Refined Palette: 7 Best Wines for Winter

Refined Palette: 7 Best Wines for Winter

Most people are used to changing weather and season. Aligned with that is preparing for your change of wardrobe, your grocery list, and even your wine stocks. If you are not big on wine or any other liquor, the winter may be the best excuse to start choosing the perfect wine to serve during winter. We’re going to explore the best wines for winter.

It’s not only something that you and your family can drink for gatherings, but it will also aid you in keeping a little warm during this season.

Refined Palette: 7 Best Wines for Winter 1

Pairing your wine

Choosing the best wine is basically the same as choosing your wardrobe pairing. Some flavours just don’t mix, and it can ruin one or the other. For instance, if you are into vape Australia and you love sweet e-juices, it’s best to pair them with dessert wines that have the same sweetness and decadent feel. 

The same goes for food pairing. The distinct taste of your wine should match the acidity or savoury of your food. Otherwise, you will not enjoy eating and drinking them at the same time. If you choose the wrong type of wine with the wrong food, there is a high chance that you will not enjoy one of the others.

Pairing your wine with food or other intake is not the end of the list, and it’s also a must that you understand which wine to choose for the right weather. In this article, we will give some of the best wines to have this winter.

7 Best Wines for Winter

Now that you have an idea of how wine can be paired with your food let’s take a look at some of the most popular and highly recommended wines to refine your palette this winter. Let’s take a look at this list.

Refined Palette: 7 Best Wines for Winter

Pinot Noir

This particular type of wine is known as delicate and fragile, which is why most wine connoisseurs around the world consider it the ballerina of the wine world. It is made with delicate waft cherry and lavender, which makes it the perfect choice to heat your body and relax during winter.

It’s also the top choice of many because of its versatility when it comes to pairing. Because of its subtle tannins, you can enjoy it with a variety of food types and flavours.


Most popularly paired with savoury dishes such as risotto, mushrooms, and truffles, Nebbiolo has higher acidity and grippier tannins than Pinot Noir. This is one of the reasons why this wine is best for the winter season. It is made with complex rose and cherry and gives a leathery flavour to your palette. If you are looking for the perfect wine to drink on dinner dates during winter, this is one of the best choices.

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Pride of the South African vineyard, Cinsault wine is also considered one of the best wines to drink during winter. It is made with an indigenous grape called Pinotage, making the wine more appealing to your taste buds.

It is prevalent in warmer countries because of its low tannins, but it’s also best to drink during the winter because of its earthy flavour and spice. You can pair it with savoury dishes rich in herb flavours such as garlic.


Nothing beats the classic taste of buttery Chardonnay to keep you warm this winter. The timeless combination of vanilla, butter, caramel, and citrus, is the perfect alternative to drink on a chilly winter afternoon. It is also recommended to pair this wine with savoury food flavours that go well with its buttery taste. Some of the food to consider are chicken, pasta, and other cream-based soups.

Cabernet Sauvignon

If you are looking for the ultimate winter wine, there’s no other choice than Cabernet Sauvignon. Considered the “King of Grapes, this drink still has the boldest flavour that will help alleviate your feeling during the winter. It is one of the reasons why this wine is the popular choice of many for dinner dates. Its aroma is not just romantic but mouth-watering at the same time.

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Cape Blend

Of course, our list will not be complete without including Cape Blend. This wine is popular for its well-crafted bleeding, which is always best to drink during winter.

It is made with prime grapes and other high-quality components, which makes it the best blend to pair with Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine will create a delicious and memorable harmony in your palette, making each winter night a moment to remember.


Another dominating wine to consider this winter is Valpolicella. It is a red wine produced in Veneto, Italy, and is made with some of the best Corvina grape varieties that include Veronese, Rondinella, and Molinara. It is rich in flavour but has an off-dry taste, making it perfect to pair heavy, savoury, and aromatic dishes such as steaks and braised meat. It’s also a perfect dinner wine to cap off a winter night.

Make the most out of your dining experience! With this wine list, you’ll surely have a more enjoyable and memorable winter season.

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