The #1 Best Luxury Candle Recommendations – Penhaligon Summer Tea Candle Collection

Penhaligon’s is an exclusive luxury brand that has been crafting fragrances and candles since 1870. Originally founded by William Penhaligon, a barber and perfumer, the brand quickly gained a reputation for its high-quality fragrances and unique packaging. Today, Penhaligon’s is still known for its elegant and sophisticated scents, which are created using only the finest ingredients.

One of the reasons why Penhaligon’s is such an exclusive brand is its commitment to quality. Each candle is carefully crafted to ensure that it burns evenly and emits a beautiful fragrance that fills the room. The candles are made using a blend of natural waxes, which gives them a long burning time and a clean, even burn.

Sophisticated Scents

In addition to their quality, Penhaligon’s candles are also known for their sophisticated scents. From the rich, woody scent of “Oud de Nil” to the sweet and floral fragrance of “Peoneve,” there is a scent for every mood and occasion. The scents are designed to be unobtrusive yet distinctive, filling the room with a beautiful fragrance that lingers long after the candle has burned out.

But Penhaligon’s is more than just a luxury candle brand. The company also offers a range of fragrances for both men and women, as well as bath and body products, home fragrances, and grooming products. Each product is designed to be both functional and luxurious, with a focus on quality and attention to detail.

One of the things that sets Penhaligon’s apart from other luxury brands is its commitment to tradition. The brand’s heritage is reflected in its packaging, which is inspired by the Victorian era and features intricate designs and beautiful illustrations. This attention to detail is also evident in the fragrances and candles themselves, which are created using traditional techniques and the finest ingredients.

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The #1 Best Luxury Candle Recommendations – Penhaligon Summer Tea Candle Collection

There’s something about the anticipation of opening a beautifully wrapped, perfectly packaged delivery.  Revealing a toile red & cream patterned box, I lifted the lid the scent of the Assam Tea candle danced around my nose, the green herbs and underlying rose notes were reminiscent of a Summer’s afternoon in the garden.

Looking down I was greeted by a large three-wick candle perfectly formed inside a large opalescent glass Penhaligon’s branded jar.

This new decadent collection is based upon Britain’s most popular teas, Earl Grey, Lady Grey and this beautiful Assam. If you’ve never had Assam before it’s distinctive, with flecked brown and gold leaves and has a robust flavour which has a malt pungency.

With a delicate, yet mature scent, I took out my black matches and lit each of the wicks. The scent floated delicately around the whole house in just a matter of minutes and even once blown out the tea scent was prevalent even the next day.

Summer Scent with Penhaligon’s

A perfect addition to any room this striking yet stunning three wicked candle is the perfect Summer scent. It’s ideal for lighting at dinner parties, whilst having a hot bubble bath or a relaxing evening in.

After I had gotten over the excitement of the first larger candle. I spotted from the corner of my eye another gorgeously presented shorter round box with a beautiful bow. As I pulled the strings and removed the lid, three smaller tea lights in the same opalescent Penhaligon’s branded jars met my eye I couldn’t contain my excitement.

The three candles are miniatures of the larger candles and inside the collection is one Assam, one Lady Grey & one Earl Grey. Perfect for a little variety. I don’t know about you but I looked at the bookshelf in the dining area of my home. I decided that my whole space was to be rearranged to provide a gorgeous display of these beautifully scented candles.

Penhaligon’s are in my top three favourite candle brands for a number of reasons;

  • They have an extremely long burning time (the larger one has over 100 hours of life the smaller 20 hours).
  • The candles burn evenly throughout which is one of the most notable things about selecting a great quality candle.
  • The Penhaligon’s range have sophisticated yet unobtrusive scents which really will leave you wanting more, in fact, needing the whole collection!

In conclusion, Penhaligon’s is an exclusive luxury brand that offers some of the most sophisticated and high-quality candles on the market. From their long burning time to their beautiful scents, Penhaligon’s candles are a must-have for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life. And with their commitment to tradition and attention to detail, you can be confident that you’re investing in a product that will stand the test of time. So next time you’re in the market for a luxury candle, consider Penhaligon’s – you won’t be disappointed.

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