that reached as deep underwater as 35,800ft. These are the types of technologies that Rolex can pull through. As for the Rolex Submariner, you can say that this is one versatile watch. Even if you are not going to don your scuba outfit and would just go to the local bar, this piece is perfect for you.

Dive deep into your taste

Now that you know some of the best dive watches today, it is now up to you to choose a watch that you find perfect. When getting a dive watch, make sure that you get your timepiece only from trusted shops and online sites. Buying from reliable shops like these will ensure that you will buy an authentic piece, especially when there are lots of faux dive watches. Visit WatchShopping.com and scan through their broad collection of dive watches. They have different models and styles from the watch brands we all trust and love!