How to Style Your Hair with a Blow Dryer?

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Styling your hair with a blow dryer is easy once you know the tricks. Read through this article to find out quick ways to style some of your favorite hairstyles. You’ll find our styling guide for bobs and pixie cuts direct and easy to follow.

Let’s get started, shall we?

How to Style Your Hair with a Blow Dryer?

What Do You Need to Style Your Hair with a Blow Dryer?

There are basic tools and products you need when working with a blow dryer.

  • Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner
  • Heat protectant
  • Round brush
  • Clips to hold the hair in place
  • Blow dryer with concentrator or nozzle attachment
  • Hair spray or mousse

Basic Steps to Styling Your Hair With a Blow Dryer

Regardless of the style you want to achieve, you must start with these steps below.

1.    Wash and Condition Your Hair

As with any style, you should start with clean hair. Try out a hydrating conditioner; it will cleanse and simultaneously hydrate your hair. Look out for sulfate-free products that don’t strip your hair of much-needed moisture.

Dry your hair gently with a cotton towel till it is no more dripping.

2.    Apply a Heat Protectant

Next, apply a heat protectant to your strands. This step ensures that your hair suffers as little damage as possible. Some heat protectants come infused with nutrients that help nourish your hair; try them out.

3.    Section and Detangle Your Hair

To make detangling and blow-drying easier, divide your hair into smaller sections. Hold each section in place with hair pins or clips. 

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How to Style Your Hair in a Pixie Cut with a Blow Dryer

Follow the basic guide before continuing with the steps listed below.

1.    Apply Mousse

The secret to ending up with a professional-looking pixie cut blowout is to apply some mousse. That helps to add bounce and volume to the look.

2.    Blow Dry Your Hair

Now, it is time to move on to blow drying your pixie cut. First, ensure your blow dryer is set to suit your hair type. If you belong to african american hair, and need a good hair dryer for black natural hair, visit the link.

Work through your hair one section at a time; the trick is to wrap a portion of your locks backward on the round brush. Then direct the nozzle of the dryer towards the root of your hair. Repeat until you have worked on your entire hair.

3.    Finish the Look

Turn the heat settings on your dryer to cool and blast your pixie cut with cool air. A thin layer of hairspray will help you maintain the look for much longer.

How to Achieve Long Bangs with a Blow Dryer

Follow the basic steps on blow drying your hair listed above. You mustn’t skip any of the steps listed. Once you are done with preparing your hair, you can move on to the other steps listed below.

1.    Begin Blow Drying

Start with the section closest to the nape of your neck. That way, you can work on your hair with ease. Spritz some styling gel on a small portion of hair from that section and lift the hair up to add volume to the look. 

Using a styling brush, roll your hair backward and go over the portion with your hair dryer. Ensure the heat is directed towards the root of your hair. If you want more volume, flip your hair upside down and blow dry.

2.    Texturize, Texturize, Texturize!

Run your fingers through your long bangs as you spritz some texturizing spray. This helps add some texture to your hair; the results are amazing! Follow all the steps and your bangs will look silky, frizz-free, and professional looking.

A guide to becoming a self-employed hairdresser | Business advice for start ups | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Easy Ways to Achieve a Bob Hairstyle With Your Hair Dryer

Read below to see the easiest way to bob your hair with your dryer. All you need to achieve this style is a heat protectant, a round brush, and a great blow dryer (preferably one with a nozzle). The nozzle of the dryer directs heat to an exact portion of your hair.

Start by following the basic steps listed above: wash, detangle and condition your hair, then apply a heat protectant and divide your hair into smaller sections.

1.    Blow Dry the Bottom Section

Unclip one section of your hair and divide it into smaller portions. Use the round brush to brush your hair from root to tip, ensuring that you lift the hair up to give it more volume. Turn on your dryer to medium heat and blow dry your hair, making sure to direct the heat towards the scalp.

Blow dry from the roots to the middle of your strands and leave the ends to air dry. When you get to the ends of your locks, flick your wrist to get that classic bob curl. Continue these steps until you are done with that section.

2.    Blow Dry the Sides of your Hair

Move on to the middle section of your hair and follow the steps above. There is, however, one slight modification; brush your hair repeatedly so that the hair can curl more at the sides of your head. That way, you get a more professional-looking bob.

3.    Style the Front Portion of Your Hair

Next, let’s style the front portion of your hair. This is where you decide what type of part you want: center or side part. Once that’s decided, place your brush under your hair and pull it up gently from root to tip. As you near the ends of your hair rotate the brush so that it curls nicely.

Don’t try rushing through the steps. Patience is important for achieving the perfect bob look. If you do all of it as we have described, you should have an even bob with a sweet curve towards your chin and neck.

4.    Spritz a Generous Amount of Hairspray

Spritz a generous amount of hairspray to hold the bob in place. Alternatively, you can apply mousse or styling gel.


There are so many styles you can create with your blow dryer. We have listed some of the favorite looks above; go through the guide and try them out. Remember, patience is key when working with a blow dryer.

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