Pizza Express, Formby: The Italian Riviera comes to Liverpool's Coast 1
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Pizza Express, Formby: The Italian Riviera comes to Liverpool’s Coast

In the Summer I spent two weeks in Formby which is a coastal ‘parish’ located approximately 15 miles from Liverpool City Centre. At my auntie and uncle’s home looking after their animals while they, with my cousins headed to Turkey for their Summer holiday. Fortunately for me, the tables finally were turned last week. Because I, alongside my cousins headed to Tenerife.

For a week in the sunshine with our Grandparents. Therefore leaving my auntie and uncle child-free for the week. I sent them along to review the brand new Pizza Express in Formby. Which opened its doors on the 13th February. Being one of the first to sample the well know pizzeria chain’s newest restaurants I knew they’d enjoy what was being cooked up in the kitchen.

Doors open

With a table booked for Thursday evening at 7 pm. They headed along to the main front street to the newly opened restaurant which is nautical themed. Consequently to tie in with the gorgeous beach beyond the sand dunes which look out over to Ireland. With a rustic theme, the Formby Pizza Express has a mixture of whitewash and green timber planks adoring the walls.

Similarly, whilst the heritage of Formby is played out in the artwork on the walls which pay homage to Britain’s first lifeboat station. Which was launched in 1776, based nearby Formby Beach where the remains can be still seen today. The Pizzaiola counter is also covered in reclaimed timber to further complement the nautical theme.

Upon being seated in the freshly decorated and newly opened pizzeria. My uncle opted for a large bottle of Peroni (which at £9 he thought a little extravagant for a beer, I must have to admit I too agree) and my aunt opting for a large glass of Pinot Grigio, began to peruse the menu.

They’re under starters orders…and they’re off

Selecting for their starters the Pennette Formaggi. Which is Pizza Express’ Winter special and their twist on Macaroni & Cheese. It consists of a creamy three cheese & mustard sauce. Mozzarella and Gran Milano cheese baked with pennette pasta, garlic oil and black pepper and the Bruschetta Originale ‘PizzaExpress’. Which is dough brushed with garlic butter and topped with chopped fresh tomato, red onion, fresh basil and pesto, a fresh and light starter.

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As they enjoyed the ambient atmosphere (and quite possibly the child-free dining). They enjoyed their drinks while they took in their surroundings.

Not having long to wait their starters were served and both commented on the ample portion size. The delicious flavour, although the pair did comment on their food being saltier than they usually have. However, this didn’t detract from their first course. With the Jennette Formaggi being rich and creamy and very flavoursome.

My uncle thoroughly enjoyed the twist on this hearty Winter favourite, whilst my Aunt, felt as if she had been transported to the heart of Italy with her fresh tomato and pesto blend. Which was served upon the iconic Pizza Express dough that food lovers up and down the country certainly know as a Pizza Express distinct flavour.

Pizza Express, Formby: The Italian Riviera comes to Liverpool's Coast 2

Special delivery

So for his main course, my uncle had selected from the specials menu. The Etna Romana. A Pizza Express Classic adapted for their Winter menu.

This Pizza is not for the faint-hearted if you hadn’t guessed by its name. Topped with Pancetta, hot soft ‘nduja sausage, Roquito pepper, mozzarella, tomato and Gran Milano cheese. This pizza certainly packs a punch and my uncle, who’s a fan of spice certainly agreed. A large thin base. The Romana, which is one of my favourites, covered the large plate in front of him, as the heat intensified with each bite. It was, in his words, a great choice.

Pizza Express, Formby: The Italian Riviera comes to Liverpool's Coast 3

My auntie opted for the Barbacoa Romana Pizza. Another Winter special, her pizza was topped with smoky, spicy and full-flavoured. Pulled Barbacoa beef, spicy chipotle salsa, garlic oil, mozzarella and tomato with a fresh finish of tomato, red onion and coriander. A lover of pulled pork she thought that the topping was delicious. The pork melted in your mouth and although a sweeter taste it was extremely tasty.

Pizza perfect

They both commented that the bases were cooked to perfection in their brand new pizza oven (if you want the pizza oven base at home why not check out the Pizza Steel we reviewed recently). And their food was served piping hot.

With a generous helping of toppings, the pizzas at Pizza Express have always been a firm favourite. Offering gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options too. Alongside an extensive children’s menu, this really is a place for all the family and a great addition to Formby’s main drag.

My aunt & uncle finished their evening with an indulgent chocolate fondant with a generous dollop of ice cream and a Limoncello which was said to have been the most refreshing 230 calories that my uncle has had in a long time.

Pizza Express, Formby: The Italian Riviera comes to Liverpool's Coast 4

The staff were not only extremely attentive, for a newly opened restaurant their level of professionalism to ensure a smooth flowing meal was above all, exceptional. Personally, as a fan of Pizza Express I cannot wait to visit the new Formby location. As I know, it’ll be exceptional as are the other locations in there chain’s ever-growing empire.

Open all hours at Pizza Express?

The opening hours of the Formby location are 11:30-23:00 daily apart from Sunday where they close at 22:00. With outdoor dining just in time for sipping a glass of ice cold white wine.

Whilst grabbing a bite to eat over the warmer Summer months, this Pizza Express has not only a great location. But also some great features. Disabled friendly with access, ramps and a toilet. Also baby facilities the restaurant is extremely family friendly.

Finally, if you download the Pizza Express app to your smartphone. You’ll periodically be sent voucher codes including 2-4-1 offers, birthday surprises and even freebies. It’s worth downloading as invariably there are some savings to be made.

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Pizza Express, Formby: The Italian Riviera comes to Liverpool's Coast 4

Disclaimer: This meal was provided complimentary, all views are our own. Read more about disclosure here.

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