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How to Survive During The Hot Summer?

Brace yourself; the hot summer is coming. And who knows that better than citizens of Chicago, where summertime is always hot, humid and sunny. In such conditions, surviving June, July and August can be challenging.

And while hot summer creates plenty of options for spending your free time, the ability to cool yourself down is crucial. The risk of heat stroke or hypothermia is high, and you should never underestimate it.

In the article below, you’ll find tips on how to survive during the hot summer, both outdoors and indoors. Implementing them may prevent two hobbits from destroying the one ring in your room.

Savannah Sunset | Where's good to eat in San Antonio Ibiza, restaurant and food guide | Travel Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Install Efficient Air-Cooling

It does sound obvious, but there are plenty of houses or apartments that don’t have efficient air conditioning. That’s why, before every summer, you should check whether your cooling system is working correctly.

Keep in mind that during summer days, it’s going to be working almost 24/7, so it’s crucial to have one that will be able to do that. You can seek help from companies like Perfect Home Services, Chicago.

They’ll make sure that your cooling system works properly. After all, it’s your first line of defense against heatwaves.

Drink Lots of Water

But air conditioning is not everything and will protect you only when you stay inside your house. Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do to protect yourself from high temperatures. 

The first thing you should do is drink a lot of water. Proper hydration is crucial to stay healthy and help your body maintain the appropriate temperature.

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Not replenishing your fluids can lead to dehydration and some severe health problems. And the risk is much higher in hot temperatures. Also, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be just water.

You can drink tea, juices, smoothies, or a glass of cold white wine. The one thing that you shouldn’t drink is coffee, as it has diuretic properties that may lead to dehydration.

Eat Lighter Meals

A hot and humid day can decrease your appetite. Many people tend to eat less during summer, and it’s one of the worst things you can do. Why? Because your body is using many more resources to keep your body fresh, and you need to replenish them.

That’s why you should change your meal preferences for summer. Instead of eating a burger or a hot bowl of soup, seek help from salads, fruits, and vegetables. Also, eat smaller portions, but keep them more frequent.

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It’s also a good idea to eat spicy food as it increases your body’s blood circulation. That makes you more sweaty and therefore cools you down.

Protect Yourself from the Sun

It’s so easy and obvious, and yet so many people forget about proper sun protection. To avoid that mistake, follow these simple rules:

  • Try to minimize the sun exposure between 11 AM and 2 PM
  • Always use sunscreen
  • Wear sunglasses and cover your head
  • Hide in the shadows

Implementing those solutions is the best way to protect yourself from the sun. Keep in mind that too much sun exposure can lead to severe problems, and in extreme cases, even death.

Dress Reasonably

To keep yourself cool, wear lightweight and light-coloured clothing. Avoid wearing black t-shirts, and when it comes to material, try wearing cotton clothes, as it’s the best fabric to wear during summer.

Also, don’t forget to wear proper footwear that won’t make your feet over sweat. Lightweight sneakers, sandals, or flip-flops are your best options. 

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Oh, and don’t forget to keep your head covered to protect yourself from heatstroke. Sometimes, the good idea is to put on a cap drenched in cold water to stay cool.

Other Hot Summer Simple Tips and Tricks

The examples given above are crucial if you want to survive summer, but there are tons of things you can do to help overcome the heatwaves. You’d be surprised how many solutions there are.

A few examples of them below:

  • Take cold showers
  • Keep your feet cool
  • Eat popsicles and ice-creams
  • Drink hot tea
  • Use sprinkles
  • Keep your curtains down
  • Put ice in front of a fan
  • Refrigerate your bedsheets

A good idea is also to set a plan. Keep an eye on weather forecasts to stay updated. Doing that will allow you to take the necessary precautions. 


Surviving summer can sometimes be more challenging than people think. And while hot water can be super fun, heatwaves can create a threat. That’s why it’s essential to know how to protect yourself.

There are plenty of things you can do. Some of them can be costly, like purchasing an efficient cooling system, but most are easy to implement and free. 

Stay hydrated, eat light, dress appropriately, and try to avoid the sun at its peak. It’s that simple, and yet many people don’t obey these elementary rules.

You don’t have to be Bear Grylls to survive the summer. You just need to think.

How to survive a hot summer | Travel tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog
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