How To Get A Better Night Sleep & Feel Great

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Macbook on bed | 6 Ways How You Can Get Rid Of Acid Reflux Quickly | Fast Health Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Newborns need around 14-17 hours of sleep a day. Imagine if we kept that up? Sounds like heaven, but how would we ever get anything done!

As we get older, thankfully we don’t need so much. By the time we reach adulthood our recommended allowance goes down to between seven to nine hours. And when we hit 65+ we lose an hour, only needing seven to eight hours.

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On the night’s we feel like we have had a restless or broken sleep, or even insomnia we can often feel tired, irritable and grumpy. We don’t function well; our eyelids feel droopy and after a while, it shows on our skin and in our health and wellbeing.

Why is sleep important for our bodies and how can we get a better night’s rest. Let’s take a look below at some of the ways that getting better zzz’s might help you feel less zapped.

Why Do We Need To Sleep?

When we’ve had a super busy day at work, are feeling stressed, have exercised too much, feel unwell, or have looked after the kids all day, we all crave a good night’s rest. But why? Our natural sleep/wake cycle is called our circadian rhythm.

This is controlled internally by light and dark, which is why we get more tired come night time. Your circadian rhythm is why TV, smartphones, and right lights can also affect your nightly routine if you use them too close to bedtime.

We need to give our body a rest. When we sleep our brain also sorts out our memories and get organised. While there has been extensive research into this area, it is so complex; even scientists still aren’t sure how it works.

But the results of lack of sleep tell us first hand that we definitely need it. What we do know is that it enables our cognitive abilities to restore themselves for the next day. A good night’s rest also reduces our blood pressure and stress levels.

Sleep Macbook on bed | 6 Ways How You Can Get Rid Of Acid Reflux Quickly | Fast Health Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

When we are sick, it also helps to renew our cells and recover from illness. We only need to look at those that are sleep deprived to see the effects of this.

If you experience insomnia, broken or restless sleep your energy the next day is depleted. Your eyes start drooping, and you feel like dropping off. So, how do you guarantee a good night’s sleep?

How To Get A Better Night’s Sleep

Insomnia, sleep apnea, snoring, newborn babies, stress at work, money problems… so many things stop us having a good night’s rest. So how can we take steps to get a better night’s rest? Firstly, make sure your bedroom is cool and airy.

Keep the window open during the day. Make sure you invest in a mattress that is supremely comfortable and conducive to rest.

Take a look at John Ryan by Design’s memory foam mattress guide to help you on your way to choosing a high-quality mattress.  Creating a tranquil bedroom environment is a key aspect of getting a good night’s sleep. Don’t eat late at night and cut out caffeine and sugar after 6 pm.

Hard and fast rules also include not having a television in your bedroom and not using your phone or laptop when you go to bed. It may be hard but try and break the habit. Do you really need to check your phone at all hours of the day?

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Research suggests that to get into a healthy sleeping pattern try and go to bed and wake at the same time each day. Stimulate yourself in the day with natural daylight, eat healthily and avoid alcohol as much as possible.

If you still struggle, try and exercise three hours before bedtime to help bring on rest. If you are interested in herbal remedies, the aroma of lavender can ease anxiety and insomnia. There are many different types of herbal remedies on the market that you can try, we’ve found a perfect review of the most popular brands can help in the decision making process.

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You can get bottles to spray on your pillow to try and ignite a better night’s sleep. Tart cherry juice, chamomile, and magnesium have also been said to help people nod off. The last big one is worrying about the day that has passed and the day that is ahead.

It’s no easy feat, but try and remember that there is nothing you can do about the day that has gone, and the day ahead doesn’t even exist yet. The best thing you can do for your body is getting a good night’s sleep and working through any problems in the morning.

If you want a healthier, happier body, those zzz’s are really important. So don’t sacrifice them for things that haven’t even happened.

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