Sara Miller Designer Candles With A Celebrity Following.

I adore candles. You already know this with my obsession with Scent From the candle subscription service. So you’ll know that when you team a candle with an impeccable design for your interiors magical things happen.

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Let me introduce you to Sara Miller London.

The coveted winner of the prestigious Henrie award the British designer who draws inspiration from her travel and love of different cultures. Named ‘Most Promising Young Designer’ in 2016.

Through her travels, she explores cultures in a way like no other. From intricate henna work inspired by her trip to Jaipur and the gorgeous cherry blossom from her exploration of Japan.

You can just tell that every single aspect of her design and production has been carefully considered. Producing her designs in her London studio Sara creates beautiful, sophisticated and elegant designs. With a creative flair, her range of stationery, cards, accessories and mugs are real stand-alone pieces.

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Home fragrance collection by Sara Miller

With the addition of her new home fragrance collection, she really has created something worth talking about. From everything from packaging and print to the quality of materials and of course the signature fragrances. With the first collection containing 8 fragrances. Each fragrance coming in a candle and diffuser option, there’s something for all the senses.

Sara Miller Designer Candles With A Celebrity Following. 2

Arriving in a gorgeous co-ordinate patterned box that you’ll want to keep and use it as an interior feature in your home. Was the Jasmine, Lemongrass and Ginger candle and diffuser.

Opening the box to the opulent floral pattern again printed on both the candle and diffuser box. You can see how Sara Miller London is a favourite in John Lewis & Peter Jones department stores. Liz Hurley, pictured with the tableware range is a fan too of this up and coming designer. Ultimately, once you discover these fabulous prints you will be too.

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Burn baby burn

These candles smell absolutely divine and with a thick wick and soya wax. Which, has a burn time of approximately 60 hours. They are going to be on your home interior wish list. Encased in a grey and gold glass holder Sara Miller gets it just right for all home decors.

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The reed diffuser (they’re huge at the minute right?) comes with the same grey glass holder and gold branded printing on. With black reeds to diffuse this enchanting scent around your home the level of luxury and sophistication is like no other.

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View the whole collection and choose your favourite scent now

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Disclaimer: Candle and diffuser provided complimentarily, all views are our own. Read more about disclosure here.