Decorate Your Flat at the Best: Tips to keep up with Tendency

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How to choose the best parquet flooring for your home | Home Interiors | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Today, there are a large number of trends in different areas – from clothing to buying real estate. Fashion changes annually, every season, or even month, setting new trends. But, some things have been out of time for many years and remain popular.

When it comes to our home, we always arrange it as well as possible so that the surrounding space makes us happy when we come home. However, now, when people spend a lot of time at home, they often need to change house furnishings. Therefore, starting a renovation or changing old things for new ones, they pay special attention to what is fashionable now.

City Centre Apartment Privacy | Home Interiors | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Decorate & use neutral colours

The green trend never fades. People are inspired by nature and all of its manifestations, therefore natural neutral colours are the main shades today. In 2021, beige, grey, brown, and sand colours are the base. To add an accent, it’s better to choose from natural earthy shades, for example, terracotta or dark green.

So, we can say figuratively: today is the time when the interior is like a second skin. It should wrap you up gently and soothe you. Our home space is our refuge – it protects us from external irritants, which means it should have the maximum return of positive, peace, and tranquillity.

So, 2021 trends state that the house shouldn’t have provocative, variegated, and unnatural colours, or their concentration should be minimized.

How to dress antique and vintage seating in a modern home | Styling modern and vintage furniture tips | Home Interior | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Give preference to naturalness

Today, we again strive for biomaterials. Nowadays, when choosing furniture, surfaces, and home equipment, you should give preference to natural materials. The more a thing looks intact, the more impressive it is. The best practice is to use aerated concrete, rough wood surfaces, cold metal, or rough raw stone. Smooth ideal forms already seem boring on their background.

Naturalness applies not only to the interior but textile. Thus, if you want to add something fresh and authentic to your room design, use wool, cotton, or linen sofa covers or pillows in soothing colours. And if you still want to add something unusual, but at the same time restrained, you can choose some ideas on this page.

Dilute the interior with plants

The impact of self-isolation has led people to start spending more time at home and less outside. It led to the emergence of a trend for furnishing your home with wicker furniture, bamboo, and reeds elements. But the most important thing is living plant presence in the house.

Trend on plants will never become outdated. Nowadays, absolutely in all apartments, private houses and in city premises there is at least one pot with a perennial flower or a small tree. But that is not all. Various stabilized moss phytowalls are now very popular with interior designers.

But if you don’t like flowers, wallpaper, textiles with various botanical prints are now in trend. Also, the tendency towards compositions of dry flowers does not become outdated.

City Centre Apartment Privacy | Home Interiors | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Use a handmade equipment

Striving to feel all about vibe, people around the world equip their homes with various things that bring them mental peace and pleasure. There are can be various decor elements like lamps, vases, beautiful kitchen curtains or bedroom curtains, wall clocks, paintings, clothes hangers of peculiar shape, and other things from online stores.

But what is really always highly appreciated is the hand-made things that inspire a lot of designers of clothing, footwear, tableware, furniture, interior, etc.

Why has the handmade trend strengthened so much in 2021? People began to pay more attention to local brands, look more towards handicrafts and be interested in the history of many things. Thus, we can even say that we have entered the era of conscious consumption. And here, of course, special attention is paid to items that are created from recycled materials.

Include round-shape furniture

The trend for streamlined shapes also began to gain momentum and, most likely, won’t be lost from sight in the next year. So, now, it’s very stylish that the shape of the sofa is like a crescent moon, arched openings, as well as tables, chairs, and armchairs are rounded.

Also, the trend towards this shape isn’t limited to furniture. You can also furnish your apartment with round flower pots, different decorative elements on the shelf, for example, a plate or a photo frame. It can be even a designer pillow thrown on a chair or a large stuffed toy shaped like a soccer ball.

Try a high tech

If you are a person who is used to innovative solutions, this style will suit you. High tech is about style and modernity. It’s characterized by a lot of light and free space, detail simplicity, bright colour absences, and provocative decorative elements.

Equip your home with the most functional appliances, use materials such as glass, metal, or plastic for decoration, add more reflective surfaces. It’s also now very fashionable to fit out rooms with multi-level lighting, as well as futuristic-shape lamps.

Don’t forget about the furniture. It should be transformable to give more free space. If you don’t like it when everything is in the same square, you can make a partition. Now the fashion is spreading for glass doors and partitions.

How to choose the best parquet flooring for your home | Home Interiors | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Multi-colored design on trend

Fashion trends in the interior also call for experimenting with colours. It doesn’t mean that your room should look like a rainbow. It’s enough to have a few colour details in the interior: curtains, a rug with geometric patterns, upholstery of upholstered furniture, or a few soft decorative pillows. These are all you need to make your room look cozy and stylish.

Popular colours for such a design solution today are blue, grey-blue, blue, turquoise, aquamarine, natural green, and mint.

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