Here we go, eye rolls to the high hills. ‘Not another drama queen outburst from some jumped up online ‘influencer’ for page views’ I hear you say.

I know it’s brash.  It’s bold. And for somebody who makes an income from social media, it’s a little bit crazy? Right. I feel you!

Thing is though. Over the last couple of weeks, actually whilst mercury was in retrograde and I was feeling pretty gross I spent hours getting lost in drama, people airing their dirty laundry and just all round negativity on Facebook and Twitter. They’ve both become a place where I don’t feel happy visiting.

I find myself scrolling aimlessly getting more and more irritable with the thoughtless comments and the witch-hunt style bullying that I see day in and day out.

Truth is, I’ve experienced so much online bullying over the years I’ve already begun to withdraw myself from the keyboard warriors and their pathetic sly digs. The same people bashing their keys are the same people who put their head down and can’t even say hello to me in real life. I pity these people. They no longer bother me, as I live my life while they follow my every move. You’re not a hater, bishhhh you a fan! Like who are you, hun? Because right now I’m seeing 50 shades of bitchiness and I don’t know who the real you is? So could the real blogger babe please stand up, please stand up.

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Back to Mercury in retrograde. As soon as it ended I became extremely more aware of my surroundings. My productivity and motivation levels increased and I took myself on a walk and listened to The Secret on Audible. Feeling inspired I set out to improve my mindset.

Thing is, life is pretty great at the minute and it’s all because I’ve made peace with my past, I have gratitude for the present and I’m positive about the future.

So why are you giving up social media?

I say this. I’m giving up Twitter and Facebook. I’ve decided to give them up starting Monday. I’m giving them up because they are no longer places I feel happy or content and I’m negatively impacting myself and self-sabotaging my success through this aimless scrolling.

Sure I’ll miss out on funny memes. People’s wedding and baby news, the drama of John not paying Chantelle her child maintenance 4 weeks running ? but I know that sacrificing negative space and replacing it with positive energy will only benefit me in an exponentially great way.

Why aren’t you giving up Instagram?

Instagram is my love. I adore Instagram and I adore the people on it. The culture is so different, I genuinely love how everybody is everybody else’s cheerleaders. They’re supportive and offer kind words! There’s a real sense of unity and escapism from drama over on Instagram and I feel like instead of spreading my time checking in on pointless drama, I’d rather fully submerse myself into Instagram over any other platform. I am however going to make sure I unfollow any people who lower my mood immediately irrespective of who they are.

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I’m currently working on becoming the best version of myself ever and to do that I must remove all toxicity from my life.

How long will it last?

Who knows? I might cave quickly or I might feel liberated and never return. Who knows? What I do know though is that it’s worth giving everything I have to ensure that my happiness and positivity stays my number one priority.

Twitter and Facebook have given me a huge social disconnect from the world. We no longer speak to each other like humans and more like robots. We’ve forgotten our manners and how to act properly around people. We now live in a world where an introduction sometimes comes in the form of an intimate photo of a males body part without even a hello (I mean what’s that about?). Imagine greeting a stranger in the street by flashing your genitals? You wouldn’t so why think it’s acceptable online?

Why I’m giving up social media 1

Similarly trolling, people hiding behind a computer screen saying things they wouldn’t necessarily have the confidence to say to your face. How are these cruel words written on a screen any more acceptable than saying them out loud? They’re not. You don’t know what somebody else is going through so please have a thought about your online behaviour and if you’re doing or saying anything you wouldn’t do in real life to that person then stop. Stop being a coward or a creep and behave like a proper human being.

Where can I find you?

For now, you can catch me on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday uploading posts here on Elle Blonde. You can always find me on Instagram here (I’d love you to follow me if you don’t already).

With a new YouTube schedule of a new video going live on a Monday night and my podcast launching December there’s plenty of places you can still find me, giving my best self to you so I can live my best life and hope you can too!


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