Everdine. Microwaving your way to clean eating.


You know what’s rubbish? Cooking for one. I am a massive fan of cooking and I love making clean meals from scratch, it’s kind of a therapy for me I guess? So it’s fine when I’m cooking for more than just myself. When it’s just me, well I simply just can’t be bothered to chop, sauté, cook and then wash. It’s too much hassle. I can’t eat gluten so those microwave lasagne and such are always out the window. So when Everdine asked me to give their clean, ready prepared meals a shot I was eager to see what they had in store.

Everdine is a relatively new company who create clean and wholesome menus on a no-contract subscription service to have fresh meals delivered straight to your door. With over 15 different meals to choose from, on an ever-changing menu, you are able to mix dining up. They even offer a vegetarian menu too.

I had selected 8 meals which are usually priced at £55.20 for the 8 (£6.90 per meal) which included a Pad Thai, Jerk Chicken and Beef Bourguignon to name a few. Fortunately, I’ve secured a discount code with Everdine to offer you £30 off your first box, so you get 8 meals for only £25.20 which works out at £3.15 per meal. Which you can’t argue at once you see them. Simply use the code LAURA44 to redeem here.

Upon ordering you’ll receive a referral code, so you can gift £30 off a box to friends and family, you’ll also get £30 in meal credit too when they order their first box too. Everyone’s a winner right?!

I’ll let you into a little secret, I even lost 5lbs whilst enjoying my first box! Crazy? Especially when I usually cook clean food too. Everdine must just have that weightless secret.

To the food though, let’s go.

Slow Cooked Beef and Beetroot Bourguignon

This was my most favourite meal choice in my initial box, the beef was so tender and the sauce was really flavoursome. Initially when I looked I didn’t think there was a lot of meat, however, I couldn’t finish the meal and the dog ended up with the remaining beef! The ingredients used are sustainably sourced and wholesome. Unlike supermarket cuts these prime cuts of meat are full of flavour and really filling.


Paneer and Sweet Potato Kofte Biryani

I love cheese in particular Paneer so was really looking forward to this Biryani. Unfortunately, it was extremely bland and required more flavour. It lacked in spice and I found it extremely disappointing. I think Paneer though, is really difficult to get perfect. It was a vegetarian meal, however, it’s not one of the choices I’d recommend.


Tandoori Salmon with Red Lentil Dahl

Although you can cook some of the meals in the oven, it’s much quicker to throw them in the microwave when it’s nearing dinner time. I wanted to see how their fish faired and Salmon is always a great test. I love seafood of all varieties and you’ll often see me devouring bowls of mussels or a lobster when I get the chance. The thing is with Salmon though, I don’t think it freezes or microwaves very well. You get a very fishy flavour. The fish was actually just how I imagined, although the piece was extremely filling though.

Being a lover of Dahl though the accompaniment was a winner. The flavours danced in my mouth and the addition of seeds on the side which come in their separate pots are a lovely addition to add more flavour. I would absolutely have the Red Lentil Dahl again and would just hold the Salmon.


Rainbow Vegetable Pad Thai

Pad Thai is one of my most favourite meals ever. This Pad Thai truly delivered. A great variety of different vegetables made it for interesting eating and the omelette was a delicious yet different addition in this vegetarian option. I always enjoy crushed nuts and again these came as a side serving. The sauce was slightly sweet, but the meal was exceptionally filling. The nutrient dense meal was undoubtedly one of my favourite meals in the initial box.


Jerk Chicken with Pineapple Salsa

I absolutely loved the sweet and savoury blend of this offering. Just for peace of mind, I HATE pineapple on Pizzas. On Jerk Chicken though, the flavours really worked. This Caribbean dish was absolutely brilliant. The sauce ran through the whole dish and the chicken was perfectly seasoned. With a mix of rice and vegetables, like all the Everdine meals it was perfectly balanced and I was left full and unable to finish my dish.


Coconut Katsu Chicken

If you’re a fan of Wagamamas you’ll know that the Katsu Curry is the ultimate choice there. When I saw the Katsu on the menu, I was really looking forward to this guilt-free adaptation from Everdine. The chicken was really filling, again you could tell good quality produce had been put into this dish. The sauce was perfect too to ensure that the chicken served with greens and mixed rice wasn’t too dry. I certainly would order this one again.


Cherry & Hoisin Duck with Wilted Greens

Duck is a funny one, as it’s not for everyone. This was an exceptionally large portion of duck and was very tasty. There was a nice mix of green veg and the noodles were really filling. The sauce again was the perfect blend and slightly sweet, yet complimented the dish perfectly.


BBQ Pulled Pork with Boston Beans

A very in vogue dish, this guilt-free Pulled Pork was exceptional. The Pork melted in your mouth and the sauce had just the right amount of spice and flavouring to it. A real cowboy’s feast this meal was served with sweetcorn which is one of my favourites (yet exceptionally messy to eat) vegetables. Accompanied by Boston Beans this meal really got me wishing that I was in the USA.


All in all the meals were exceptional quality and weren’t even recognisable as frozen microwave meals. As with all food flavour is subjective and what may not be to my taste may be to yours. I’d order 6 out of the 8 meals again. Although the menus change frequently, which is great so that you don’t get bored of eating the same dishes.

I highly recommend Everdine for people who are wanting to eat cleaner, don’t or can’t be bothered to cook and really enjoy good quality and wholesome food.

Everdine Offer

You can find Everdine here and don’t forget you can get your first 8 meals for £25.50 with the code LAURA44.

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