The trials and tribulations of living Gluten Free

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Last week after months of agony I was finally diagnosed with a gluten intolerance. To say it came as a surprise would be a lie. I along with my family had known this for months. However, it was confirmed by a medical professional after a blood test last week I required a gluten free diet.

You see I’m notorious in our family for being an awkward eater. However, I’m not really that awkward, let me explain. I’ve been a vegetarian ever since I can remember. I was 7 and I told my mum I no longer ate meat one day after gradually eating less and less. It wasn’t because of the treatment of animals, it was simply because I didn’t enjoy the taste.

Prawn Courgetti

I lived on a diet of pasta, pizza, Quorn, rice and other stodge until about 5 years ago. I decided to cut carbs to lose weight. This left me with a problem. I was limited in what I ate so I began to eat fish for the oily properties. Tuna slowly was followed by salmon, prawns, mussels, lobster, bass and my most favourite of all halibut. Now I’m a massive fish fan, I’d eat fish 8 days a week if I could!!!


I have tried to eat meat, one morning waking up hungover. I fancied a bacon buttie, after my first bite I headed straight up to the bathroom where it reappeared quicker than I ever imagined.

Now and again after a few drinks, I’m partial to a slice or two of pepperoni. Anyways enough about my lack of meat-eating.

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I’ve been avoiding carbs as a way to try and lose substantial weight for the Summer, and eating a Paleo diet (if you’re not 100% sure about what Paleo is I’ll be adding some Paleo blog posts very soon), however just before Christmas I completely cut carbs apart from complex carbs – I’ve been doing a lot of reading in regards to nutrition over the last few months so I’m quite clued up about the food groups.

One Saturday afternoon I sat down to have a cheese toastie after I had eaten I lay down on the sofa and noticed that my tummy had bloated, I was in agony. I knew it was the bread. Over the following weeks, I monitored my food and noticed that my stomach swelled every time I ate gluten. What was perhaps more bizarre was the morning after I had consumed gluten I woke up groggy, lethargic and more often than not with a headache.

Gluten Free Homemade Trout Fishcake & Salad

I had really been watching what I ate until about 2 weeks ago I fancied some toast. Within 10 minutes of eating it I had pains all down my back and one side, it was horrendous and frankly quite frightening so off to the doctors I went and it was confirmed.

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Although not a life-limiting or debilitating illness I now have to rethink my entire diet, where I go out for food and what else I must include to ensure I’m getting fibre and other important nutrients into my diet.

I’m considering trying to train myself to start eating meat (if I can) as often restaurants are limited with their pescatarian menu let alone their gluten-free menu. Although this Friday I’ll be blogging about my trip to the Buddha Lounge and eating from their Gluten-Free menu.


Smoked Salmon, Homemade Guacamole & Homemade Salsa

In the meanwhile, I’ve got a few of my favourite dishes to show you as I prepare to release my Gluten Free Diet Plan ebook very, very soon! Everything in it will be made from scratch and under 30 minutes. We’ve a rule in our house if it takes longer than half an hour we’re not having it.

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  1. I know the pains of gluten intolerance all too well! I have been eating gluten free for two years now as I have a really bad tolerance level to it and get horrendous sickness, bloating, migraines and just general pains. It is nice to find a fellow gluten-free blogger in the North East! There are quite a lot of places in Newcastle which do amazing gluten-free food, although I don’t know about paleo, I am afraid x

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