Where’s Good for Cocktails – The Mal Bar at The Malmaison in Newcastle

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Good morning campers.

I’m writing from the comfort of my bed this morning.

Last night (Thursday) I attended the Spring into Summer menu launch at Chez Mal at the Malmaison. Hosted by Hilary Florek PR the evening was amazing. Having been greeted by a photographer and a glass of GH Mumm. My guest for the evening, my gorgeous mum and I sipped our champagne as we spoke to the fantastic hostess. Charlotte from Northern Ireland. A beautiful girl she was welcoming and a real laugh.

Before heading into the Mal bar where the room was beautifully decorated with mirrors with pillar candles set upon them. An in vogue interior concept at the minute. There was a beautiful lady setting up to provide the evening’s entertainment. We didn’t catch her name but think of an edgier and more raw and relaxing Ellie Goulding.


Where’s Good for Cocktails – The Mal Bar at The Malmaison in Newcastle

As we finished off our champagne (it barely touched the sides) we headed over to the bar. This was where the new cocktails were being served. I opted for a Summer Fizz and for not being a gin drinker it seems to be this summer it’s all about the gin. Gin and Prosecco to be precise.


So Mum opted for the Old Fashioned Steamer. Which is served smoking in a chemistry bottle. If you’ve ever been to Beamish, you’ll know the smell I mean when I say simply, it smelt of Beamish. A smoked whiskey number she was knocking them back, and the mixologists were on fire!


We floated around and spoke to a few of the evening’s attendees, but somehow found ourselves in the centre table with manager Faye and the fabulous hostesses Kaia, Charlotte & Olivia. Who laughed and joked with us giving the evening a really relaxed feel.


Food glorious food

Firstly, the food was served and we started with a hearty fish selection. While, deliciously crispy and meaty tempura calamari and prawns were served with one of my personal favourites, Wasabi. Shelled pan roasted sea scallops on a bed of pea puree which was to die for was next up. While a classic prawn cocktail with a twist revived this retro classic for the Summer.


After we had enjoyed the fruits de mer on offer it was this newly found carnivore’s favourite platter. The most delicious medium/rare marbled and tender steaks caught my eye. Consequently a couple of strips headed onto my plate alongside the lobster risotto.

Heading back into the bar area I put my plate onto the central table. Was busy chatting away and noticed my Lobster risotto had disappeared.

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After looking at my mum, she laughed and told me that was the most delicious Lobster she’d had since our visit to Boston. Which I can’t argue – there’s nothing that can quite beat New England Lobster! I looked at her in disbelief and the table erupted in laughter.

Fortunately I managed to snaffle myself another lobster pot and so I can’t recommend it enough. The lobster meat cooked in a bisque and mascarpone with carnaroli rice comes highly recommended if you’re looking for a hearty yet Summer dish.


Malmaison for all

As a result, I skipped the Mal burger, due to my awful Gluten intolerance. However it was stacked high with bacon, Gruyere cheese and burger relish. It certainly looked spectacular.

Vegetarian? Then have no worries their brand new chickpea, lentil & bean burger on the menu comes on a roasted red pepper and spiced yoghurt. This Moroccan inspired skinny burger is ideal for those who are wanting to go easy on the carbs too.

Most noteworthy, the pièce de résistance of the evening. The brand new Summer Afternoon Tea was presented on an impressive giant afternoon tea stand and stacked high. Adorned with meringues with cream and strawberries, a delicious strawberry and banana milkshake, chocolate brownies and lots more sweet goodies.

Alongside this, wraps and mini Mal burgers to complete the Afternoon Tea tray. It certainly looked and tastes delicious. If you’re looking for somewhere for tasty wholesome food that appeals to all your senses, which has a spectacular view of the bridge, then I certainly would probably head along to Chez Mal this Summer!


Chef Pride

We chatted to the chefs who were extremely proud of their creations that were being showcased on the evening. Both the Italian-American and Scottish chefs were very informative and both were in love with their jobs. They enjoyed being front of house and seeing the bloggers and journalists enjoying their hard work. Although they both said that they were stepping out of their comfort zones.

The Mal really is a cosmopolitan hub of culture and with every member of staff we spoke to we felt that they truly felt part of The Malmaison family. Most of all, a testament to Rich on his great brasserie team!


When we were very tipsy we said a goodbye to our new found friends of the Mal family and headed home. A great night was had by all and we can’t wait to head back to The Malmaison, Newcastle to see the Summer menu in full force. A great #springintosummer.

WHERE? Chez Mal @ The Malmaison, Newcastle

WORE? Ralph Lauren Black Blazer, Tropical Orange Vest from River Island, Black Molly Jeans from River Island, Wedges by Tommy Hilfiger and Hermes Birkin

DRANK? GH Mumm, Summer Fizz, Mojitos and Strawberry Milkshakes

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  1. AH this looks like such a great night – I’m sorry to have missed the party! Love the look of the afternoon tea x