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Cleaners in Newcastle: Let take the hassle out of that

There is nothing that I dislike more in life than ironing. I actually can’t begin to tell you how much I despise ironing, probably because I put more creases in than I take out when I attempt to iron.  Then let’s move on to hoovering, I mean that is bearable at a push but dusting, well let’s not go there at all, it always ends up with sneezing and streaks across all glass furniture, that’s why when I discovered ha just launched in Newcastle I was in my element.

True to its name takes the hassle out of finding the perfect local and trusted cleaning services that you require. has already verified and checked the quality of the cleaners it lists through interviewing them for suitability and only then are they approved if the team would let them clean their home.

They’re then checked by a third-party service called Onfido which ensures that the quality of the cleaners will never be faulted. That’s good for those of us who haven’t the time o do a full CRB check and quality control of our new cleaners.

What’s also great is now gone are the days where you have to have cash on hand on for your cleaner’s departure, again takes the hassle out of employing a cleaner by managing all of the payments online.  

How to Clean Really Dirty Laminate Floors | Home Interior Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Payment for the services used are made online via credit or debit card, so you simply attach your card to your account and then take the payment automatically each time you use the service so that you don’t have to even have to remember about paying online either, another hassle taken care of. isn’t an agency, no, in fact, think about them as the referrer to your new cleaner, you build the relationship with your cleaner they just do all the bits we want to avoid, the booking and the admin sides. They don’t employ these cleaners, they simply match you with your best fit cleaner and take care of the rest.


The site is super simple to find and book your new cleaner through. For as little as £10 per hour for use of the cleaning services tailored to what I required I was able to input my postcode, click how often I required a clean and when I wished to have the cleaner’s first visit.  

Then came the best part, there was a section to tick if I wanted my ironing done too followed by a section that asked if our new cleaner was required to bring their own cleaning materials (of course these extras did change the price as there is a charge for adding more services). There was then an option to select the length of time that I’d require the cleaners to stay and if I had any pets, which is a big one with us having a little dog.

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Many cleaners are funny about cleaning homes with pets or they slap a higher rate on too so this was a great attribute.  Once I had submitted this easy to complete the form I then clicked next. Within seconds the following page then showed me a selection of 6 cleaners with ratings and headshots who they thought would be suitable for the cleaning job, specific to my requirements.

This cleaning service is extremely easy to use, takes all the hassle out of having to find a list of reputable cleaners and phone them all to see who is available for your allocated time.  It also gives you a set price that you’ll pay for the service so takes out the negotiations too (it’s amazing how many people hate to barter).  

Checked cleaners

Another benefactor off using’s services is that they have already vetted cleaners initially to ensure that they can not only carry out the cleaning to the highest standard but that they are trustworthy in your home. There’s a star ranking system and verified customers who have previously used the cleaner’s service can write reviews to help others to choose the most suitable cleaner for the job.  This website comes highly recommended if you’re looking for a cleaner or looking to change your cleaner.Cleaners in Newcastle: Let take the hassle out of that 1

Check our today and see what they can do for you. are available in many major cities and towns and have just launched their services in Newcastle!

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