Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Tips on how to keep your home cool during a heat wave | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

So as you know, the summer is just around the corner, and that means that things are going to start heating up pretty quickly. While this is a good thing because it means basking in the sun enjoying getting a well-earned tan, sipping a cocktail as you reflect on how wonderful the world is – sometimes it can get a little too much when it comes to your home. The last thing you want is to feel overwhelmed by the hot air that consumes you.

It’s exhausting and you’ll overheat and won’t be able to get a good night’s sleep because you’ll be too hot and sweaty. So it’s important that you think about simple techniques to cool your space down so you can relax and feel comfortable in your environment.

Here’s what you need to do.

Forget about cooking indoors

Now of course, when the weather is on your side, what better way to take advantage of it than throwing a barbecue? It’s a lovely time to share some moments with your favourite people while eating good food. But this isn’t just an excuse for a social gathering – it can refrain from keeping your home warm, because you aren’t having to use an oven or cooker.

These appliances let off heat which only adds more fire to the mix, so you should try and avoid cooking this way as much as you can. Instead, opt for fresh salads and some perfectly cooked meat on the grill in your garden. It’s also a healthier way of preparing meals too as it uses a lot less fat.

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Keep your home cool – give yourself shaded areas

One way to block out the sun is to provide your windows with what is necessary. You can find stunning cheap Venetian blinds that not only look light and airy but allow you to create the shade that you need if your rooms begin to overheat due to the sunshine. There are plenty of different colours that you can buy these in, so you can really spruce up a room and give it the vibe you wish while saving you from the hot weather. You have complete control over how much light you let in, so you can change it up throughout the day depending on your mood.

Open windows through and through

A lot of people will instinctively open a window in the room when they get too hot because they believe it will air the space out, but if the temperature is really high, this will only work if you have multiple areas open. Ideally, you want to have the window of one side of the room open, and one on the other side so that you create a circulation of airflow that moves around in a cycle.

This is what will give you the fan like sensation – the cool breeze. If you aren’t able to do this, it may just make the place feel even hotter because the sun is able to project into your home even easier now.

Tips on how to keep your home cool during a heat wave | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Do you have any other tips for keeping your home cool? Drop them below.

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