Why you need Ray-Ban, Handbags, Shoes & Watches in your life!

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I’ve said it before there are four things that you should always invest properly in when it comes to your fashion wardrobe. Great quality shoes, handbags, watches and sunglasses. These four items when you buy quality really make a difference to any outfit. If you have a high-quality handbag and shoes it really offsets against a not-so-expensive or non-designer named dress.


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Why you need Ray-Ban, Handbags, Shoes & Watches in your life! 1

I only buy Mulberry handbags, not for any other reason than I love the design, I love the quality and I love the experience of purchasing a Mulberry over say a more high street brand. Similarly to shoes, I have to ensure I buy brands such as Ralph Lauren, Christian Louboutin and Mulberry to name a few to ensure that they’re a high-quality shoe that isn’t going to cause me problems later in life. There’s also nothing better than the allure of taking a stride of pride in some fabulous shoes!

With a penchant for sunglasses, the name on everybody’s lips is usually Ray-Ban, of course. I’ve always had a love for the brand especially their Aviators. I just love the way they sit perfectly on my face. These 8058s from Sunglasses Shop are simply stunning.

Not heard of Ray-Ban before?

Let me tell you a little history. Synonymous for their sunglasses both polarized and non-polarized they’ve created some of the most iconic frames in history. Staying current and one of the go-to brands across the globe Ray-Ban have positioned themselves as a favourite across celebrities, influencers and your general sunglasses wearer alike. Their two most iconic frames, the Wayfarer and the Aviator have seen brands trying to emulate these styles.


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From the Beatles in the 60s wearing the brand to being featured in cult films such as Top Gun, Reservoir Dogs and The Blues Brothers there’s no denying that a pair of Ray-Bans can make you feel like a film star.

In keeping with fashion, today Ray-Ban boasts an impressive collection entwining their rich heritage with fashion and glamour. Mixing style with practicality they offer high-quality UV protection whilst keeping outfits looking bang on-trend.

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These Ray-Ban 8050 Aviator Sunglasses are perfect for making a little statement every day. I absolutely love the rimless frames as they are so light, and they add a little bit of femininity with the delicateness of them.

The mirrored grey lenses are perfect for people-watching, shooting shade (you know as you do) and they take any outfit up a few notches, especially teamed with a little dress and leather jacket for that festival look. The frames are complemented by the white arms which display the branding. They’re again lightweight making you feel like you almost aren’t wearing sunglasses.

Photo: Zest of Alice

The Ray-Ban Aviators 8058 really are my Summer favourites and going to be heading with me wherever I go.

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Disclaimer: This item was provided complimentary by Sunglasses Shop, all views are our own. Read more about disclosure here.

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