Bucket List: Dining over Newcastle in the Sky

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In need of a new profile picture, I was desperate to head to Events in the Sky. So when it arrived in Newcastle I just knew I had to take a flight.

In case you’ve never seen an Events in the Sky restaurant let me explain. The team travels to various locations around the country. Consequently spending a week in a gorgeous location serving diners. We’ve been honoured with their presence on the Gateshead side of the Tyne. Next to the Sage. Overlooking the Quayside of Newcastle for the last few years. This year it was back with gusto.


Newcastle from above.

The restaurant seats 22 rollercoaster style seats around some luxe frosted glass tables with an impressive area for service in the middle. Once fastened into your seats the restaurant is hoisted 100ft into the air where your dining experience begins.

I was fortunate to be invited to take the first evening dinner flight. Hosted by Artisan, a modern restaurant located inside iconic Gallery, the Biscuit Factory. This British inspired menu serves up the finest regional and seasonal ingredients. With Andrew Wilkinson, their head chef and winner of North East Chef of the Year, creating a fusion of flavours for the evening.

With Andrew Wilkinson, their head chef and winner of North East Chef of the Year, creating a fusion of flavours for the evening.


We arrived to a very warm champagne reception while we checked in. Also checking our loose items into the complimentary cloakroom before taking a seat and sipping on our champagne. Probably a little Dutch courage perhaps? We also checked out the DS Automobiles that were sponsoring the event.

Bucket List: Dining over Newcastle in the Sky 1

Heading up to the restaurant which was firmly on the ground I managed to bag seat 1. A corner seat which I was advised was one of the best seats to grab if possible for the views. To my left, Steph Fox from her self-titled site and to my right the fabulous Alice from Zest of Alice. First of all, we clambered into our chairs in anticipation. We were then strapped in by one. While the sky crew fasted us in with a 5 point belt we sat back into a rather sumptuous bucket seat and placed our feet upon an A4 size plinth.

Bucket List: Dining over Newcastle in the Sky 2

Don’t look down.

As we were winched up into the air it was absolutely breathtaking. We are so privileged to live in such a beautiful city. Spend an hour 100ft over the city and you see it from a whole different perspective.

Once we had reached the top, positioned higher than the Sage. With views of the Civic Centre and St James’ Park were prominent in the cityscape, we were served our first course.


Lindisfarne Oysters with Apple, cucumber, horseradish and topped with caviar. Finished with a squeeze of Lemon Juice. As we knocked our shell back the flavours were exquisite and the pairings of the oyster with the dressing were simply divine.


Served with Whistling Duck White this was a perfect beginning to the hour flight. It was at points overwhelming. We didn’t know where to look, at the chefs preparing the next course in the centre on the large Smeg cookers, the food in front of us or the views.

Absolutely stunned, Alice and I began to gain a little courage and slowly turned out chairs out to have a look down.

Bucket List: Dining over Newcastle in the Sky 3

Dutch Courage and Selfies.

The maître d’ for the evening ‘Mr Safety’, kept the chat flowing and was more keen than Alice to take photos. If you know her, you’ll also know she makes you take more shots than a tourist. She was in great company!

All of the team were amazing in this sense and offered to take photo after photo to really make sure you had mementoes for the future of this bucket list worthy experiment.


Our starter was served; North Sea Crab, citrus cured salmon, fennel and orange. Served chilled the starter was light, with the fennel and orange balancing the flavour of the crab to give a more delicate flavour.


As the plates were cleared from the starter the whole restaurant in the sky was slowly turned a whole 180 degrees so that for the second half of service you had a totally different view. We were now looking over the Tyne, taking in the most beautiful views.

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Seriously this doesn’t do it justice.


As we snapped and posed for photos our main was served. The equilibrium of the views and fine dining truly were remarkable.

Bucket List: Dining over Newcastle in the Sky 4

Main course comprised of; Northumbrian lamb, navarin of summer vegetables. I’m not the biggest lover of lamb in the world so this course was one of those which I wasn’t really looking forward to until it arrived.

The first mouthful was perfect, it was more like beef than lamb and melted in my mouth. The summer vegetables were the perfect mix and seriously when I head to Artisan on firm ground I’d contemplate choosing this dish.


‘Mr Safety’ talked to us about things in previous flights and told us about a proposal which was pretty sweet and to be honest gents if you’re reading, your lady will love it!

Bucket List: Dining over Newcastle in the Sky 5

Our final course was prepared and served; Vanilla poached peach with champagne, raspberries and pistachio. Of course, like the previous 3 courses, was the sweet end to an amazing evening.

Bucket List: Dining over Newcastle in the Sky 6

The hour flight truly flew (no pun intended) and I thoroughly recommend everybody to book a flight while Newcastle in the Sky is in town. It truly is a bucket list essential.

They’re here until Sunday 27th and running 11 flights a day. These are as follows;

Sitting Price Times
Breakfast in the Sky £50.00 pp 08h30 – 09h00 & 09h30 – 10h00
Lunch in the Sky £125.00 pp 12h30 – 13h15 & 14h00 – 14h45
Champagne High Tea £65.00 pp 15h30 – 16h00 & 16h30 – 17h00
BBQ in the Sky £65.00 pp 15h30 – 16h00 & 16h30 – 17h00
Dinner in the Sky £150.00 pp 18h30 – 19h30 & 20h15 – 21h15
Cocktails in the Sky £75.00 pp 21h45 – 22h15

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