5 Landscapes of Paris

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Artist scenes in Paris, France | Art & Literature | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Do you know that Paris has been known as a paradise for artists and art lovers since time immemorial?  No wonder this city of art has been at the helm of the imagination of the most renowned painters of all movements.

It is also home to the most distinguished art galleries and museums like the Louvre, and Musée d’Orsay that house some of the most priced paintings known to humankind. Paris has romanced art in every form, the evidence of which is available in the form of umpteen artworks that have been made around its mesmerizing landscapes or rich heritage.

Presented below are some of the acclaimed paintings from the treasure-trove of the 1st art gallery devoted to the picturesque city which is known for its aristocratic culture and charming landscape.

Le Pont Neuf Paris by Pierre Auguste Renoir

5 Landscapes of Paris 1

Pierre Auguste Renoir was one of the cardinal signatories of the Impressionist movement which had originated in this city of magnificence and resplendence. His art was marked by a distinct luxuriance that touches different notes of the mind of the on-looker.

An impeccable Impressionist, his works brought alive the world of yesteryears with crowning use of light and colours. It is learned that the maestro had broken from the movement towards the mid-1880s in the quest to introduce more formal strokes to portraits.

The painting, Le Pont Neuf Paris was etched in the Parisian cityscape, was his contribution to immortalize the grand Seine river which had always ruled the imagination of Impressionists.

You can source the reproduction of the above marvel at the 1st art gallery in complete perfection.

The Champs Elysees, Paris by Georges Stein

5 Landscapes of Paris 2

Georges Stein was a virtuoso of the painting, the poetic Parisian scenes entrenched in an apparent reminiscence of the old, high-class Paris life as he had a personal inclination and link with those heady times. She beautifully the theatre of the city in her iconic figures against the grandeur of the famed buildings and arrondissements.

The painting, the Champs Elysees, is another example of the stellar pieces of art where she pitched the common Parisians against the chivalrous figures with exceptional accuracy of colour and light.

The reproduction by 1st art gallery is done with great alacrity and adroitness to enumerate the finesse of the original.

The Parc Monceau Paris by Claude Oscar Monet

5 Landscapes of Paris 3

Claude Oscar Monet was a lover of en Plein air and founder of Impressionism alongside the other renowned artists of the time. He perfected the variations of light and shades of colours which were a mark of the movement. His brush-strokes even brought out the fine details of seasonal changes to make the paintings seem close to realism. His passion for painting the shifting sunlight and its optical effects are apparent in many of his works.

The painting, the Parc Monceau Paris, was a surreal depicture of a Parisian landscape laden with natural colours. The work is an exquisite show of fine-play of the sunlight etched over the beautiful and colourful flowers and trees. Every stroke of colour touched different notes in the golden glow of the sun. All this is set against a luxe background of variations of green.

The 1st art gallery in its promise to bring you the best reproductions of the finest art pieces known by the world has used the perfect blend of strokes to keep the details of the emotions and colour intact.

L’Ile de la Cité and the Cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris as seen from Quai Montebello by Marie-Francois -Firmin Girard

5 Landscapes of Paris 4

Marie-Francois Firmin Girard took to the beaux-arts at a fragile age of 16 in Paris and came to resonate with the subtleties of the neoclassical art movement. However, his intricate and short brush strokes gave shape to different surfaces and textures that were far from the glossy finishes of the academics. Also, his vivid palette bore more inclination towards the impressionist styles.

The painting is an exquisite use of brush strokes to show the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral the beholder of the French traditions and cultural heritage in a vivid display of colours. The towering structure is prominent against the clear skies of the city.

The reproduction by the 1st art gallery has captured every element with great care to bring back the old grandiose.

Racetrack Near Paris 1864 by Edouard Manet

5 Landscapes of Paris 5


Edouard Manet, often remembered as the Father of Modern Painting is associated with Impressionism and Realism. His works were a fine transition between the two movements as the masterpieces that he produced were known by the black outlines, random strokes, and also rough finishing.

He picked themes from routine life and the most intriguing part is that a great amount of his work was the result of random sketches he drew on the spot after direct observation. The painting shows the celebrated racetrack over the outskirts of Paris, in the Bois de Boulogne. The scene is treasured as it found its inspiration by the victory of a French horse in the 1864 Grand Prix de Paris at Longchamp.

The emotions and the sensations linked with the race have been delicately kept intact by the 1st art gallery reproduction of the same.

The Bottom Line

Paris, the city of the romance of art has been the fantasy of many artists and art-lovers. It has captured the imagination of the most decorated artists in the world. The above collection has been curated to take you back to the belle époque where the life and natural beauty of Paris presented enough reason to the eye of the artist to capture it in their work.

What the 1st art gallery does is to bring it back to life by its sinful reproductions of the landscapes paintings, so you can take home the wonders and adorn your life with richness of art.

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