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Interesting Add-Ons That Can Make Your Conservatory Look and Feel A Lot Better | Home Interiors | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

6 Interesting Add-Ons That Can Make Your Conservatory Look and Feel A Lot Better

When it comes to homes, the designs are as different as the people themselves. Some people want a home bar whereas some people want a conservatory.

A conservatory is a room in your home with glass roofing or walls that allow plenty of light. The room can be used as a greenhouse or simply to enjoy the sun. It offers a safe, light-filled connection to the outside world. 

Interesting Add-Ons That Can Make Your Conservatory Look and Feel A Lot Better | Home Interiors | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

A conservatory can be a fantastic way to add space and value to a home. Building a conservatory is a daunting challenge and the same goes for decorating it.

There are many design ideas and add-ons that can make your conservatory look and feel much better including:

Exotic Plants

If your conservatory includes plants, one way to make it even better is to make it exotic. You can do so by adding some exotic plants to the room.

There are essentially two types of plants that you can put in your conservatory. They are indigenous and exotic plants.


Exotic conservatory plants can add new life to the room and bring a different element of plant life. They can brighten up dark parts of the conservatory so feel free to use plants that can climb all the way to the roof.

If your conservatory has a classic look, the exotic plants can give it a more tropical appearance. It will probably make your conservatory more interesting.


Furniture is an integral part of every room in your house including the conservatory. If you want to put some furniture in the room, it can be an add-on to bring about significant change.

Choosing furniture for a conservatory is quite difficult because it is unlike any other room in the house. The key is to include furniture that matches the décor.

An example of furniture you can include in the conservatory is pod chairs. Any other furniture that can give the conservatory the look you want will also work just fine.


A conservatory is a room in which the sun is meant to shine as brightly as the outside. However, some people need less sunshine than others and a great way to regulate the light entering the room is to use blinds.

There are many types of blinds such as shutters, electric blinds, and lantern blinds among others. You can find more here about different types of blinds available. You should choose blinds that suit your specific conservatory.

You may decide to choose the same type of blinds for the roof and sides or mix it up with different types. The good news is that you have so many options that you are assured of a choice.

Wooden Flooring

Wooden floors have long been associated with luxury and status. You can add wooden floors to your conservatory if you want to create the same effect to the room.

Wooden flooring will give the conservatory a chic and vintage appearance. It is especially so if you have a pool outside or you live by the beach. You can hence convert the room into a pop-up pool house during the hot days.


You should get the furniture to match the wooden flooring such as patio chairs that won’t get wet after a pool session. You can also paint or replace the walls to match the wooden flooring


As soon as the sun sets, your conservatory will look very different. It is especially so during the seasons when there is not much sunlight coming through the roof.

An add-on that can make your conservatory look fantastic especially at night would be modern lighting. You cannot depend on a single source of lighting so you can add various types of modern lights to the room such as lamps, spotlights, and colored lights.

LED lights are particularly suitable for a conservatory as far as modern lighting options are concerned. They will brightly light up the room and will not negatively affect the plants you have in the conservatory.


You can change the doors of the conservatory if you want to create a different appearance. They are especially good add-ons if you are trying to modernize the space.

Full-length glass doors that allow in light are the best option for a conservatory. They can make an incredible difference to the feel of the room too.

Interesting Add-Ons That Can Make Your Conservatory Look and Feel A Lot Better | Home Interiors | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Sliding and folding doors are great examples of doors for a conservatory. You might also have to match the door color to the rest of the house for consistency.

A conservatory is a room that not many houses have. However, if you have one, the additions outlined above can make a significant difference to the appearance and feel of the conservatory. The key is to evaluate your conservatory and find out what works for it.

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