Keep Your Cool in the Heatwave with these Practical Tips

When a heatwave hits, we’re usually ill-prepared for it. Not every home is set up appropriately for it either. Here are some practical tips for how to make a heatwave more manageable. 

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Block Out the Sun

Blocking out the sun by closing the curtains and adjusting the window blinds to prevent the sun’s rays reaching indoors can make a marked difference to the indoor temperature. 

If you don’t have access to an AC unit or central air, then mitigating the sun works as the next best thing. You may only need to use this approach during the hottest part of the day, so you can get some more natural light later on.

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Modify Your Bedroom 

If the heat is giving you trouble sleeping at night, then it may cause drowsiness the next day. The longer it continues, the worse it will get. So, change your comforter for a lightweight sheet just to cover your body without causing you to overheat. If you have a way to get a little fresh air indoors while sleeping, great, but don’t consider leaving your window slightly open because that’s a safety risk. 

Change the AC Filters

IIf you’re lucky enough to have AC units in your home or a whole-house system, then the air filter(s) must be periodically changed for new ones. It’s not good to let that lapse because you forgot to get around to it. You need to set a date reminder in your calendar app to avoid forgetting to replace the filters. With new filters, stuffy air gets fixed, making the heatwave that bit more bearable. Whilst some simple tasks can be done yourself if you are happy to do so, you should choose reputable companies such as who are trained professionals for any other routine maintenance and repairs. 

It’s also important to have enough filters at home so that you don’t run out and realize too late. It will take time to get new ones if that should happen. FilterBuy is a good place to find the make and model of filter to fit all your AC units. You can find more details here for the different types of air filters available. Get several packs to ensure you’re covered for every time the heat level spikes up. 

Eat Fewer Hot Meals

While you may still wish to have a hot meal, it won’t help to keep your body cooler. Aim for more salads and cold plates rather than hot food. Limit the number of times that you’re in the kitchen cooking too, because the kitchen will contain the heat temporarily and cause you to overheat with it too. 

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Also, consider using alternative cooking methods to get away from the hot saucepans and stove. A rice cooker, steamer, or slow cooker will do this well and allow you to spend as little time near a hot cooker as possible. Or, if you’re the type of person that likes to cook smart – why not try out some great pressure cooker recipes that are both healthy and quick.

Open Windows to Vent the Hot Air

While it’s a bad idea to open the windows in the hottest part of the day, that doesn’t hold true when it begins to cool down in the late afternoon. 

If you don’t benefit from AC that will mitigate the heat for you, then open the windows to let the hot air escape. Otherwise, any fans that you’re using will only cause the hot air to continually circle. 

Dealing with a heatwave is never easy, but when taking the appropriate steps, it makes it more manageable than if you were to do nothing and suffer through it.

Have you got any tips for staying cool in the heatwave? We’d absolutely love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. As always if you’ve found this article of any value we’d love you to share it with your friends and family and across social media and beyond.