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Girls’ Getaway to Paris: Dine, Shop, and Explore | Travel Guide | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog
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Girls’ Getaway to Paris: Dine, Shop, and Explore

Sometimes you just have to gather your gal pals and head off to some exotic location for a weekend, or week of rest, relaxation, and memory-making. Paris is the perfect place to land with your girls and hit the town. 

The City of Lights, or la Ville Lumière, is filled with fantastic shops, amazing attractions, delicious food, and lots of fun. Don’t spend your entire time in Paris inside the must-see museums, get out and enjoy the vivaciousness of the city and its people. 

Girls’ Getaway to Paris: Dine, Shop, and Explore | Travel Guide | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Before heading out and exploring, find a Paris luggage storage location where you can stow your parcels and bags while out and about. Most places do not allow large bags inside, so skip the hassle by leaving your things in a secure place. 

What to See

Paris is filled with history. Step outside your hotel and soak up the culture of the city. Check out some of the top attractions that make Paris so special. Be sure to nab your tickets ahead of time to avoid long lines.

The Eiffel Tower

An absolute must-see when you are in Paris. You can purchase tickets for the stairs or elevator, so check out the rates and schedule before heading over.  Wear comfortable shoes if you plan on climbing the stairs.

How To Spend 24 Hours In Paris, France | Travel Guide & Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Be sure to stop back by the Eiffel Tower when darkness descends. It is truly a fantastic sight to see when the tower is lit up against the night sky. Bring your camera for breathtaking photos. 

Notre Dame Cathedral

While parts of the cathedral were heavily damaged by fire, you can still view it from afar and snap photos. Tours have resumed in the undamaged portion of Notre Dame Cathedral, but tickets are not available online.

The cathedral’s store has re-opened as well and you can check out some of the items online and then browse through the rest of their inventory when you get there. You can grab some fantastic souvenirs and gifts while here. 

The Louvre

The largest museum in the world is right in the heart of Paris. You do not have to be a history buff or museum nerd to fully appreciate all the Louvre has to offer. Ask for the audio guide or download the app and learn even more about the fantastic exhibits. 

Girls’ Getaway to Paris: Dine, Shop, and Explore | Travel Guide | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Grab your tickets online or you will be stuck in a very long line hoping to get in. You can easily spend all day wandering the halls of the Louvre, but while here be sure to find the iconic Mona Lisa. 


Filled with jaw-dropping stained glass windows, Saint-Chapelle is a very popular destination for tourists. The windows depict over 1,100 scenes from the Old and New Testament. Priority tickets can be purchased online. 

The glass roof, made up of 15 stained glass panels is a sight you do not want to miss. While here you can see the Crown of Thorns of Christ as well as several other religious relics that will leave you in awe. 

Palace of Versailles

You and your girls will simply become lost in the romanticism that is Versailles. Definitely plan your visit during the summer when the gardens are in full bloom. Everywhere you turn, you will be amazed by the utter elegance that surrounds you.

Girls’ Getaway to Paris: Dine, Shop, and Explore | Travel Guide | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Buy your tickets online and arrive early so you can spend the entire day wandering through this incredible palace. Wear comfortable shoes; the place is huge and you will be doing a lot of walking. 

Marché aux Fleurs – Reine Elizabeth II (The Flower Market – Queen Elizabeth II)

While there are several flower markets in, or just outside of, Paris. The Marché aux Fleurs – Reine Elizabeth II is by far the biggest and most colorful. Stroll among vendors and absorb the vibrancy of the market. 

Tourists usually do not frequent flower markets, so you can enjoy being with the locals and watching them as they haggle. Pick up some fresh produce and a fragrant bouquet while spending a relaxing afternoon with your gal pals. 

The Moulin Rouge

No girls’ getaway to Paris is complete without stepping inside the Moulin Rouge. This iconic cabaret was founded in 1889. Dress to the nines and step into the vivid world of cabaret. 

Girls’ Getaway to Paris: Dine, Shop, and Explore | Travel Guide | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Sit back, sip a cocktail and watch the show filled with outlandish outfits and very interesting dancers. Be sure to make your reservations early, the Moulin Rouge fills quickly each night. 

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Where to Eat

While in Paris, you and your girls will want to dine on the rich, decadent food. Set aside your diets and order the most decadent, delicious dishes on the menu. Don’t forget to save room for dessert! 

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Paris is filled with charming cafés and restaurants. Trying to figure out which ones to try can be daunting. Sign up for a food tour to sample several places. Here are a few suggestions to get you started. 

  • L’Éclair Paris de génie: While not a restaurant, it is the best place to get dessert. Munch on a delicious éclair or try some of their other yummy treats.
  • Angelina Paris: Grab a relaxing lunch inside a beautiful café and top your meal off with a sinfully rich cup of hot chocolate. 
  • Café de Flore: Sit and people watch while dining among the flowers that decorate this café. Grab a cup of coffee and an omelette before hitting the streets. 
  • Perruche: Located on the top floor of the Printemps Homme, Perruche is all about ambience. Snap some fantastic photos of the Eiffel Tower while waiting for your food. 
  • Bouillon Chartier: Although a chain restaurant, Chartier offers fantastic Parisian food at a lower price. The roasted duck is truly divine. 
  • Monsieur Bleu: Reservations are required to ensure you do get a table. Beautiful views of the Eiffel Tower make this a popular restaurant with tourists. 

Where to Shop

Walking down the streets of Paris can sometimes leave you wondering if you have stepped into a runway show or the pages of a fashion magazine. Parisians are known for their fashion sense and your girls’ getaway is not complete without hitting the shops. 

Girls’ Getaway to Paris: Dine, Shop, and Explore 1

There are many fabulous shops to see and explore while in Paris; you may become overwhelmed by the choices available. It is easier to break it down into districts rather than individual shops.  

  • Louvre and Tuileries Neighborhood: This is where you will find many of the high-end fashion designers, cosmetics, and home furnishings. It’s known also as the Faubourg Saint-Honoré district. 
  • The Marais Quarter: This eclectic neighbourhood is the perfect place to search for handcrafted items and anything vintage. Browse through antique shops, vintage stores and perfumeries. 
  • Boulevard Haussmann: You will also want to check out the Grands Boulevards nearby to find the best department stores in Paris. Stop by Printemps or Galeries Lafayette Champs-Élysées while here. 

Plan the ultimate girls’ getaway to Paris and spend a weekend, or even an entire week, soaking up the Parisian culture. Get out and see the sights, drink champagne, dine on rich, decadent food, and shop until you drop in designer boutiques. 

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