3 Appointments You Should Stop Putting Off Any Longer

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Booking appointments is a task many of us put off. Everyone has their reasons for delaying booking an appointment. It could be due to taking time off work, finding an appointment that suits their schedule or fearing the appointment’s possible outcome.

Some people make an effort to book an appointment but do not attend. As we are a little over halfway through the year, there are already over four million missed GP appointments this year in the UK. Of course, each missed appointment will likely have reasoning behind why the person did not attend. Some of these appointments could be check-ups or to have something looked at that a person thought was concerning.

However, some appointments should not be delayed any longer, and these are just a few.

3 Appointments You Should Stop Putting Off Any Longer

Annual Dental Check-Up

Dental visits are recommended at least once a year. Some might have to visit more due to any oral health issues that they have or that their dentist has spotted. The longer you leave visiting the dentist, the more likely you are to increase your chances of developing oral health issues.

If you are looking for a new dentist, you might want to type ‘dentist near me’ into a search engine to find results. One result you might find is dental practices, such as Smile Style Dental Care Centre, which offers an array of dental services and treatments. Visiting the dentist for a check-up and listening to their recommendations could help keep your teeth healthier for longer.

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Breast And Cervical Cancer Screening

There are two key screenings that a woman should undergo: breast cancer screening and cervical cancer screening. Both of these could help to detect early signs of either form of cancer, which could help to increase the chances of success. Each screening is offered when women reach a certain age. Invites for breast cancer screenings are sent to women between 50 and 71. Cervical cancer screening invites women aged 25 to 64.

Both screenings can be uncomfortable to go through. However, they could both detect early signs of cancer. Cervical cancer screenings can help to detect abnormal cervical cells. If these abnormal cells are spotted, treatment can start early to help prevent them from turning into cervical cancer. The longer tests for breast cancer or cervical cancer are delayed, the greater the risk a person is of reaching later stages, some of which are more difficult to treat.

Reasons Why Early Detection of Breast Cancer Can Save Your Life | Health | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Noticeable Skin Changes

When the sun shines, many of us take the opportunity to spend as much time outdoors. Some of us want to make the most out of the warmer weather, whilst others want to get a tan. Wearing sun cream is vital if you spend time in the sun. It helps to protect your skin from burning and prevent the chances of developing skin cancer.

If you notice new moles appearing on your body, you must monitor them closely. Keep watch to see if they change in colour, size or texture. Fortunately, most moles are harmless. Some could be an early sign of skin cancer; that is why you must monitor any new moles. If there are any changes, book an appointment as soon as possible. You may find that the mole was harmless.

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Going for check-ups when something concerns you, whether for your physical or oral health, is helpful. If the results show no concerning issues, it can provide peace of mind. Should there be issues, you can begin treatment early to prevent these problems from developing.

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