How Do You Perform A Garage Door Safety Check? Know The Steps!

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It would help if you learned to take care of your residential garage door to maintain its optimal functioning. A malfunction prevents you from taking your car from the garage whenever possible. With the help of professional companies, you must schedule a routine maintenance check twice a year to prevent any mishaps.

5 Reasons Why Luxury Modular Homes Deserve Your Attention | Home Interior Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Inspect the operation of the garage door twice a year

Professionals from esteemed companies like Titan Garage Doors recommend you inspect garage doors twice a year. You must check its noise to see if it is louder than its familiar sound if it functions smoothly or with a jerk, and if the garage door parts are in alignment. At the same time, you also must inspect the tools you use for the garage door, like safety glasses, brake cleaners, and more. These are just some of the little things you must check when you carry out a garage door inspection.

Preventive maintenance: what should you do?

It will help if you unplug the garage door opener while doing preventive maintenance work. If you work with the garage door up, ensure you place a clamp on its roller track to stop the door from slipping.

Perform the safety test on your garage door—when should you call your technician?

You should perform the safety test on the garage door systems and contact professional companies for repairs. Always rely on experienced and credible service professionals with proven track records in the region. Research well and choose a company whose quality of services you can trust. 

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Balance of your garage door 

To check the balance of the garage door, you should disconnect the door from the door opener so you can manually operate it. It would help if you lifted the garage door to cover half of the passage and later released it. The door should stay in place. If the door slips down, it is not in balance, and you need to call a technician.

Examine the door’s mechanical reverse option

Here, it would help if you placed a brick or a piece of wood on the garage floor in the door’s path. Activate your door to shut, and it must reverse direction when it comes into contact with the wood or brick. If this does not occur, it is time to call your technician.

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Check the photocells on the door

Find the two photocells located at the base of your garage door. Check their alignment. When both of them are correctly aligned, they light up. If they need adjustments, do the needful and recheck the lights.

When you have done this, activate your door, and while it is closing, wave any object across the path of these sensors. Your entry should immediately reverse; test this at three different angles. If the door does not change, it is time for you to seek professional help.

Check the hardware of your garage door, like its hinges, tracks, etc. If you notice a problem, don’t try to fix it yourself. Call a professional for an inspection, and immediately repair the garage door to resolve the issue.

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