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The Best Way To Spend 24 Hours In Paris

Paris is the most visited tourist city in the world and having been there a number of times myself, I thought I would put together a quick one-day itinerary in Paris. While there are various ways to see the city, I believe the best way is by jumping on the hop on hop off bus.

These buses have pick you up and drop you off locations, usually every 10-15mins at all the main tourist attractions, making it easier to get from one place to the next. The best thing is to plan out your day so you can make the most of the buses and your time in this beautiful city.


If you want your one day in Paris everything you expected it to be, then the first thing I recommend is heading to the Trocadero Esplanade to get a panoramic view of the Eiffel Tower and the city of Paris. This undoubtedly is the most romantic location in Paris and you will regularly see couples getting their wedding photos taken in this location. The Trocadero Esplanade and Gardens have also been featured in a number of well-known movies such as Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, Mission Impossible 6 and Rush Hour 3.

If you want to take a selfie with the Eiffel Tower in the background, then this is the place to do it. You can also enjoy the Trocadero gardens and water features as you stroll towards the Eiffel Tower. The area has a variety of souvenir shops and ample locations for those Instagram worthy selfies. The best thing about this attraction is that it’s completely free.


What’s a visit to Paris, without climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower? From Trocadero, you can take a leisurely stroll to the Eiffel Tower. This iconic and popular site is made out of industrial age steel and is 900ft high. It also has 674 steps from the bottom of the Eiffel Tower to the second floor. From there you can take the lift to the very top. On both levels, you can grab a 360-degree view of Paris.

How To Spend 24 Hours In Paris, France | Travel Guide & Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

The gardens surrounding the tower also provide unique opportunities for photographs as well as a picnic. So grab yourself a baguette and/or croissants and enjoy the surroundings. If you’re lucky enough to visit Paris during the summer months, you’ll also find Parisian’s selling beer, wine or water kept in ice buckets. 


The Arch de Triumph commemorates Napoleon the 1st victory in the battle of Austerlitz and is one of the most famous monuments in Paris. It’s free to visit and you can purchase tickets to climb to the top. The monument is adjacent to the Champs-Élysées, a 1.9-kilometre-long and 70-meter-wide boulevard filled with shops, cafes and restaurants.

This a perfect opportunity to taste some French food, wine and coffee. Always remember that these are tourist destinations, and from experience, you should always check the online reviews for any restaurant or cafes. 


When you’re ready, hop on the bus and head to the Notre Dame Cathedral. The Notre Dame Cathedral is a medieval church built in honour of the Virgin Mary.

The church is presently closed and under reconstruction due to the damage caused by a fire during a restoration project in 2019. However, you can still get some nice snaps before you head off to the Sainte-Chapelle which is only an 8-minute walk away.

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How To Spend 24 Hours In Paris, France | Travel Guide & Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog


Sainte-Chapelle is a 13th-century Gothic-style chapel built by King Louis IX for the purpose of housing Catholic relics. These relics no longer remain in the chapel and have been moved to Notre Dame de Paris Treasure. The building actually has two chapels, the upper chapel and the lower chapel.

The upper chapel is decorated on all four sides with 1113 stain glass windows telling the story of Christ on all four sides of the building. The lower chapel was originally built as a place of worship for the palace personnel. The stunning architecture is well worth the visit. From here you have a 12-minute walk to Louvre Museum.


The Louvre is the worlds most-visited museum and it has a vast array of art, stone sculptures and other artefacts from the ancient world all the way through to the nineteenth century. Highlights include Leonardo DaVinci’s Mona Lisa, Theodore Gericault’s The Raft of the Medusa, Veronese’s the wedding of Cana and Jacques-Louis David’s Coronation of Napoleon.

The Louvre is also a magnificent building to admire externally and another great photography opportunity. In the evening the building is nicely lit up creating a charming tourist atmosphere. 

How To Spend 24 Hours In Paris, France | Travel Guide & Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog


There are plenty of restaurants nearby but if you want something magical you can book a table for two on one of the dinner cruises sailing along the Seine River. Dinner cruises on the Seine River usually cost between £70-£100 for 2 adults.

The riverboats usually contain floor to ceiling windows giving you a delightful and unobstructed view of Paris and its many landmarks. This is the best way to end your day in Paris and take in this breath-taking City of Lights. 

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How To Spend 24 Hours In Paris, France | Travel Guide & Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog
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