6 Must Do Day Trips from Sydney Australia


Australia is interested in many visitors spread around the world due to many reasons. Although Australia intermittently consists of several remote areas, actually its natural & man-made masterpieces are incredible.

Sydney exceeds all the other regions of Australia due to the abundance of several natural attractions & also several infrastructure facilities provided for clients. The access to certain places is quite easy that, even the farthest places can be reached within 3 hours. So, get ready, here are the must-do Sydney sightseeing day tours must surely be an item of your next vacation itinerary.

Blue Mountains Day Trip from Sydney

A mini Grand Canyon, located 100km westwards of Sydney, has become extremely famous among several visitors due to its innumerable natural attractions such as waterfalls, rock formations, & hiking trails, as well as rich biodiversity, stretched throughout 664000 acres.

It’s easier & more effective if you can take M4 motorway & go by car if you are with your family. There are several car renting services available in Sydney CBD and Europcar, and Hertz are a few leading companies.

If you are looking for a guided experience, there are several organisations based in Sydney who arrange small group Blue Mountains tours for a price range of 100 to 200 A$ per person. However, a handful of travellers book private and specialised guides who offer Blue Mountains private tours for luxury and authentic experience of this hidden natural gem. The public bus journey is also good if you like to have an immediate visit to Australian local life.

What to do in Blue Mountains?

Visit Three Sisters lookout 

Here you can witness the glorious aboriginal legends, involved with an ancient rock formation called “Three Sisters” located nearby of Katoomba city. About 850 steps ahead, you can see the most beautiful cave complex in the world called “Jenolan Caves”. Enjoy the chilly breezes of this hilly side as much as possible. 

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Credit: Scenic World

Visit Scenic World 

At the same time, you can also attend in adventurous rides at the scenic world & adrenaline-filling bushwalks along the Leura picnic area filling your moments with endless excitement.

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Hunter Valley Day Trip from Sydney

Hunter Valley is situated 230km away towards the north of Sydney. This valley of fertility is renowned as a paradise of food lovers. A nice destination to arrange an unforgettable day trip with your favourites for having a stunning summer holiday equipped with grand wine cocktails & yummy cuisine.  

You would be embarrassed by public transport as there’s no direct way to Hunter Valley from Sydney. So, it would save time, if you can take M1 Pacific motorway to Cessnock & do self-drive. 

Drink and drive is a traffic offence under Australian law and could top up with several demerit points and a huge fine if police spot you with drink driving. So, it is better to organise a tour guide who offers Hunter Valley tours from Sydney if you are seeking for a planned and organised winery day trip to Australia’s oldest wine region. 

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Credit: Tyrrells Wines

What to do in Hunter Valley?

Wine, Cheese, Chocolate and Food Pairing 

There is a great selection variety of wines obtaining from over 150 wineries in “Hunter Valley”, which is one of the oldest wine areas in Australia. Shops full of handmade cheeses & chocolates also would prove the statement “Valley of fertility” again & again. So, no doubt! It would be the greatest combination of snacks, you’ve ever got. 

Garden visits & balloon rides

Not just food tasting, you are also allowed to burn the excess nutrients of your stunning meal by walking along with the Hunter Gardens. Balloon rides are also some added benefits of this day tour.

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Port Stephens Day Trip from Sydney

Port Stephens is located 200km away towards the north of Sydney. It just takes 2 ½ hour drive for ones from Sydney. The diversity of marine life & several funny activities designed on behalf of adventure- seekers is extremely incredible & fantastic.

Keep a tireless end for your day trip, without missing any of the enthusiastic activities that you are eagerly waiting for. The best option is reaching the exact place on time, without getting abandoned among unknown streets & paths. Port Stephens day trips would fulfil all these requirements. Travelling by car, taking M1 motorway may be more effective rather than getting into Port Stephens Express Bus, as it would save your time. 

What to do in Port Stephens? 

Dolphin Watching cruises 

Dolphin watching is one of the most common hobbies among several local & foreign visitors. It’s very funny as well as curious. There are 3 cruises per day, each containing 1 ½ hour. Don’t forget to book your seat.

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Credit: Port Stephens 4wd

Sandboarding and adrenaline activities 

Several leisure activities including beach dune tours, Sygna Shipwreck tours, Sandboarding safaris & short hikes are a must to get experience if you are a real adventure seeker. So, never forget to reserve some hours for that. 

If you want a much better experience rather than a stereotypical day tour, we advise planning, read and research we in-advance before.  


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