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The Selection of Exquisite Hobart Accommodation for Visitors

Tasmania’s capital city, Hobart is sanctified with extraordinary beauty and rich colonial history. This is Australia’s most southern city, and is experiencing a revitalization with the addition of intriguing hotels, lodges, resorts and various accommodation types, due to the popularity of visitors flocking to this pace, and here’s one of the reasons why. 


It has now become a city that houses some of the best world-class restaurants and an impressive selection of festivals that make Hobart an expanding cultural hub. Hobart has a boundless variety of lodging from budget accommodation, cosy beds & breakfasts, to holiday rentals, and luxury accommodation. 

The reason many people are attracted to this place is because of the proximity to everything – no matter where you stay in Hobart; you’ll be adjacent to all the fascinating attractions and entertainment it has to offer people of all ages. There is an abundance of things to do and attractions to see in Hobart.

This article looks into the different types of accommodation that you could expect from this amazing city. 

Type 1. Budget Accommodation

We start with some of the best types of budget lodgings, for those looking for something modest. If your more interested in a place just to rest your head and will be spending the majority of your visit outdoors, going on a nature trail exploring the many features, or perhaps you’re interested in learning about the history of the many languages spoken in this Island state: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tasmanian_languages in which case try out one of these.

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Even if you are about to spend lavishly on your holiday, it is still a welcoming side in Hobart. This place has something for everyone, including those who are looking for budget lodgings. Don’t think you won’t be getting quality. Not only are some of the places cheap but they are also high-quality, so you will be getting your money’s worth in Tasmania. 

Places such as the Montacute Boutique facilities offer chic rooms and an opportunity to explore the cities fine dining and nature trails, all on a budget. There are also shared facilities offered by the Alabama Hotel, which is similar to a student lodging, and do not include any en-suite rooms but rather shared amenities within the premises for showering, and bathing. These quirky rooms offer a comfortable and modest stay topped with good vibes.

Type 2. Romantic Type Accommodations

Just married? On your honeymoon? Or celebrating your 5th anniversary? Whatever the occasion, even the romantics have a place in the heart of Hobart. When looking for a romantic escape from life, look no further than this perfect Tasmanian city, an extremely popular place amongst newlyweds and couples alike.

Tasmania is known for its charm and assortment of bed and breakfasts that host some of the best breakfasts from buffets to a la carte selections and Bellerive House is one of these places. So, if you’re into that type of space, you would enjoy the warmth of its amiable and sociable hosts.

Try one of their cozy cottages or book yourselves into one of the many options of romantic hotels, such as the Islington Hotel, which is not just romantic but also luxurious with its fine art and antique décor and personalized service, offered to those who just want to enjoy the company of their better half.

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The shores of the North West bay also offer something for the lot, a villa called ‘Villa Howden’, which is a 20-minute drive from the city with breathtaking views of the shores and Huon valley. Step into the world of the French Provencal.

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Type 3. Luxury Hotels

We’ve saved the best for last – the luxurious options.

You could also put your bags down at one of the many exclusive boutique hotels in Hobart, Tasmania, very near the waterfront and perfectly coupled with the historical and modern styles and breathtaking views of the ocean and surrounding landscapes of lush green forestry.

If you’re looking for a more exciting venture, head on to the 9-story office tower, right near Hobart’s Salamanca Wharf and overlooking this magnificent arena, the Avalon City Retreat. This is a penthouse apartment that houses a luxurious two-bedroom accommodation with a fully equipped kitchen and loads of gourmet goodies refreshed daily just for your enjoyment.

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Even Hobart’s famed museum, MONA, (Museum of Old and New Art) has its offering; luxury villas accompanied by a restaurant bar and the views of the River Derwent at your feet. These are a more “art-inspired” type of luxury lodging, for just about anyone who feels inspired in the wilderness. It is a 15-minute drive away from the CBD.

If you’re looking for indulgence in your accommodation in Hobart, then look no further than some of the finest offerings. Some examples include the Hobart accommodation MACq 01 Hotel, which is Australia’s first “storytelling Wharf-side hotel” and has won numerous Tasmanian Tourism Awards and Traveler’s Awards, for its “deluxe” lodgings as well as its extravagant size and minibar selection. 

There you have it, some of the best styles of accommodation for anyone looking to get out of their towns and countries and stepping into something a bit more relaxed and exciting at the same time! 

One added advantage of this place is that even though it is so popular amongst tourists, travelers, and even those attending conferences and its full calendar of events throughout the year; many of these lodgings offer many different deals which you can look into beforehand and book your particular housing while the dates of the deals are still valid. 


Some of these events that usually affect the prices of the hotels occur during peak months and include their Yacht races and the infamous “Taste of Tasmania” which is Australia’s free and oldest wine and food community festival that anyone can attend, which also includes many entertaining performances and live music from local and international artists.

They also host the famous “Dark MOFO (Museum of Old and New Art)” event, which is their annual dance and music festival organized by Violent Femmes member Brian Ritchie and which usually takes place In January – a must-see for those young at heart!

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