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Hair Beauty Review

HELP! I Suck At Hair Tips, Tricks &; Insider Secrets for the Hair-Challenged: Kindle Book Review

We were lucky enough to be sent a copy of HELP! I Suck at Hair on Kindle book pre-release. This fabulous hair tips and tricks book features over 100 different tips to make your hair look incredible. The title grabbed us, are you ready for it…”HELP! I Suck At Hair: Tips, Tricks & Insider Secrets for the Hair-Challenged“. Here’s what we thought of the new release

Hair today

At first when we realised it was 110 pages of hair tips in length we were a little taken back and thought WOW how on earth can you fill 110 pages worth of hair, but after the first couple of minutes we pull take ourselves away from it, occasionally we glanced over at our mirror, did some twisting and pulling of our hair, pouted a little and thought oh yeah we’ll try that later.


On with the book, it covers virtually everything and as a 3 style limit, we love to give anything a go, with expert knowledge about both hairstyles and hair maintenance we immediately built our trust in the book and were particularly intrigued by the ‘Up Do’ section.  

With Proms and Ladies Day, alongside many Weddings planned for over the Summer, we know how many of you ask us about which hairstyle will suit you best, for these formal occasions we love an updo and totally recommend giving the Baroque a try even though it’s slightly tricky.

Hair Tips – Does it cut it?

The most ingenious part of the entire book is the chapter on cutting your hair to suit your face shape. I was just talking about this the other day whereby a group of friends and I were reminiscing about the most horrendous haircuts we’ve ever had and one stuck out particularly. I had seen a photograph of Jennifer Lopez with a short choppy bob, skipped off to the hairdressers with my image on my phone and firmly in my head. An hour later MY LIFE WAS OVER.

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Even the mirror refused to look at me it was that horrendous. The shape and style of the cut did not compliment my face whatsoever I looked like a pumpkin.  It made my face look round and fat and it was even too short to tie back.  I can remember grimacing and telling my ex-hairdresser that I loved it and it was perfect when she showed me. In reality, I was sat there thinking WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!


Your relationship with your hairdresser.

It’s a funny relationship you have with your hairdresser.  Somebody you trust with your life (well your hair), to be in total control of one of the biggest features. Then when they have an absolute howler of a haircut they’re gone. Into the bin just like a college ex-boyfriend. Never thought about again until your best friends bring out the “do you remember when…” line. Your heart sinks remembering in a split second all the embarrassing moments that have happened in your life.

With everything from hair care to fact busting myths, this really is an amazing book. It was totally worth missing Metafit for.  We love that there are hair tips and tutorials on how to create the perfect look that we can go back to time and time again.  The only downside to the book is that we love a visual so would have loved some ‘how to’ pictures with real demonstration images in there. Overall, we absolutely loved it and would recommend you download it.

For more details about the author head over to Sassy Dove now.

If you’ve read the FREE Kindle Book I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. As always, if you’ve found value from this article we’d love you to share it on social media.

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