Thermos Flask Review

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Daily I receive products to trial and review. I always offer my honest and just opinion so when I received this Thermos Flask I was excited to try it out. With Summer coming it means BBQs on the beach and picnics in the countryside. A flask is always a perfect choice for putting soup in, of course, three-course picnics are the only way to go.

It was a warm day when we headed for the first picnic of the year. Packing our bags we decided upon a homemade Summer Chicken & Vegetable soup in the Thermos flask. Large meaty, Scotch Eggs. Intricately stacked Salmon blinis. With a platter of sandwiches and a freshly baked pastry plait, olives, antipasti including a delicious selection of dried meats. To accompany this we had also prepared a cheese board. The ripest strawberries and a bottle of Prosecco or two.

Thermos Flask Review 1

We packed our picnic and all piled into the car with the dogs. Heading the short 20-minute drive into the rural countryside we went. Excited for the picnic we found the perfect spot and parked the car, unloading the picnic we laid down our rug and flung open our picnic basket to discover that our entire picnic was covered in soup.


Thermos Flask Review 2

As I looked in sheer sadness into the basket I couldn’t believe my eyes. Our whole picnic was ruined. As I pulled out the flask I was angry and annoyed with myself, I thought perhaps I had overfilled the flask or I hadn’t put the lid on tight enough. When I began to see which of the two it was I noticed that the flask’s vacuum lid was cracked down the side, meaning it was no longer airtight, which was the perpetrator of the spillage. The only consolation was that the little bit of soup that was still in the flask was still hot?

I personally found the product to be poor quality all round, the handle wasn’t very sturdy when full and the clasps holding the handle were extremely bent. The finish wasn’t the greatest I’ve seen on a product which is priced towards the higher end of the market. The packaging which it arrived it was also really dated looking and faded. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t recommend this product due to its low quality. However, if you’re looking for more info on this flask you can find it here

Flask Review | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Picnic disaster

You’re wanting to know what happened to the picnic though right? Well in true to form the dogs headed back and cleaned up the mess of the soup and found themselves in for a treat when the cheese and meat were headed their way. We did manage to salvage some of the goodies but on the way home we ended up stopping for a takeaway in front of the TV. I think we would have been better off staying home and cooking on our gas BBQ.

I mean I think in time we’ll talk about ‘remember that ruined picnic’ and laugh about it, but for now…that’s me off eating soup!

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