ThreeSixty° Coffee – Fair Trade and Organic Coffee from Peru, Cuba and Mexico

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ThreeSixty° Coffee - Fair Trade and Organic Coffee from Peru, Cuba and Mexico | Ground coffee barista style review | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world. Do you know what the number one traded commodity is?


A few more fun facts about coffee are;

Coffee was the first food product to be freeze dried.

It is also actually a fruit.

And the original definition of coffee means ‘wine’.

Now we’re a little more clued up on some pub quiz worthy coffee facts, we’ll begin.

Wake up and smell the coffee

There’s nothing that says Good Morning quite like a freshly brewed cup of coffee. With such a distinctive aroma, just the smell of coffee has been proven to help wake you up in the morning. As well as, on occasions, recommended to help sell houses.

Coffee is the drink of choice for many, especially on the morning commute to work and there has been an influx of different ways in which you can now get your coffee fix. From instant to drive-thru, iced, to freshly ground, there’s a coffee for everyone.

ThreeSixty° Coffee

However, in a lot of instances, these coffees can often lack flavour and quality for those of us with a discerning palette. We believe it’s time to take coffee back to its roots. Luckily so do ThreeSixty° Coffee – Coffee connoisseurs who have created an adventure of taste through their specially selected and curated coffee beans.

ThreeSixty° Coffee - Fair Trade and Organic Coffee from Peru, Cuba and Mexico 1

ThreeSixty° Coffee has created a range of premium single origin coffees which hail from Mexico, Peru and Cuba.

Arabica beans

What is really special about ThreeSixty° Coffee is that each of these three single origin coffees are picked, roasted and blended to showcase their arabica flavours and tastes. Most noteworthy, arabica beans produce coffee that is less acidic, higher in caffeine and slightly more bitter than the robusta bean. And around 60% of all coffee is from the Arabica bean which is grown at high altitudes, the beans are then drum roasted in the U.K. and hand packed to retain freshness.

Each one of the blends has been designed to take the drinker on a voyage of taste discovery. So brew your coffee. Sit back and enjoy. Brewing a cup of ThreeSixty˚ is more than just a cup of coffee. It’s a voyage and an experience for you to enjoy. That’s why I fully recommend that you check out the coordinates on each packet to discover the origins of what’s in your cup. Trace back the journey of the bean to the source and discover things about the region where the beans are picked to fully immerse yourself in your hot brew.

Voyage of Discovery


Hailing from the region of Terruno Nayarita, a strength of 3, are fabulous coffee beans for grinding, grown on the slopes of an active volcano. With a softer side, this enjoyable brew is very drinkable. There is something rather pleasurable and satisfying about consuming coffee where you have ground the beans and adapted the measure of brewed coffee to suit your own specific taste.

The Mexican coffee beans hail from three farming communities to the west of Tepic and Nayaritt. As the region is dominated by smallholders coffee profiles range from sweet citrus to smooth. The ThreeSixty˚ blend allows you to enjoy citrus notes of mandarin balanced with smooth milk chocolate for that superior explorative taste.

ThreeSixty° Coffee - Fair Trade and Organic Coffee from Peru, Cuba and Mexico 2

There’s an age-old question. How to make barista-style coffee at home?

To make a cup of Mexican you can use a Cafetière, V60 Pourover, Aeropress or Chemex. The method is pretty simple to create a barista style coffee every time. Just check out the easy to follow instructions below

CafetièreV60 PouroverAeropressChemex
To make: 3 cups you will need 1 cafetière, 45g coffee, 750ml fresh filtered water, a grinder, a paddle, scales.Makes 2 cups you will need A V60 Pourer, 30g coffee, 500ml fresh filtered water, a pouring kettle, a paddle, filter paper, a grinder, scales, a serving jug.To make 1 cup you will need 14g coffee, 220ml fresh filtered water, a pouring kettle, filter paper, a grinder, scales, a timer.Makes around 4 cups you will need A Chemex, 60g coffee, 1 litre of fresh filtered water, a pouring kettle, filter paper, a grinder, a paddle, scales.
1) Boil the kettle and add hot water to the cafetière. Tip: cold cafetière = cold coffee1) Boil the kettle1) Boil the kettle1) Boil the kettle and measure the coffee; grind to medium/fine
2) Measure out your Mexican coffee; grind to medium/coarse2) Measure the coffee; grind to medium/fine2) Measure coffee; grind finer than filter2) Place the filter paper in the Chemex with 3 folds facing the spout
3) Discard the hot water from the cafetière3) Place filter paper in the V60, set on top of a serving jug3) Place the filter in cap and soak with hot water3) Wet the filter paper with hot water and discard the extra water
4) Add in your now ground Mexican coffee and pour in 50ml of water4) Then wet the filter paper with hot water. Discard the extra water. Tip: This will also heat up your serving jug.4) Attach the cap to the bottom of the Aeropress and place on top of a coffee mug4) Pour coffee into the filter and shake to level the grounds
5) Agitate the coffee with the paddle. Let it stand for 30 seconds5) Pour ground coffee into the filter. Shake it to level.5) Add the coffee into the Aeropress chamber. Tip: Use funnel for easy pour5) Using the paddle, make a crater in the centre of the coffee
6) Pour in 700ml water and stir6) With the paddle, make a crater in the centre of the coffee6) Slowly pour in the hot water until the chamber is about 3/4 full6) Saturate the grounds with 100ml of water. Don’t pour down the filter edges
7) Place lid on. Leave for 4 minutes7) Saturate the grounds with 50ml of water. Don’t pour down filter edges7) Stir for 10 seconds, leave to brew for 30 seconds. Insert the plunger to stop the coffee dripping7) After the ‘bloom’ continue to slowly spiral pour in the remaining 900ml of water. Try and keep the water level consistent. You may have to pour multiple times
8) Remove grounds with 2 spoons (so coffee doesn’t taste bitter)8) After the ‘bloom’, continue to slowly spiral pour the remaining 450ml of water8) Plunge slowly. Serve & enjoy!8) Allow the coffee to finish brewing for 1-2 minutes. Discard the filter. Serve & enjoy!
9) Replace lid, plunge slowly. Serve & enjoy!9) Let coffee finish brewing for further 1-2 minutes. Discard filter. Serve & enjoy!  

Cuba Cumanayagua 

has a strength of 4 and is also packed with coffee beans for your own personal grinding. With a slight nut taste combined with a cinder toffee and caramelised brown sugar sweetness, this blend is silky smooth and flavoursome, certainly a great coffee to start the day with.

ThreeSixty° Coffee - Fair Trade and Organic Coffee from Peru, Cuba and Mexico 3

Finally, the Peru Lima Province. This organic and fairtrade coffee also has a strength of 4 and is freshly ground unlike the other two, meaning you don’t grind your own beans. This, therefore, makes it perfect just to pop in a cafetière any time you fancy a finer tasting coffee fix. With a slightly nutty aftertaste and delicious notes of cocoa and hazelnut – this smooth blend has a lovely fulfilling honey and passion fruit sweetness. A fuller bodied coffee with a wonderful aroma.

ThreeSixty° Coffee - Fair Trade and Organic Coffee from Peru, Cuba and Mexico 4

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Luxurious ground coffee

There is something luxurious and sophisticated about freshly ground coffee. Taking just a little bit of extra care and time to brew a finer cup of coffee has to be one of those relaxing pleasures in life that everyone should enjoy. As they say ‘Wake up and smell the coffee’.

ThreeSixty° Coffee - Fair Trade and Organic Coffee from Peru, Cuba and Mexico 5

From the initial opening of the package to the final sip, this coffee brand represents a sensationally flavoursome taste experience and comes highly recommended.

ThreeSixty° Coffee is available at both Waitrose and Ocado.

ThreeSixty° Coffee - Fair Trade and Organic Coffee from Peru, Cuba and Mexico 6

Paid for in collaboration with ThreeSixty° Coffee. All views are our own. Read more about disclosure here.

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