Can You Afford Luxury Clothes On A Starving-Artist Budget?

When it comes to choosing a designer handbag, question is which style do you go for? We debunk our top splurge purchase tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

For many people, there is a wardrobe filled with clothes at home, most of which came from a clearance rack at a department store. A majority of us simply don’t devote time, effort, or money into what we wear because there’s the feeling there’s no choice. But instead, we waste money and storage amassing a collection of pieces for the most part that rarely get worn, thinking we’re ‘saving’ by purchasing cheap articles.

The idea of ‘frugality’ combined with designer outfits sounds quite ridiculous to the sound mind. But in reality, this is, in fact, more of a truism than you may want to believe. Investing the money you’re wasting on what you perceive as inexpensive items for quality wear could ultimately result in your having a designer wardrobe on a starving artist budget. Go to this page for advice on investing in your fashion.

Affording That Designer Outfit When You’re On A Budget

If you’re the type who has always just assumed that you’ll never have the $1000 silk blouse that you dream of from the storefront window because you don’t make enough, you need to change your mindset. These articles and accessories were created for every person regardless of their stance in life. It’s all in how you manoeuvre your budget to create the opportunity.

When it comes to choosing a designer handbag, question is which style do you go for? We debunk our top splurge purchase tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

The reality of the situation is, for the amount that you spend at the mall on a clothing’ shopping spree’, you could purchase a classic luxury piece. When you figure out how often you indulge in these shopping trips, you can decide how many designer articles you’ll be able to afford in how much time. In less time than you think, you’ll have what should be a minimalist luxury closet. You don’t want it overflowing, merely several classic pieces to mix and match with accents. How to do it:

TIP 1: Plan Clothes Purchases

It’s critical to buy less of the things you genuinely don’t want to buy the things you’re dreaming of having. If you are now buying a few items each month, you’ll need to reduce this to save money for the pieces you prefer, such as with designers of AMAIÒ luxury fashion. It may only allow for purchases every six months as opposed to once per month. But keep your mind on the end goal.

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TIP 2: Look For Clothes Sales

It will never be necessary to pay the full retail price for any item. Part of the experience of shopping for high-end quality clothing is understanding that nearly all things have the potential of coming down in price. Most sales are large, with markdowns as significant as 40% off or more. 

Typically, the most successful products are not going to go on sale, but they do have promotions that offer nearly 20% discounts. You will always find opportunities to save.

TIP 3: Shop Savvy

The more time it takes you to save, the greater gratification you will realize. The savvy, seasoned designer shopper understands that you should never jump on buying clothing that’s just come out. It will be at its highest price point from which it won’t budget for several months.

People who want to buy a particular piece of luxury clothing will either wait on a spectacular sale or buy when it comes to consignment. If you need instant satisfaction, you will have a difficult time purchasing these items on a budget.

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TIP 4:  Do Your Research

When you see an article of clothing that you genuinely want to save for, and you’ve been patiently waiting for a discount to no avail, you need to be willing to put in the time, effort, and energy. Shop the item, do research, check consignments. If you want it, you’ll find it. Learn why people buy luxury goods here: 

When you shop for your new wardrobe, even though you hope for classic luxury, make sure that the things you buy are a realistic version of who you are based on your authentic lifestyle. Don’t plan the pieces on whom you think you may be one day. If you’re employed in a casual atmosphere or work from home, embody that rather than investing in gowns that you won’t ever wear anywhere. 

Embrace your persona. If you love jeans, elevate those to their best quality, but don’t buy dress slacks for which you have no purpose. Shop with the person you are in mind. The goal is to establish a love for who you are, confidence in how you look, and a true sense of self. Quality clothes help you do that.

How To Afford Luxury Clothes On A Budget | Fashion Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

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