7 Tips for Attending a Wine Tasting Event

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Top Tips For Attending Wine Tasting Lessons | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

I can’t imagine any event more perfect for vino lovers than a wine tasting. It’s an excellent opportunity for all enthusiasts to try various kinds of grape beverages that wineries have in the offer. 

If you’re just about to start your vino adventure, there is nothing to worry about. You don’t need to have previous experience to join. People with different wine knowledge can find their place at the tasting event. There is no division to beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels – one size fits all.

Wine tasting is an excellent opportunity to sample many different bottles of wine you would never be able to try yourself. Big wineries, like Acker Wines, organize them to show a full offer, as well as teach people how to taste and guide in choosing a favourite kind correctly. Before you join the event, you need to prepare yourself a little. Below we pointed out seven essential tips for attending a wine tasting.

Top Tips For Attending Wine Tasting Lessons | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Learn How To Spit

Funny as it seems, spitting is an integral part of such a sophisticated meeting. Even though it does not sound classy, it’s needed to enjoy wine tasting and avoid getting drunk. 

Swallowing the whole drink is not necessary to feel the full taste of wine. It’s enough to leave the drink in your mouth for less than 10 seconds and then spit it. Don’t feel embarrassed; during the wine tasting, you will see even professionals spit the drink. 

Especially during an extensive wine tasting, you could be drinking up to 20 or 30 ounces of wine, and it may be the amount proportional to half a bottle or even the whole one. If you have plans after vino tasting and want to be able to run a normal conversation, better follow the spitting procedure.

Top Tips For Attending Wine Tasting Lessons | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Dress Up

There is no specific dress code for the wine tasting, but there are undoubtedly some things you need to consider while choosing a proper outfit. First of all, check the location of the event. 

If it’s a viticulture area, I suggest you give up high heels and short dresses. Put on some comfy shoes and enjoy walking around wine plantation. Another tip – don’t wear white. Walking around hundreds of red wine bottles and tipsy people makes wine tasting perfect circumstances for clothes accident. I guess I don’t need to remind you how hard it is to get rid of a red wine stain. Black is the key here. 

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Don’t Use Intense Perfumes

An essential part of wine tasting is smelling the drink before drinking it. If you wear heavy perfumes, it may disturb appreciating the aroma of vino. It’s a tasting room etiquette not bringing unwanted aromatics to the wine-drinking area – it contains both cologne and cigarette smell. 

Your perfumes can also confuse others and give away a big part of your tasting experience. If you feel a big need to use your Chanel, do it when the event finishes, it might be needed after so many glasses of wine.

Make Notes

Wine tasing is a great and practical lesson for all drinking enthusiasts. If you want to increase your sommelier skills, prepare a notepad, and write down important information. It’s also beneficial in case you want to remember all the best name bottles and specific details. 

Top Tips For Attending Wine Tasting Lessons | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

After a few glasses of wine, you may find it hard to memorize your favorites. Making notes allows you to document everything about the wines you tasted so you can provide yourself a vast collection afterward.

Eat Before The Event

Empty stomach and alcohol drinking is never a good combination. Prepare yourself and eat something before wine tasting. It will let you enjoy the event more and stay focused on the samples’ taste and smell. Remember to stay hydrated. 

Drinking water between wine drinking helps your body digesting the alcohol better and saves you from getting drunk. Water also helps to cleanse your palette between different types of wine, so when you start a new variety you can enjoy a full spectrum on your taste buds. 

It’s really common for wine tasting organizers to provide some snacks during the event. Drinking alcohol increases appetite, so if you don’t want to throw yourself on the food table, better seriously consider eating something before. 

Wine Teeth Problem

As much as wine drinking is an enjoyable activity, there are also some side effects that you need to have in mind before the tasting – red wine stains your teeth and colours the corners of your lips. If you want to avoid a creepy reddish smile after the wine event, get yourself some chewing gum and drink a lot of water in the meantime. 

It might surprise you, but white wine can be bad for your teeth as well – white wine has higher acidity than red wine, and the pH can damage your enamel more. 

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Have Fun

Many people consider wine tasting as an exquisite, posh event. Don’t get it too seriously. It’s totally fine to laugh and simply enjoy yourself. Wine tasking is the way of having fun by trying the drinks you like. Take your friends and make a long-lasting experience with a glass (or a few)of your favorite vino.

The Bottom Line 

Wine tasting is an excellent experience that can bring you closer to the culture of vino drinking. You get to taste some of the best wines, learn extensively about different kinds of bottles, and simply enjoy the moment with the people you like.

Top Tips For Attending Wine Tasting Lessons | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

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