Adventure Holidays in Pembrokeshire in Wales – Part 4

Day 3 in Pembrokeshire

The crying from outside my room was unbearable. It was like a baby crying. I don’t think it’ll take you much to guess who it was….no not my Mother and the aftermath of the alcohol from yesterday but my little brat, I mean darling puppy dog.

I opened the door and looked at the clock. 6:05am. Thanks for that. He hopped into bed and snuggled down, snoring away in an instant. The cheek. I fell back asleep and was woken by him again at 9. We got out of bed, poured a hot cup of green tea and then I proceeded to make an omelette, Gavin & Stacey style (come on I’ve been wanting to reference it for days now) from the eggs from those chickens at the bottom of the garden.


I’m a massive believer in fresh produce tastes the best and believe me this omelette was the finest not only Wales had to offer but the UK too!

Consequences of the weather

I quickly got ready, throwing on running pants and trainers as I zipped my Barbour up. No, not because I was moving my fat a$$ for a run but because it was absolutely soaking in Wales again.

We piled into the car and finally headed to Barrafundle Bay. We never made it there…

The rain began to lash harder and harder against the windows of the car and in true Whitley Bay style we decided to stop to get chips to sit and eat on the seafront whilst watching the world go by. Does anybody else do this?


It’s so cold in Wales

Once we had finished we decided to brave the cold wet weather and take a walk down to the beach, we found somewhere to park and soon discovered that it was Freshwater Bay. So as we walked the rain lashed and the wind blew, we were numb and knew we had to turn back. Shivering the three of us sat in the car admitting defeat we decided to head back, dropped Ziggy off at the cottage, grabbed our swimwear as we thought we were wet enough as it was that an afternoon at Pembrokeshire’s Bluestone’s Blue Lagoon was on the cards.

The indoor adventure land was absolutely fantastic, with slides galore we spent a good couple of hours enjoying splashing about and having a laugh to see who was the most daring on the slide. It’s well worth a trip to the Blue Lagoon if you’re about. There are different slides and flumes to enjoy and some daring waves. It was a perfect place to enjoy when the weather isn’t so great. Fun for all the family.


Cosy nights in Pembrokeshire

We headed back to the cottage for a cosy last night before we headed back home the next day. We decided to have chilli and yes, you guessed it yet more wine. As we were clearing our plates the cows came back again. Consequently, this time I was brave enough for a cow selfie!

Thank you Wales it’s been wet, but still a blast. Until next time…

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