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6 Handy Tips To Help You Prepare Your Home For The Winter Months

During the summer months, it’s wise to take some time and invest some money to prepare your home for the coming winter months. This can avoid the need for emergency works in the colder weather.

Recent winters have been colder than previous years, with heavier snowfall and ice, depending on where you are in the world. It’s essential to be organised and prepare our homes for a drop to colder temperatures. Put in place these handy tips to keep your home happy and working throughout the cold and wet winter weather.

Top up your oil supplies

If you live in a more rural area where you rely on oil to keep your house warm, you’ll want to keep your supply well-stocked, just in case you get snowed in. To save on cost, avoid buying oil in the colder months as an increase in demand can sometimes push up prices.

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Find a time in the warmer months to stock up to avoid your supply from dwindling in the winter months. There are plenty of companies out there, such as emo.ie, who offer premium home heating oil delivery. Remember you can store oil for up to two years so it’s worth stocking up while you can.

Clear out your gutters and downpipes

Over the autumn months, leaves, moss and other natural waste can build up in your drainage systems. If not dealt with, the debris can cause blockages and lead to flooding in bad weather. It’s also worth checking pipes and gutters for any damage or cracks, thus getting repairs done before winter arrives.

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Boiler services

It’s an obvious one and incredibly important but often disregarded. Many people forget to regularly service their boiler and just wait for it to break down (usually on the coldest day of the year)! Ideally, your boiler should be serviced annually to keep it safe, efficient and most importantly to prevent it from breaking when it’s needed the most. 

Lag your pipes

Remembering to lag your pipes (particularly plastic pipes) will help to reduce heat loss over the winter, protecting your system from damage. Installing foam insulating tubing over the pipes will help prevent pipes from getting too cold and bursting.

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Replace damaged or slipped roof tiles

Over the warmer months, take note of any roof repairs which need seeing to before winter arrives. Repairing any roof tiles will help to prevent leaks and therefore damage to the internal structure of your property.

Slipped tiles can easily be replaced and refixed. In some, more complex cases, the lower layers may need to be stripped and replaced. It’s worth investing in the repairs to prevent further and more costly damage.

Insulate your loft space

Investing in modern and high-performing loft insulation will help make your home more efficient, sustainable and keep your home warmer for less money during the cold winter months.

6 Handy Tips To Help You Prepare Your Home For The Winter Months 1

If you haven’t already insulated your loft space, or you have outdated and poor performing insulation, repairing and installing modern insulation will be extremely worthwhile when winter arrives, as well as making your home more environmentally friendly.

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