Are Fiberglass or Vinyl Windows better for my home?

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Replace windows to improve your house’s exteriors. While it’s a good thought, window choices can confuse your mind. If that’s the case, you can reduce stress by focusing on two main types – fiberglass and vinyl. Vinyl is a PVC or plastic base, while the other contains melted glass fibers.

People struggle to decide between them because they both look excellent and stand out for their durability, water resistance, strength, and easy maintenance. Plus, they are better than wood any day. So, how do you select one over the other? Let’s understand each of them better first.

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Are Fiberglass or Vinyl Windows better for my home?

Fiberglass windows

The fiberglass can have a thinner appearance and more decorative details. You can enjoy these windows more if you love sunlight flooding your surfaces. While you get many color choices in both window materials, fiberglass allows you to paint the exterior. If you like a textured finish, you can achieve this too. When it comes to life expectancy, this material can last for 50 years or more. You get rid of cracking and warping issues during weather changes. With vinyl, the window seal remains at risk during extreme conditions. Consequently, you deal with insulation-related problems. 

If you are unaware, fiberglass windows came into the market in the 1920s for their ability to provide better insulation and temperature control than others. Some believe these provide 15% more energy efficiency. At the same time, you can enjoy good noise insulation with these windows, which can look attractive if you live in a noisy neighborhood or near a highway. You can talk to Lifetime Exteriors offering window replacement services, for more details, though.

Luxury Real Estate | 5 Reasons Why Luxury Modular Homes Deserve Your Attention | Home Interior Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Vinyl windows

If you have a limited budget, it can be the best option compared to fiberglass and wood. Depending on location and window size, you may pay 10-30% less for this material. For a DIYer, this can be an attractive choice for one more reason. They can use their hammer, knife, and tape measure to install the window. It can help them save 100-200 US dollars extra.

The flexibility of the vinyl makes the installation job easy. Plus, you can afford to make a little measurement error here. With fiberglass, you have to be precise. 

The time to decide

After considering all this, you may wonder about the maintenance. For information, both these materials require little intervention. You can remove debris from them with a sponge, brush, and warm water. However, if you install painted fiberglass, you may have to repaint your windows to cover peeling and fading issues. Likewise, extreme temperatures can affect the seal of your vinyl windows. So, you may have to insulate them with fresh caulking. 

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You may like both these choices but still need help deciding between them. You can talk to your contractor and get their opinion. They can advise better based on your specific requirements. However, one thing is clear – vinyl is best for a low budget, and fiberglass is apt for its special decorative touch. As for maintenance, you already know these are not much demanding. Once you install them, you can carry on with your routine.

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