The Top 5 Fitness Trends You Need To Know

Just like everything else, the world of fitness has its trends and they’re changing year on year. New and innovative ways of improving the way that we work our bodies can help you get the most out of your exercise routine. If you aren’t up on the latest trends then you aren’t going to get the best results when you hit the gym. Anybody that’s out of the loop when it comes to fitness trends should check out this list.


This is a word that you’ll hear getting thrown around a lot this year. It sounds a bit like one of those wishy washy health terms but it does have real applications in the fitness world. Mindfulness means finding that link between the mind and the body and incorporating it into your fitness routine. One of the most common ways that people do this is by practicing yoga. Doing a yoga session before or after you work out helps you to get in touch with your mind and improves the quality of your workout, leaving you feeling healthier both physically and emotionally.


Dance Classes

The Zumba fitness workout made dance workouts very popular a few years ago and that momentum is still going. Doing the same workout in the gym every day can get a bit dull so people are turning towards things that are more interesting. Dance classes are a great way to get some intense aerobic exercise without feeling like you’re doing a heavy workout. It’ll also teach you some great new dance moves that you can use to impress.

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Swimming is one good way to work out in the water. It works all of your muscles at once and can really help you tone up, and it doesn’t feel too strenuous. But swimming isn’t the only way to use the water to get fit. Water aerobics and running in the water are very popular exercises at the moment. The extra resistance that you get in the water takes normal exercises like jogging to the next level. It’s also much easier on the joints because the water is taking most of the impact so if you’re getting older or you’re new to working out, it’s perfect for you.


Virtual Boxing

Boxing is one of last years biggest workout trends and for good reason. It gives you an intense cardio workout while building and toning all of your muscles at the same time. A quick half an hour session is better than most other workouts out there. This year, boxing is getting a digital makeover. There are lots of online digital boxing classes being released recently so you can follow a program online. It consists of shadowboxing routines that you can do anywhere that you have a bit of space.

High Energy Athletic Training


Training like an athlete was another big trend over the past few years and that has been developing this year. The basic idea behind high energy athletic training is that you do short intense bursts of exercise that all focus on different areas. By following these kinds of programs you can improve strength and stamina.

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