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Lord Howe Island Holiday for First-Timers

Have you ever thought of spending holiday somewhere without the hustle and bustle, noise, garbage, and other ‘conveniences’ of modern civilization? The solution might be a desert island, but given that today there are almost no areas that no human has set foot on, this is not very feasible. But there is a place close to the definition of heaven on Earth.

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It’s Lord Howe Island, which officially belongs to Australia, but unofficially, is located in the middle of nowhere. It’s an isolated reef at the very south end of the Great Barrier Reef in the Pacific Ocean. It is characterized by large sandy beaches, sub-tropical forests, and clear blue waters.

If you don’t live in Australia, you’ve probably never heard of Lord Howe. But it’s never too late to boost your knowledge and, who knows, maybe consider this island your next tourist destination. But you might think of that earlier, as this reef has certain limitation regarding the number of visitors per year.

Breathtaking Nature

The Australian government has decided that only 400 tourists can be on this island at one time. So, if you want to be one of them, you might need to make an appointment much earlier. Precisely this minimal exposure to commercialization is the reason why this territory has retained its authenticity.

Suppose you are looking for a place that offers stunning sea life in addition to its beautiful shores. In that case, you will definitely want to consider Lord Howe Island. In the north, the long trail leads up soaring Mt Gower, with spectacular ocean views.

This mountain is a destination popular among hikers and other fans of outdoor activities. Many paths go through lush forests and cliffs, but any torment for climbing there pays off once you have a view of the ocean.

Heavenly Beaches

Ned’s Beach on the south is another popular destination on Lord Howe. There you’ll find beautiful, crystal-clear water full of fish and corals in colours you could never think of. You can go for a long walk along the beach and try to catch some rays, without worrying will you bump or stumble over someone. It’s like you have your own piece of heaven by the ocean.

And for those enjoying the wildlife and birdwatching, they’ll be happy to hear that many seabirds live in these coastal areas. The island is home to some rare breeds, including masked boobs and white-headed eagles.

The best time to visit Lord Howe is from November to April. In the winter (Australian time), the island can be visited in June and July. During the summer months, you should plan to visit Lord Howe Island from October to December. You will have pleasant weather throughout your stay.

Dream Spot for Surfing

If you are looking for an ocean adventure in surfing, then you can try out the surf breaks in the vicinity of the ocean. The surf break in Lord Howe Island has some great waves. You can also try your hand on the boarding if you are a beginner. Locals can give you some surfing lessons, but avoid going for the waves which have a very high pitch. You might want to check this guide.

If you are a professional surfer, then you can get on those waves, it will probably be a unique experience for you. Because of the lack of the crowd, it might seem like you have the entire ocean for yourself. Also, if you want to go for a break in the water, you can go for kite surfing in the area.

Lord Howe can be reached by air or sea. The nearest mainland is more than 400 miles away, and it is clear to you that this reef is quite isolated and represents the true definition of a vacation away from everyone. The island has one airport, the Port Macquarie Airport, which is close to the downtown area and the ferry. You can get there from Sydney or Brisbane, a flight that will take about 2 hours.

Diving Adventure

There is a wealth of wildlife and marine life to see in the area around Lord Howe Island. Only a handful of tourists actually venture deep below the water. That gives scuba divers an unmatched experience without ever leaving the shore.

Diving in Lord Howe isn’t for the faint-hearted, but it’s very doable. There is no need for any special diving equipment as there are plenty of dive shops and restaurants to rent and hire this equipment.  If you’re interested in dive training, there are also schools available to help you learn the art of deep diving.

Lord Howe Island Holiday for First-Timers 2

Five main ocean currents converge in this area, creating an incredibly diverse environment favoured by more than 90 species of fish and around 500 species of corals. You might be going through both warm and cold currents in a short time, which can be stressful for your body.

The best time to go diving in Lord Howe is between February and June when the water temperatures are just right. With most scuba divers using the Internet to learn about the various types of dives and popular destinations, that has really helped the area to gain a tremendous amount of publicity.

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Accommodation Offer

Lord Howe Island is very small and offers a few types of accommodation. The place is perfect for relaxing, alone or with loved ones. Holiday houses, campsites and bungalows are available for rental, but you have to make a reservation way earlier.

Visit the page below to understand good sides of pending holidays on less popular tourist destinations:


Some resorts offer private cabins, which are usually furnished and fully-equipped with all the facilities and services that make your holiday comfortable and safe. Visitors can rent a boat, yacht, water jet, or canoe. Most activities and attractions require advanced planning before they take place.

Lord Howe Island Holiday for First-Timers 3

It seems like a lot of noise around it, but once you step on the Lord Howe Island, you will understand why it’s necessary to preserve it. The best thing about the island is that it doesn’t have a lot to do with commercial tourist sights. As long as you enjoy the scenery, you won’t get bored.

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